Figured because we have artists doing this maybe it would be funny to see drawing from one some who couldn't doodle to save their life.

Edit: I done a few already, working on all of them. Yea I know I suck. But I am honestly trying my hardest. I am going to be up all night so please upvote and lets see some fucked up pictures!

Edit2: If you post a request I will at some point do it. Just bare in mind if you ask for a really hard picture its going to delay everyone else, I am going in order. but so far this has been awesome!

Edit3: If you make a request and I can't draw it for what ever reason give me more detail or a new request and you'll be on the top of the list to get a picture done.


Edit5: Thank you so much everyone, all the posts I read about how much you love my pictures is just amazing to read. I always thought I lacked any form of creative talent, but you've all showed me I am fucking awesome. I love reading your comment on how much you laughed, or how you just got a new wallpaper. I honestly going to try and do them all. I am not stopping right now just breathing. Fucking pictures with people in them take me awhile, FUCK YOU Dwight D. Eisenhower!!!!!

Edit6: Okay I've been working on this for 7+ hours, I'm going to take a break for an hour or so. I will try my hardest to draw a picture for each and everyone of you. I am really starting to wish I started this during the weekend.

Edit7: Okay I am trying my hardest to do all of them but sadly I don't think I will be able to... Upvote your favorite ones you want me to do, and I'll do those first. I am stilling trying to in fact to all of them but it seems mighty unlikely.

Edit8: Sadly I need to go to bed, I work nights.... But!!!! I have no responsibilities! So I will be spending 10 Hours doing nothing but drawing pictures. I will most likely upload 20+ new pictures tomorrow morning.

Edit9: Okay I didn't get that many in this morning my internet connection on my phone sucked so I could only do the ones I remembered. I am thinking about doing a new thread where I draw the top 20 pictures that everyone votes on, if you like this idea PM me that you support this idea and I'll get on it. Also if I didn't get to your picture I am sorry. If you PM me your request and I have a spare moment I might just draw it for you!

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Gustomaximus1521 karma

Can you draw our co-founder riding a narwhal over a double rainbow? If you can I'll upload your image to the home page of our companies website for a day.

Edit: changed CEO to co-founder as Jon stepped down earlier this year.

ACrazyGerman1459 karma What company and the website...

Erosis308 karma

I want to see 2 rocket ships in space having a boxing match while Queen Elizabeth applauds with a cup of tea.

ACrazyGerman537 karma I think this is the best stick figure I ever drew! My art skills just went up a rank!

KibblesnBitts280 karma

ACrazyGerman172 karma

Thanks means a lot to me that people are enjoying my shitty artwork!

poopinmysoup188 karma

Draw superman humping a giraffe with a penis for a head. Thanks!

menace64158 karma

Darth Vader riding a Charizard, please.

ACrazyGerman340 karma I am rather proud of my charizard, not so much of Darth Vader

cardboardjesus169 karma

You're getting much better at this...

ACrazyGerman96 karma

I think I am now drawing at the 3 year old level! Also I started looking at reference pictures while I draw so I could get a rough idea what I wanted, my main issue is my inability to take a picture from my mind and put it on paper. But other then the TF2 backround every thing is free hand!

Rosetta_Stoner22 karma

dude you forgot to colour in his foot

ACrazyGerman31 karma

I've made mistakes in every single picture when I see them as I am drawing if I can't just ctrl+z it away it stays.

cloudspit150 karma

a lion with the feet of a duck, a tail of a pikachu, and a mane like Snooki.

ACrazyGerman357 karma I honestly spent 10 minutes working on the feet and thats the best I did!

InanePenguin54 karma

Did you have to look up what Snooki's hair looked like...? That's the real question!

ACrazyGerman130 karma


sputnikv142 karma

draw mohammed

ilze09120 karma

Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lil' Wayne in a boxing match.

ACrazyGerman241 karma This one took me awhile...

[deleted]251 karma


ACrazyGerman95 karma

Yea when ever I make a mistake, I think its funnier that they get left. I mean I am drawing for laughs and its way funnier when shit like that happens.

globes118 karma

two heavily made up chickens line dancing

ACrazyGerman316 karma

I have no idea how to give the appearance of dancing in a picture... But I tried my best

Osmonaut27 karma

I know you thought you had pulled the wool over our eyes. Thought you would get away with drawing one chicken and copy/pasting it.

I am just letting you know that you haven't.

ACrazyGerman76 karma

The Make up is DIFFERENT!!!

Siurana112 karma

Sonic the Hedgehog losing a race to Franklin the Turtle.

woo_hoo106 karma

A horse driving a tractor through a field of human hands.

ACrazyGerman242 karma Sorry that it sucks didnt think it wold explode this fast, so I rushed alittle.

mandalore237101 karma

The mona lisa looking at the ceiling of the Sistine chapel

muffinsrgood2289 karma

polar bear blinking in a snow storm!!!

ACrazyGerman230 karma Those are ears damnit!

charming_asshole88 karma

A winged elephant urinating gold coins with a rainbow behind him.

ACrazyGerman214 karma oh man I forgot the elephants ears!

ExParadox76 karma

Charizard on a surfboard with clouds the shape of circles and the sun and moon side by side.

ACrazyGerman193 karma

My first try a outlining,took too much time to do...

Frix11 karma

You forgot his wings!! How could you forget them?? Awesome picture btw, I can clearly see you improving.

ACrazyGerman16 karma

Holy shit how could I for get? Fuck me...

ACrazyGerman33 karma

Fuck yea another chance to draw charizard!

pocketjunkie74 karma


ACrazyGerman121 karma I had to do it right away because after I read you comment all I wanted to do was to look at the reddit alien.

CockMeatSandwich71 karma

My username!

ACrazyGerman73 karma Sorry it took so long, I need a much needed break

JamesWait66 karma


ACrazyGerman57 karma

I dont even know how to start drawing this....

umwut86 karma

I'll draw anything you ask in MSPaint

[deleted]65 karma

I'll do it for him then.

Person sitting on a desk, remembering times when s/he was younger with shorter hair and was sitting at the desk and recursion starts here

ACrazyGerman18 karma

okay I got an idea now I'll work on it.

ribley66 karma

You inspired me to draw something in MSPaint.. This is Drew the dinosaur.

ACrazyGerman70 karma

Fucking awesome! Edit: Just made this for you, lets mate them and see what happens!

ribley56 karma

I guess they adopted =)

EDIT: I'm going to assume yours had 5 legs and it was a girl. GOOD NEWS IT'S A BOY!

ACrazyGerman25 karma

Oh man dude that looks great! After you drew me a picture I stopped and whipped up one for you, litterly took me under a minute. Now I wish I put at least 2 minutes into it.

[deleted]53 karma

Metals749 karma


therealmikelane46 karma

Two bare chested men with bear arms boxing each other's coin purses.

ACrazyGerman28 karma

Only if you frame it and hang it in your room.

DynamicForce46 karma

Chewbacca Riding a unicorn over the rainbow

moroder38 karma

This thread, tomorrow morning.

maidendroogie37 karma

Draw a Cyanide & Happiness comic

ACrazyGerman85 karma I love them sooooo much, I had to draw this.

guitarromantic36 karma

Draw me what a Sarah Palin presidency would look like.

ACrazyGerman81 karma I tied drawing the map, but that shits hard and I got a got of shit to draw!

Satiagraha36 karma

Draw the TF2 medic and pyro on a date in one of the TF2 maps

ACrazyGerman116 karma sorry it took so long but I put a lot of detail in it.

crochetedcat33 karma

I am in love with you

ACrazyGerman73 karma

In order for me to draw this I need to know Male or female?

dkid2124 karma

Can i have a picture of Obama in the pose that is at the end of The Breakfast Club

KennyEvil48 karma

Nice but that does look a little more militant than you might have been going for.

ACrazyGerman90 karma

I got all the pictures saved to my desktops with names to remind me what they are, I called this one... "Not Racist"

Rammo23 karma

A muscular ram riding a centaur through a meadow with a double rainbow overhead.

plopliar22 karma

Draw what a crazed German looks like.

ACrazyGerman17 karma

That is an AMAZING IDEA!

candidkiss11 karma

I would like a picture of a lion wearing glasses looking directly at me. Bonus points if there is a galaxy/other space stuff in the background.

ACrazyGerman30 karma

I had such an amazing idea I had to do it right away....