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The Married Life sequence in UP is probably the most powerful animated sequence I've ever seen. In 3 minutes, and with no words, you told an entire story. It was amazing.

And that scene with Sulley was fantastic, too.

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You know how good it would feel to be the owner or chef or that place? Here's a guy that has eaten all types of food all over the world. He's had 1,000 different types of sandwiches and can afford the best of the best. But what he wants most out of anything he's been able to sample is the sandwich you make. That has to be a great feeling.

If it's really that good he deserves to be packed all the time.

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Are you not at all concerned that you're essentially helping to fund their dictatorship?

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Did it hurt when Jeff Daniels shoved your face into the snow? I always thought that scene looked "real" and he had a lot of pressure on the back of your head.