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Really excited to "speak" with you, Jimmy! Thanks you for taking the time.

What efforts are being taken with your new platform to allow users to have more control and consent over what happens with the data they provide to the system?

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Thank you! This sounds like an incredible next project and I can't wait join up. Kudos and thank you for all you've contributed to tech!

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One more question (just because I'm wicked curious), and don't feel forced to answer if it's uncomfortable...

Do you know what your ancestors (grandparents, great-grandparents, etc...) did for a living? I'm curious if your lineage inspired you somehow in what you do today.

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Hi! What's your favorite thing you've learned from going to school and working at the same time?

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That's a super interesting answer and one I was not personally expecting. Thank you!

If you're open, I'd love to learn more about that. How did you learn it? In what context do you think it helps you?