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We are live:

Front page: http://www.opera.com/?display=myopera

Community page: http://www.opera.com/community/

Thanks - this is awesome.

Edit: Pages are back to normal now so here is a screenshot for those reading this later.

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Can you draw our co-founder riding a narwhal over a double rainbow? If you can I'll upload your image to the home page of our companies website for a day.

Edit: changed CEO to co-founder as Jon stepped down earlier this year.

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Opera Software - I'll let you know once it's its up.

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We have no problem with this. This stance is one of the coolest things about Opera's philosophy. Trying to protect everything stifles innovation. And I am glad we are not further encouraging one of those spiderweb of who's suing who charts. I want to be part of a company looking for the next innovation and gaining a first mover advantage there, not spending our time and resources protecting past ones. And lawyers are expensive. Our vision specifically points out we want a patent free web which I really admired when I first came across Opera.

The annoying side - when a company copies features and then claims they have invented them....boo

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If you had carte blanche to make three changes, what would they be?