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Ah, those Bush-isms. I miss those...

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Two bare chested men with bear arms boxing each other's coin purses.

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What an awesome IAmA! I've become so disenfranchised with politics in America but since your campaign inspired me in '08 I have retained some hope. I implore you run again and I hope your base expands, I've done a fair amount of advocation for you here in MA and I would proudly vote for you. Thank you for your honest work, Mike.

So...questions: What's the biggest misconception American citizens have about running for president? Is it really a media dog and pony show? Are you going to focus almost exclusively on grassroots voters next election? How are you planning to become a more relevant figure on the American political stage?

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A proper dwarf would boast of the strength of his Clan's ale, they wouldn't go about sipping honey wine all day!