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I watched a documentary about Maxwell recently, I think on Netflix, and one of the things that struck me is that a big deal was made about how emotionally distant and abusive her father was. While I don't deny that growing up in such an environment would have shaped the type of person Maxwell became, and normalised some pretty toxic attitudes, there was a lot of emphasis on her being a "daddy's girl" who replaced one abusive male figure with another.

What bothered me about this is that it felt like a way to sort of assuage or distract from Maxwell's own choices and actions. It felt like a sort of deterministic argument that downplays her own agency and complicity: she was raised in a rich but damaging environment, and so she repeated that pattern of behaviour.

My question, then, is what are your thoughts on this sort of representation? How do we strike a balance between acknowledging her past and not using that as a way to excuse her behaviour? And, if it's not too personal, how do you feel seeing this sort of framing considering how your own trauma has shaped your current ambitions, which are the polar opposite?

This is going to be one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s arguments should her case proceed to a trial. That she was a “victim”. None of the documentaries to date have done a good job, in my opinion. In all our lives we take responsibility for our actions. Maxwell was close to 30 years old when she began her collaboration with Jeffrey Epstein. Thirty years old. Not twenty. Not 14 like some of the real victims. She did this for the money and to hold on to a lavish lifestyle. Unlike her father who really did have deep Zionist beliefs and is one of the reasons he worked for Mossad—Ghislaine does not have these deep beliefs. She believes in money. She is a shallow woman who has misspent her life and ruined countless others. May she rot in hell.

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By all accounts there were girls coming and going into Epsteins everyday. Over all these years that would be atleast in the thousands..and that's just new York..where are all these girls? Of course some would stay quiet..but why havent more come forward? Where are they?

There were thousands of girls, boys and vulnerable people (includes people with disabilities or vulnerable people because of financial hardship). Several factors. After one is sexually abused while at the same time being plied with drugs (as were Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s victims) some victims never recover. Working in the adult industry becomes the next “logical” step for those who haven’t accidentally overdosed. Then there are the ones that can’t handle the guilt that comes with the abuse and commit suicide. And, of course, there are the murders that are part of the horrific crime of sex trafficking.

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Do you think that


is Ghislaine's reddit account?

I have samples of Ghislaine Maxwell’s handwriting and via my research discovered she’s dyslexic. This means she misspells words and reads slow – which I discuss in my book. I’ve seen a couple of people try to dissuade anyone from linking u/maxwellhill to Ghislaine Maxwell. My personal belief is that it *did* belong to Ghislaine although she probably had people help her with the writing.

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How do normal people help with this? As you said, the perpetrators all have the means to silence, harass or destroy anyone who tries and bring anyone to justice. These same people give money to local police functions, mayoral races, etc- they own the places in which they do their business. They own or have influence in media entities that will shift the narrative or in the usual case: don't even bring it up.

So again I would have to ask, aside from taxing these people to the point where they can't buy this type of lifestyle, what can we do?

Edit: didn't mean for this to come across as pithy if it did. I, like many others here probably, feel helpless and is if we are just designated to witness these things, without an avenue to channel our desire for change. We live in a society that is bought and paid for by these kind of people, aside from just staring at their biggest abuses or posting "epstein didn't kill himself" all day, I'm not sure what an average person can do.

We’re at a moment in history, for the first time where “normal people” are becoming aware of this type of human trafficking. When the Franklin child abuse scandal arose—the victims were portrayed as liars. Two of them were threatened with being put in jail if they didn’t retract their allegations. Alisha Owens, who was 15 years old at the time she was ensnared into a child trafficking ring with connections to Ronald Reagan’s White House, was put in jail. She spent the first two years of her sentence in solitary confinement. Another victim was killed as he ran looking for help. My point is that we—normal people—can help by not allowing “the other side” to portray victims as “liars”. To claim they are “conspiracy theorists" as I see happening even on this sub while I answer your question. To stick to your guns. To know that a person, a victim, whether a child or an adult steps forward to out this twisted and sick world with full knowledge there is going to be violent opposition. But they do it anyway. They tell the truth. At this moment in time there are more people open to hearing the truth than at any other point in history. Keep spreading the information – that is what I do to help. That is what you can do to help.

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I believe a high-powered individual utilized the abilities of Nick Tartaglione to silence him.