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a lion with the feet of a duck, a tail of a pikachu, and a mane like Snooki.

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Sorry for the intro but I think its vital to my question.

My father who was in Vietnam has come out now and again and tells stories of his time there. One story broke my heart and I always wanted to dig deeper but after he said it he just left the table and headed to bed for the night.

This is his short story, its called the "Can of Peaches".

"The day I learned I went crazy was when we were ambushed and as a sergeant of a machine gun squadron it was our duty to stop them and mow them down in the chest before they overran our compound. After they stopped coming I was finally able to look around and see what happened to my men. My best friend was dead next to me with his brains blown out the back. I sat there. I took two deep breaths and took a can of peaches out of my pocket and opened it. I ate it right there and stared at my best friend. That was when I realized, I had already lost it."

Did your dad ever have a moment of self realization that he had "lost it"? And I am sorry that I cant say exactly what my father lost, but sometimes at night I wonder what is was.

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I need to know this but was 20000 leagues under the sea your favorite movie? What is the deepest you can build one of these things so far?

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Cheers! One question i have is how do you stop poachers from signing up in thr green army and becoming a spy? If you cant give details i understand, i just always wondered.