(Gore Warning) My proof: https://imgur.com/gallery/epoKLPJ

More proof (proof I don't like): https://imgur.com/a/OAGFdup

Edit: (making it NSFW due to photo. Also, I didn't know the image showed up on mobile so sorry to the folks who saw it).

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Macluawn1746 karma

Ever had the roles reversed - as in, you get scared because of a guest?

BonkBird6522361 karma

So this wasn't really a guest but it still scared the crap out of me,

It was one of my first nights and we have actors that keep the queue line active and they sometimes go through the house to make sure people aren't getting stuck. Well it's was getting near the end of one of my first nights and I wasn't expecting someone to use my sliding door scare. But while I had people in my area one of the actors from the queue line open my door and scared them. The sad thing is that it didn't completely scare the guest but me instead.

musclepunched469 karma

As someone to phobic and aggressive to go in one, what are sliding door and drop down windows you mention

BonkBird65295 karma

Sliding doors are doors that just slide from left to right instead of opening forwards and backward.

BelatedGamer1462 karma

How often do you or the other actors get hit or pushed by scared guests?

BonkBird6521397 karma

I really depend on which position you are in. Say I'm a drop-down window scare, someone could be messing with it and accidentally hit me. However, if I'm someone with a little more room you may get bumped every once in a while (or maybe even punched) but nothing too serious.

Shayneich498 karma

Lol I did hhn Orlando this year and I accidentally head butted a drunk guest.

BonkBird652488 karma

The majority of the time it was a drunk or high person.

Shayneich51 karma

lol that was pretty much every other person.

BonkBird65221 karma

Yeah pretty much.

LegendaryMemeBo1201 karma

Halloween in January? What an excellent idea!

BonkBird65267 karma

Good idea in theory.

RyokoKnight838 karma

Hey fellow monster/actor.

What costume has been the most effective for you in terms of customer fear? Which was the least effective?

For me, I was a killer klown one year with a mask over another more realistic mask. Got a lot of double and triple scares that year ripping off my "face" to reveal another clown face. My least effective was a generic Jason.

BonkBird652655 karma

Ok, so this one is more for guys.

Wear. A. Dress. (so yeah crossdress horribly)

If not I was always in some sort of Red Neck outfit in our outside area.

Cassinatis390 karma

What's been one of your best scare reactions you've gotten out of someone?

BonkBird652972 karma

I had a group of 4 people come out of the previous room assuming that the house was over. I then proceeded to jumpscare them & they screamed. I then proceeded to go around a corner and scare them again. I then got them a third time with my first jumpscare (it's a door that I can slam open and close). I got them one last time with me charging through the flaps for the next area. I believe one of them said " He got us 3 TIMES and now a 4th ". I was laughing my ass off after wards.

Evansaidhi369 karma

Worst Reaction?

BonkBird652791 karma

One of the areas I was in had a room next to mine which was full of fog that's meant to mess with your head. I usually hear people fake cough and or complain about it but people usually shake it off because there's a big guy jumping at them. Well I had a couple of times where I started a scare then proceed to have a person complain about the previous room. It was a total buzzkill.

Another time I was in a door that I slammed with chains that shake on it. I then proceeded to use a dropdown window on that door. The thing is that you needed to pay attention in order to do the scare due to little to none heads up , and little to none visibility (2 little eye holes that were down at my chest). It so happens to be that 2 little kids walked past my door without me noticing, their father walks past & I start doing my scare. I then do the drop-down with little kids telling me that I wasn't scary. (once again a major buzzkill) the worst part is that they screamed at some fences moving right after my scare.

jpaxonreyes276 karma

Fences are scary af!

TaintModel95 karma

Wood or chain link?

BonkBird652119 karma


serendipindy285 karma

Have you ever scared someone so badly that you felt it necessary to break character and comfort them?

BonkBird652508 karma

Yeah, on my own I scared a little kid to a point where I broke character and asked his father if he wanted me to show him an exit.

But last year (by this I mean 2019) there was a group of three that were being escorted out and I wasn't aware of it ( it was a scenario where my area is right next to the queue line and people sometimes think it's the entrance so I promptly scare them off ) . The actor (who is a complete veteran) that was escorting them because the group was 2 kids and their mother. I only made the crying worse, So I broke character and told them that they were almost to the exit. The actor that was with them yelled at me, so I used the counterpoint of I was just doing my job. She then apologized after the night was over.

EViLTeW226 karma

Around here they used code words to announce people being escorted out to prevent this sorry of thing. "Casper coming through!" "Kentucky!" Etc

BonkBird652285 karma

Maybe I should bring up something like that for my group.

dconman260 karma

An amusement park near my uses light-up necklaces for children or other people who don't want to be scared. It makes sense there because they have rides and fall activities in addition to haunted houses.

BonkBird65253 karma

Yeah, that’s nice to have to tell who’s not a big fan of scaring.

elchet4 karma

But last year (by this I mean 2019)

What else would last year mean?

Goon_Bug61 karma

Well since we’re only one month into 2020, it’s reasonable to clarify when using “last year.”

BonkBird65257 karma

that and he could have thought I was talking about last haunt season (2018)

b1ackadder216 karma

What's an absolute no-no you would never do to the visitors?

BonkBird652348 karma

Overall, touching.

With kids, most likely swearing ( We tried to keep it PG-13 if kids were there )

Edit: I forgot to mention try avoiding being on your phone (unless you know no one is coming)

professorcomic137 karma

Do you ever think of your character's story? Like how did they end up being a scary monster in a haunted house?

BonkBird652139 karma

Yeah, I like to make up lore as I go. One character I played already had some lore behind him which I added onto.

The_Inquirer_852135 karma

Not every job can be 100% perfect, so my question is what is the downside to working at a haunted house?

BonkBird652217 karma

Pay is crap (in my area at least), extremely odd hours, a chance you could get injured, sometimes may have to deal with cold or rain, and (depending on the house) fellow staffing is unfriendly and or owner doesn't care about staff.

GetOffMyLawnKids123 karma

Hows the pay? And when theres no work do you do something else?

BonkBird652185 karma

Honestly, that's a pretty big grey zone when it comes to places. Some places do minimum wage, some do below, and some nothing at all. Our system is near the end of the season they give away visa gift cards. Another one in my area does 3 bucks an hour, and I think there another that does more (but it's a 40 min drive so). However, some houses give canned food and or money to charity so it could possibly count towards some sort of service hours for school.

And like I said, I live in a smaller state so in bigger states/cities pay may be better.

googleitornot105 karma

what's a normal shift like??

BonkBird652148 karma

We had 2 different shifts

One was on like a weekday or Sunday which was 7:00 - 10:00

And Friday-Saturday which was 7:00 - 12:30

However, we may have cases where people are still in line which may result in staying extended.

wanderingsoulster78 karma

Has anyone ever attacked you after being scared?

BonkBird652112 karma

I was kissed a couple of times, cursed out, and lightly hit a couple of times but nothing to major.

donder_mar_op62 karma

Have you ever applied full makeup outside of work to scare someone? What happened?

BonkBird652102 karma

A lot of times after my shift was over I went to a local gas station. Granted this was around 11:30 pm to 2 am so, the workers were completely unfazed and didn't care. In fact, they may even sometimes make a joke about it. But a couple of times I went to a sit-down place after and they were indeed impressed with the makeup.

Cyrano_de_Boozerack62 karma

Any thoughts on the work of David S. Pumpkin?

So_Zetta_Slowpoke44 karma

Any questions?

BonkBird65239 karma

Who is David Pumpkin? is he from a movie? or.

anotheruser3054 karma

Any other roles you play except for a zombie?

BonkBird65274 karma

Yeah, I play a redneck, a doctor, A ghoul, a victim, and even a trap.

I could have done clown but we had people better to fit the role and most of the stuff didn't fit me (to tall)

poolhalljunkiex30 karma

A trap?

Petalilly82 karma

They lay on the ground with metal teeth in a circle. If someone steps on them they close

BonkBird65220 karma

Mr. Peanutbutter

Comedy Gold.

BOBfrkinSAGET43 karma

That is not a zombie. That is just your run of the mill farming accident

BonkBird65255 karma

Actually yeah, it's not a zombie. Just some redneck not taking care of hygiene

Offlineeeeee44 karma

What’s something challenging About the Job you didn’t expect?

BonkBird65280 karma

A couple of things.

First off, our haunt doesn't currently have a forever home and was using a parking lot every year as our location. So every year we build and take down the home. The build can take up to 4 months and tear down can take 1 month at most. So I wasn't expecting to do that.

Next, some scenarios take a little practice for the role to make it look good. So you have to think about what to say, do, and sometimes work with another person.

Lastly, The chain saws actually take some practice and effort to actually use.

starmartyr43 karma

Have you ever literally scared the shit out of anyone?

BonkBird65250 karma

Not yet...

Drew28641 karma

It looks like you have some skill in makeup. My question is two part:

1: Does the cost and time of doing the make up out weigh the profits you make by acting? Or is it just a fun hobby of yours?

2: With that skill have you done anything with movies or television?

Edit: 3rd question. Does anyone help you with the makeup?

BonkBird65257 karma

  1. I really don't do the makeup, & this is sort of a hobby and something I wanted todo.
  2. Nothing professional
  3. The makeup artist does a great job with this stuff.

(sorry my guy)

KiKiPAWG38 karma

Why can’t you be an actor at a haunted house in January? I’d go to haunted house in January if there was a good one near me?

Idk lol. I don’t go to any now but maybe that’s because there aren’t any good ones!

BonkBird65221 karma

The house I work at doesn't have a forever home so everything from it is in semi-trucks.

But if we did I would love to do it during January

Autumnleaves20135 karma

Is the make up as annoyingly uncomfortable as it looks? How well can you breathe with it on your mouth and nose like that?

BonkBird65234 karma

It's honestly like a second layer of skin once it's on there. Breathing was fine & talking wise I was able to talk but just not completely open my mouth.

IllusI0n1st34 karma

Do you get to play different roles and how often do you swap around?

BonkBird65235 karma

You could swap around every night if you wanted to but the majority of the time if you like it and are good at it you stick with it.

TheCursedTroll27 karma

How often did you get punched on the job by scared guests?

BonkBird65228 karma

Maybe at most 1 a week.

PortlandoCalrissian26 karma

Where do you see yourself haunting in five years? Ten years? One hundred years?

BonkBird65228 karma

In five, most likely.

In ten, maybe?

In one hundred, i really don't know.

Catfish01724 karma

In 100 years, you might be haunting places for real!

BonkBird65218 karma

I see this as an absolute win!

ImhereforAB24 karma

Don’t you think we need Halloween stores in January?

BonkBird6528 karma

It would be nice, but not completely nessacary.

ShitWithSugarOn17 karma

Do you keep your make up on after work and just pop to the shops?

BonkBird65220 karma

Yeah, I just wash it off at home

Mr_Putin_17 karma

Have you ever see someone wet or shit their pants in fear? Has anyone ever fainted in fear?

BonkBird65223 karma

Nothing yet (but at the first house I did make someone wet themselves)

This_Name_Is_Taken7517 karma

What are some of the unspoken rules of acting in a haunted house? Also, how does one become such an actor?

BonkBird65221 karma

Don't touch people, don't break character (unless it's totally needed)

You look around for haunted houses in your area and most of the time they should have an email to contact them. They will most likely

Say here: https://www.dreadwoodhaunt.com/index.html

They have an option to contact and or volunteer there.

Also, most of the time they will have an audition on a certain date and or boot camps

Raawd17 karma

How much time does it take to apply the make up?

BonkBird65228 karma

Depending on if they use liquid latex 5-50 mins.

TannedCroissant16 karma

Do you have any advice to make brains taste better? I hear eating pineapple is supposed to work, any truth in that?

BonkBird65230 karma

I just smoke it with a little rub with it.

relzer9416 karma

Once I was on a children’s “scary” ride thing with my son. The guy inside comes around the corner and says a very non threatening “boo”. I didn’t know about this and screamed so loud he dropped the act to laugh... anyway how often does this happen or am I broken?

BonkBird6529 karma

I haven't done anything like that but I've been very close.

plokijuhytrew16 karma

Have you ever seen a teen getting tough and abusing an actor to impress his girl?

Silly question. Of course you have.

How do you deal with it?

BonkBird65224 karma

Wordwise we just let it be, (if the guy wants to act tuff against an unpaid actor he can)

However physical wise, We have a nice zero-tolerance policy we just wait for them to pass by and then proceed to either grab a security guard or the owner and let them take care of it. (unless you know that it was unintentional, but in this case very unlikely.)

rathemighty13 karma

I once accidentally brought a wall down with my antics. Have you ever had a similar experience?

BonkBird65220 karma

I broke a door that I slammed open, I short-circuited a piece of metal which made a shock. and during tear down, I dropped a wall.

angelesacs13 karma

Does it ever get old for you?

BonkBird65218 karma

At slow times yeah.

FenrirsArm11 karma

Wait, houses can’t be haunted in January?

BonkBird65211 karma

I mean, they can.

VivecGaan11 karma

How true is the movie Hell House LLC in regards to company/team size, scouting for a location, overall choreography and setup of the event?

BonkBird65210 karma

I'd say it's pretty decent. But for us, it's a "tent" (the tent part is just the roof we have real walls, props, etc.) that we set up every year and take down.

diamondsam211 karma

What do you do when it's not Halloween season?

BonkBird65221 karma

Work, school, robotics.

ElanClarkson11 karma

Someone told me that haunted house actors are trained in proper vocal screaming techniques so they don’t damage their voices when scaring people. Is this true?

BonkBird65211 karma

Really it depends on location. My haunt doesn’t do that and just kind of hopes you know how to scream decent

trey7410 karma

How do you budget so that the money made for the month or 6 weeks of acting at a haunted house floats you all year long?

BonkBird65222 karma

As much as this pains me to say, you most likely won't be able to do that. If you make any money at all, it's probably going to be at most around 500 I'd say. Maybe more but money is in the gray zone for me, because in my area money isn't huge. But if your living with someone like your parents and you don't have to pay rent you can probably get through the year with money made.

IzzyBizzy899 karma

Is that your real face?

BonkBird65214 karma

With the mouth, yes.

masonvam9 karma

Do people stare at break time?

BonkBird65213 karma

Sometimes yes but most of the time people don't see us during break (however they may see someone going through the house after a break)

TimeVendor9 karma

Do you have your best list of horror movies?

BonkBird65211 karma

I like saw, and other famous horror movies like that.

Also, like watching really cringy ones.

Hilbrohampton8 karma

Do you like horror movies/games too?

BonkBird6529 karma

the cringy ones, and game-wise I don't really play em ( i just never really go to it )

Outsiderx117 karma

You have a beautiful smile , what is your secret ?

BonkBird65230 karma


Brush hard.

Sbibsosmisn6 karma

What was the most unexpected scream ever? Like where the scream and the persons physique does not match at all.

BonkBird65213 karma

Just the usual big guy scream like a little girl.

Toxfire6 karma

Does your throat get soar after awhile?

BonkBird6527 karma

Yeah but we prep with cough drops & water for ourselves

Funky_Pancake5 karma

What do you do during the rest of the year for money? Does acting in the haunted house interfere with your normal work?

BonkBird6527 karma

For me, I currently go to college and work. and it follows the case of School comes first.

I say that & the owner says that.

But to work around work I maintain it due to working during my off day at college.

Aerial_penguin5 karma

Ever commented on reddit?

BonkBird65220 karma

Yeah. I just did.

Thisismental4 karma

Do you occasionally kill guests?

BonkBird6523 karma

I wish.

Nah but for the majority of my victims( other actors ) I can “torture”

Norgeroff4 karma

What color is your toothbrush?

BonkBird6524 karma


TheWrongFusebox3 karma

Which ghost is your favourite?

BonkBird6525 karma

The spoopy ones.

homosapien20053 karma

Any serial criers?

BonkBird6524 karma

Just a few little kids.

chrisgravina2 karma

Are you offended by people cursing at you? If so, I'm sorry, I don't hit anyone but I curse a LOT when I get scared.

BonkBird6524 karma

Nah, infact I would say that a do indeed swear a decent amount of the time. Plus that is usually the reaction I get from people.

caltexs2 karma

How’s your day been?

BonkBird6521 karma


chrisf_nz1 karma

Do you brush or floss?

BonkBird6522 karma

Yes, I gotta keep my pretty whites.

Drew286-1 karma

Are you going to start an AMA and only answer one question? Or are you going to do an AMA... I'm definitely scared for you. Good work.

Edit: He is now answering. Disaster averted.

BonkBird6521 karma

I probably going to call it quits for tonight (it's 3 am and I have to wake up at 5:30 am.) but I plan on still answering questions.

im_always_fapping2 karma

Why start an AMA this early?

BonkBird6520 karma


MaximumCameage-1 karma

Jesus Christ. NSFW that thumbnail, yeah?

BonkBird6521 karma

I didn't realize that the photo became the thumbnail (thank you for telling me)