G'day all my people, sorry if i have bad grammar i am from denmark.

i work at a local shop in denmark called kvickly, and i've been working here for 2 years. You can ask anything about me and the shop.

Why i started:
I just started working here 2 years ago because i was in need of some money (for games haha) and there was a job application open. And i have been working here ever since!

Proof: https://imgur.com/ctDzVLl https://imgur.com/undefined

My best friend that works here too: https://imgur.com/ZgV8L1r https://imgur.com/CMiOztm https://imgur.com/L2BoIO1

Ask me anything about the bakery, delikatess where my friend makes daily food, hyigene in there and about what ever you want

Yep, thats about it!

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mafutangumba38 karma

This is the purest AMA I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

I visited Copenhagen a few years ago (I live in the US). Absolutely LOVELY city. The people were incredibly nice and patient with non-Danish speakers like me and my wife.

Question - What is your favorite product that is sold at your store? Second question - how many hours, and what hours, do you usually have to work in a week?

VetranBot14 karma

my boss sometimes lets me get off 1 hour earlier to see my family

copenhagen is a really nice city yes indeed

my favorite product is probably fastelavns bolle

mafutangumba3 karma

It sounds like you have a very nice boss!

Fastelavns bolle looks delicious :)

Thank you for responding!

VetranBot7 karma

no problem yes

infernalcabbages12 karma

Very sweet AMA. Do you enjoy your job?

VetranBot17 karma

yes! but the only thing is that since black friday ive been so tired aha

mafutangumba4 karma

I didn't know that Black Friday was also a thing in Denmark - how many hours did you have to work on Black Friday? Did you have to start really early?

VetranBot12 karma

i normally work 4-5 hours but i worked 7 hours that day, and it isnt like they all run in and anything. they just go looking around and buy some things

BigSwords8 karma

Hey dude! What kind of games did you buy and is there anything you're looking forward to?

VetranBot12 karma

i bought gta 4 san andreas and 5, i am saving up for vr and i just bought a new screen

Toncer813 karma

Have you tried vr on the ps?

VetranBot5 karma

Yes, and its so cool! Ive also tried pavlov, beat saber, ans job simulator

Toncer812 karma

Cool, I've only tried psvr, Oculus rift and mobile(Samsung)

My thought, wait with buying and get it when it's more common and minimal w/ bugs and other issues.

Also, just a suggestion, don't buy a new console or PC right out the gate, there are many great deals in wait and a lot of money to save with patience.

VetranBot3 karma

I am actually saving up for a new pc because the one i have now is ok but not the best.

Toncer811 karma

Can u or do u have a friend who can assemble PC, cause that's a money saving skill aright there, also, if you're a GeForce fan, they often lower the price heavily on their latest model when releasing a new one.

VetranBot3 karma

I assemble my own computers, and i buy my owm parts

Wellmeaninglaowai8 karma

First of all, I am a high school English teacher in the USA and want to say that your English is great!

My questions:

-Who is your favorite Danish band/singer?

-What are some popular trends at your school? (clothing, music, memes, sayings, expressions, whatever)

-What is your favorite season in Denmark?

-Have you ever heard of Solvang in California? It’s a little town, about 3.5 hours drive from Los Angeles, and it is basically a living museum of Danish culture.

-Do you understand Norwegian and/or Swedish? Would you speak to a Norwegian or Swedish person in English if they came into your shop?

Thanks in advance for your answers! I studied Danish a few years ago to prepare for a trip to Copenhagen and really enjoyed it!

VetranBot13 karma

  1. Probably D.A.D

2.everyone is hypebeasts other than me, and memes

  1. Winter, i like the cold

  2. I have yes and it is cool!

  3. I understand norwegian and it is basically almost the same as Danish, and if they dont understand you in Danish you can talk english as everyone in Scandinavia understands english

Thanks for the questions and thanks for everything!

phillhocking6 karma

I am so proud of your lovely work ethic! Denmark seems like a really cool place and it is so great that you can work at a shop doing what you love! What is your favorite game, and where do you see yourself in five years? Do you have a career that you would like to get into or have any ideas what you would like to study at university?

I was working really hard when I was your age (I'm 35 now) to pay for videogames and electronics stuff and to be able to eat the food that I like, but I really wish that I had saved better so I could get things when I was older like a nice bicycle or car. I really hope that you continue working hard at your studies and that you get your choice of university and career!

There was this book, now widely discredited, that says it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something - but I have found that curiosity and wonder can really make that time much less and go by more quickly. From an old guy who took most of his life to figure out a lot of things - just keep doing what you enjoy and soak up as much time with friends and family as you can. I really enjoyed computers and now I work as a systems engineer, but there never was a moment when I was younger where it seemed like work or I was trying to prepare for a career... I just wanted to know how it all worked and put stuff together myself.

Thanks for making my day a little better and letting me connect for a second with 13 year-old me!

VetranBot7 karma

I will reply to this after school bc im on my way to school now, but thanks for now. My favorite games are the gra games, assassins creed aeries and the walking dead games

VetranBot6 karma

i want to be an architect in the future, and i wanna work in an architect school? Idk what they are called but ty for the questions

Moxxface4 karma

hvilken slags kød er din favorit?

VetranBot4 karma

Kylling eller pork

Moxxface2 karma

opfølgende spørgsmål: er det at spise eller at tilberede imens du arbejder? Kan også godt bruge svar på begge hvis du har tid.

VetranBot3 karma

begge, jeg elsker at pakke ind kylling siden det er nemmest, og jeg elsker at spise kylling

RatherAnonymous944 karma

What is the least legal age you can work at in Denmark?

Did it start snowing in Denmark?

What do you want to be when you get older?

Did you ever have a conversation with a rude customer, and if you did, how did you handle it?

Do you have any "regular" customers that you know?

Also this is really wholesome AmA :) Have a nice day, as you surely made mine! Good luck and greetings from Serbia :)

VetranBot5 karma

  1. I think 11-13
  2. Not yet
  3. Architect
  4. No, never, danish people are nice
  5. Yes, a lady with dementia asks me every day where the biscuits are
  6. Thank you, you truly get alot of snow!

Beestorm4 karma

What is your least favorite part of the job?

VetranBot37 karma

that noone asks me for help to find something

but there is this old lady named olga that has dementia and forgets where the biscuits are, she always asks me where they are.

m_nels3 karma

Very neat AMA. My great-grandpa on my dad’s side immigrated from Denmark sometime in the 1920’s and settled in Iowa.

My question is: Who is your favorite American musician?

VetranBot3 karma

Definitely the older eminem songs

JaneWayneGacy873 karma

Are there certain local bakery items that can only Be found in Denmark? If so what are they? And what are your favorite baked goods and what are the ingredients in them?

VetranBot2 karma

i dont know the ingredienst as i dont work at the bakery but my favorite baked goods are fastelavns bolleand pancakes!

Keyboardtyper573 karma

How’s school kiddo?

VetranBot10 karma

it's going well, got a good grade and im good at math, i think its going goiod

ccountDooku3 karma

Have you ever worked in the bakery?

VetranBot4 karma

No, but ive been in there to stral some cookies ahah jk, but ive just been there to look

ccountDooku3 karma

Thanks for responding.

VetranBot5 karma


Bitchspasmodic2 karma

What is that amazing looking dish your friend is making? I'm a picky eater but that looks so good.

VetranBot4 karma

I dont know the name but it is like a latke with ham cheese chives and mushroom i think???

BurgerPleaseYT2 karma

Are there any good budge joints? What's your favorite burger joint?

VetranBot4 karma

i really like hardees / carl's jr

i like ´very much the chinken tenders

Gryff982 karma

Hey. Fellow Dane here. What part of the country are you from? Are you planning on going to efterskole? What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Do you want to keep working at Kvickly?

VetranBot2 karma

  1. Sønderjylland 2. No i think ill be going to htx 3. Eating flæskesteg 4. Yes, the people here are very sweet

iammaxhailme2 karma

How the heck do I say Smørrebrød?

I'm American and the only Danish pronunciation I learned is from the metro. People in Copenhagen laughed at me!!! (just joking, everyone was very nice)

VetranBot2 karma

Try to say smoerre broed, thats a little easier

sojayn2 karma

Have a great day at school, and if you can reply after, I would like to know if you like sci-fi, and what you think will be the best inventions in the future?

A lot of us older people here are still waiting for our hover boards (levitating skateboards) but what would you like to see made real?

Ask your friends at school too (are you allowed phones at school any way? or at work?)

VetranBot3 karma

I like sci-fi, i would like that hover boards became a real thing like back to the future, we are allowed at work but not at school, ill ask Nicklas at work today but i will ask my class mates at school tmr!

Toncer812 karma

In your opinion, what is the best thing about your generation and what is the worst?

VetranBot3 karma

Best, are memes and probably gaming computers. Worst, are probably far leftists

Toncer812 karma

How much gaming are you involved in, I'm thinking in terms of league's, ladder ect. and the way some ppl behave on the mic. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to have gotten worse over the year's (noticeble the last 5)

Fyi, fellow Dane and gamer here (38) Very interesting you making your every-day-life into an AMA, just for fun or school related??

VetranBot3 karma

I go to esports every friday (i dont work on fridays) and i hope to be a good gamer (not necessarily pro) at csgo and some other fps games

Toncer811 karma

Nice, that's a good standing, even if you don't go pro gaming helps you with some vital motorskills, but pretty sure you know that by know.

Fyi, I now tell u this, either u know and this then confirms it or most likely, u don't know or doubt this knowledge, but it is a fact and the internet can back me on this: U can literally learn anything - not everything or from one day to another, but over time anything can become yours. Only ur own true belief will be ur obstacle. One of ur everyday illusions right now is time, because of ur age, ur brain can't comprehend time reality, because it can only calculate within the time lapse u have existed. F.eks, if you double your age and think where will I be at that point, the brain has an idea of what u can achieve, but beyond that, 20-30 years from now, it can only reflect on ur surroundings, ur parents, ur grandparents or ppl within that age, teachers, bosses or ppl from the media.

If ur to sceptic, maybe think is a weird troll, just try taking a small thing, like a yoyo, exercise form, hobby u don't really know or maybe raping (I to am a Eminem fan) do it consistently for a month or to (minimum 20-30 minutes) and see the difference.

Sorry for the long post, though hope some of all my nonsense bear bread and riches u in a way, if not I'm sure a joke can come of it. Still some crazy Vikings left 😁

VetranBot1 karma

Yep, still some crazy vikings left

Jess_just_Jess2 karma

How do you manage school and work?

VetranBot2 karma

I go to school first and it ends at 1-1.30 and then i bicycle 1 km to work and then home to my family. I dont get stressed because i do too much tho

steeltec1 karma

What time does your school start? 1-1.30 is quite a bit earlier than we get off, our school day ends at 2.50 pm

VetranBot2 karma

Starts at 8.15

Chaijuwz2 karma

So you are on the 7th grade (not sure if it is different in Denmark) you are like 13? So how much are you legally allowed to work and how did you get the job?

VetranBot1 karma

i am 14 and i know the boss because he is my fathers old colleauge

wangdingus2 karma

What's the minimum employment age in Denmark?

VetranBot5 karma

i forgot but i thing its 11-13?

VetranBot2 karma

11-13 i thinkg

mermaidsngoats1 karma

Where is your favorite special place in Denmark?

Like maybe a camp site, the woods, by a lake.. etc. where do you like to go? :)

VetranBot1 karma

Danfoss universe, or legoland ofcourse

acsii_ri1 karma

Hi! What's your favorite thing you've learned from going to school and working at the same time?

VetranBot2 karma

Dont trust anybody

CalypsoTheKitty1 karma

How old do you have to be to work in Denmark? And how old are you?

VetranBot1 karma

Since the boss im my fathers best friend that comes into the picture but you have to be 11-13 i think

habibigame1 karma

How old do you need to be to do this here you need to be 16?

VetranBot1 karma

No, you have to be 13