Hi everybody! I’m excited to interact with my fans and other curious people in my first AMA, ask me anything!

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EDIT: THANK YOU VERY MUCH REDDIT! This has been so fun! Thanks for breaking my site too with the "Reddit Hug of Death", I consider it an honor and rite of passage.

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EDC_viking8266 karma

Would you sleep with a fan to fulfill their fantasy? - Asking for all of us

realjessarhodes11735 karma

Actually yes! In fact, people can enter my "fuck-a-fan" contest via my Private Snapchat.

AnonymousButIvekk7043 karma

What got you into the business?

realjessarhodes20152 karma

God granted me with a vagina so I figured I'd use it.

ozarkadventurer6577 karma

Is this your real life's ambition, or just a vehicle to get you someplace else? Where would the someplace else be?

realjessarhodes6841 karma

My life is not going to plateau with being a pornstar. My goals in entering the industry have not just been met, but been exceeded in that I've learned a lot about sexual health and openness, and how people work.

That being said, I've always wanted to get into a Health and Wellness / Hospitality line of work and my end goal would be to use my personal experiences with my prior life during the industry to inspire growth within others.

Broian6062 karma

I've always wondered how menstruation comes into play. Do you take a week off once a month or are you on one of the birth control that limits how often you have your period?

realjessarhodes10292 karma

We clean out very well and we put a sponge in there. You asked.

LightningMcCree85980 karma

When you make new friends, how do they react to you being in the porn industry?

realjessarhodes10923 karma

I say it loud and proud when people ask me what I do. When they see that I have no shame in my voice there really isn't any room to feel shame for me, so it's all good!

CrisFarlyOnCoke5713 karma

What was your “they don’t pay me enough for this shit” moment while at work?

realjessarhodes20538 karma

One time while shooting for Brazzers for Kirin Lee, I had to dive into a pool and swim from one end to another while wearing a robe that weighed me down. I had to do MANY takes because of technical difficulties. Every time I held my breath and resurfaced I thought I was going to pass out. And then proceeded to get fucked in the butthole.

dannylove115218 karma

What's the most annoying misconception about your industry?

realjessarhodes8876 karma

That my pussy is a well oiled machine and that we all wanna fuck, ALL THE TIME!

MonteTristo4913 karma

Many times in scenes the camera man or male talent gets majorly cringe inducing. Have you ever shot a scene where it was SO bad you were literally dying to get the shit over with and gtfo?

realjessarhodes9251 karma

I'm not going to say who it was for, but one time I was so grossed out after a scene that I went back and paid the guy back that I was doing the scene with and asked to get the footage so I can destroy it.

Blondyguy4857 karma

Hey jessa, been a fan for years now.

I always wondered, how it felt for a adult entertainer to live outside of sets and shoots.. like do you get recognized on the street daily etc? And how do you act with fans recognizing you?

realjessarhodes13048 karma

Yes I do get recognized all the time! People always say "where do I know you from" and I usually look at them and say "You spend a little too much time on your laptop, right?" And they look at me awkwardly and walk away.

dlmcleo14200 karma

You hear mixed things about drug use in porn. What's been your experience?

Also, what's your daily workout routine?

realjessarhodes7006 karma

Actually, the mainstream industry has A LOT more drug use than the porn world. As far as my workout routine, I just try to workout every single part of my body at least once a week, or whatever needs work.

Sidenote: abs are made in the kitchen! It's true!

CahkShlap4193 karma

If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be??

realjessarhodes8781 karma

Performers would get royalties.

yzbro3897 karma

Have you ever accidently snapped a Crayola crayon in half and then tried taping it back together only to find out that it's just not the same? Asking for a friend

edit wow my first Reddit gold on snapping Crayolas lol, thank you kind stranger

realjessarhodes4409 karma

No, but I've snapped them in half intentionally and shoved them both up my nose. This was last week.

Sony22sony22135 karma

Homer Simpson?

realjessarhodes964 karma

I have three kids and no money... Why can't I have no kids and three money?

ItsaFestivus3692 karma

What do you like to do in your free time?

realjessarhodes6010 karma

What's free time? What is this concept that you speak of?

masternj3244 karma


realjessarhodes5578 karma

All the above. I went through phases like everyone does. It started with me being a straight A, then depression hit, then I was a theater geek, then a cheerleader. I was definitely a floater.

Twoflappylips2926 karma

Any regrets?

realjessarhodes4634 karma

Where do I start...

Dragonshout382789 karma

How often do u actually enjoy the action in your videos?

realjessarhodes4894 karma

If I'm being completely honest, I enjoy it 90% of the time. Especially now that I've been in the industry for 7 years, it's easier now with muscle memory with the lighting and angles and what not to focus purely on good sex. Whereas before, I'd get nervous and anxious about making sure that I was opening to the camera and I wanted to make sure that the director got what he needed as opposed to me focusing on having good sex.

R4ndomQu3st10ns2637 karma

Favorite dinosaur?

realjessarhodes4445 karma

T-Rex. They have Big heads, little arms. Super cute.

KiNG_fiend2238 karma

What was the longest time it ever took to shoot a scene?

realjessarhodes3513 karma

I've been on set for 24 hours once. That was not a very fun day.

MuIIaney1961 karma

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

realjessarhodes2522 karma

I'm actually VERY excited about my costume this year! Follow my social media posts to find out more...I don't want to spoil it

thtevie1864 karma

If you were dropped off 200 miles from civilization in the Australian Outback, what would you put in your backpack, and would you be able to make it back alive?

realjessarhodes5988 karma

  1. A 2 in 1 spider and snake antidote because everything is out to kill you.
  2. Australian deterrent spray since I've dated one too many of them.
  3. Copious amounts of cocaine so I can outrun whatever is chasing me.

LenTheListener2057 karma

Now this is AMA!

realjessarhodes3414 karma

You. I like you. (Mandatory reddit response)

MuffinsTheGreat1604 karma

What prompted you to work in an industry with so much social taboo surrounding it, and how do the haters out there affect your sense of self-worth? Are there tactics you use that help it roll off your back?

Mad props for doing you, from a fellow female who probably couldn’t hack it.

realjessarhodes3047 karma

If there's one thing that you should know about me, it's that I love shock value. And I also learned at a very young age that people's opinions don't pay my bills. Thank you so much so much for letting me be your inspiration, continue to be strong, empowered woman! One of my favorite quotes is: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

vainbetrayal1551 karma

What's the furthest you've ever had to/gotten to travel for a role?

realjessarhodes2479 karma

In terms of shooting, I've been to South Africa, Australia, Spain, England, Montreal. It's been fun in my industry, travel is definitely a great perk.

phixional1466 karma

Good morning.

Besides your job, what are you passionate about?

realjessarhodes2771 karma

I'm definitely passionate about animal rescue and animal rights awareness. Also bringing knowledge to people that can help them learn about self-healing. I'd love to start my own non-profit organization, too!

SSJGodFloridaMan1426 karma

What's your favorite meal?

realjessarhodes5300 karma

Breakfast. Second Breakfast. Elevensies. Then Lunch. Then Breakfast Again. Then Brunch. EDIT: Added Brunch. How could I forget Brunch?!?!

jiggyjerm648 karma

Are you Ron Swanson

realjessarhodes1976 karma


DiddyWop51397 karma

Would you let a fan take you out for a soda?

realjessarhodes3980 karma

What is this, 1955? Are we going to go steady afterwards?

fillhumpfree1190 karma

I've never heard of you but for science I'll have to do some research later.

Crust or no crust?

realjessarhodes2774 karma

Stuffed only. I AM in porn if you didn't know. That joke wrote itself.

robrossiter1057 karma

What mouthwash do you use?

realjessarhodes2850 karma

100 Proof Rubbing Alcohol.

Ryaven1036 karma

What's your favorite time of the year?

realjessarhodes2013 karma

My favorite season is Football.

O_Apples976 karma


realjessarhodes1478 karma

Tom Selleck. Magnum PI. Name a better duo. *Tom Sliding into the DMs

Murse004975 karma

Just listened to your interview with KFC. Absolutely killed it. What was your thoughts on that whole office atmosphere and do you think you’ll ever return or do any other podcasts?

realjessarhodes1078 karma

Thank you so much, I absolutely had a blast! I felt super comfortable and like one of the boys. I'll definitely be back, and in fact, I'm considering starting my own podcast.

MonteTristo556 karma

10/10 would listen to a Jessa Rhodes podcast

realjessarhodes665 karma


Titanruss682 karma

What's your favorite pancakes recipe?

realjessarhodes1614 karma

I don't have a recipe but I'm obsessed with banana pancakes and Nutella. I'm also obsessed with Nutella on women...


OzyOzbourne671 karma

Boxers or briefs?

realjessarhodes944 karma


Prob2647 karma

What's your favourite candy?

realjessarhodes1782 karma

Left Twix. Only the left side. NOT right.

Prob2642 karma

Can you describe what a day of work is like for you in only 3 words?

realjessarhodes1283 karma

I can't even.

evilcockney633 karma

What's your favourite part about your job?

realjessarhodes966 karma

Being my own boss, 100%. Setting my own hours, and I keep myself busy so that's its not mundane. There's always something new to chase.

Prob2533 karma

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

realjessarhodes852 karma

I used to be a night owl but I've been forcing myself to be a morning person to be more productive.

xemry511 karma

Are...are we related? My last name is also Rhodes

realjessarhodes1094 karma

Is your great great great great grandfather Jebediah Rhodes?

C4p0tts476 karma

If you were a squirrel how many nuts could you fit into your mouth?

realjessarhodes907 karma

Well, what time of year is this? Acorns, hazelnuts, almonds? Dietary restrictions? SO many questions that need to be cleared up before we get to the bottom of this.

masternj436 karma


realjessarhodes644 karma

I'm definitely a country girl (Originally from Oregon). But I LOVE the hustle and bustle of the city and definitely wouldn't rule it out.

Vash108435 karma

Winery or Brewery?

realjessarhodes788 karma

Wine. I used to love beer but I am a lady (now) and I drink Wine.

God-Katakuri415 karma

Whats your favourite movie?

realjessarhodes1196 karma

Three way tie: Princess Bride. Talladega Nights. Step Brothers. Battlestar Galactica. (I know the last wasn't a movie but I couldn't resist.)

sneikboi381 karma


realjessarhodes873 karma

Identity theft is a serious crime!

Drewby30112 karma

Wait do you really love battlestar galactica or are you just throwing in the meme? Lol if so that’s dope! Best sci-fi show I’ve ever seen imo.

realjessarhodes268 karma

Apollo Adama. Best Sci-Fi Character ever.

SinSeptimus413 karma

What are the top three things on your bucket list?

realjessarhodes2035 karma

  1. I plan to walk the entire Great Wall of China. It'll take 9 months.
  2. I want to kickbox a kangaroo. And win.
  3. On my 85th birthday, I plan to rob a bank and get away with it. If I don't get away with it, I'll simply plead insanity which will get me into a court-mandated free living situation.

See? I've got it all figured out. *taps head

MadCatGalaxy373 karma

Hi. How come you do this job? Do you like it? It's hard for me to believe people would enjoy these things since I personally had a little trauma which is hard to get over. So it's hard for me to belive it is enjoyed.

realjessarhodes1073 karma

I understand entirely; I've dealt with sexual abuse my entire life. In fact, the first time I experienced anal sex it was not consensual. Being in the industry actually helped me reverse that trauma and put things back into my own control to the point now I actually enjoy anal sex.

boobiestreamerfan225 karma

Hi Jessa! Do you do custom videos for fans? If so, what’s the best way to contact you?

realjessarhodes333 karma

Do you do custom

Yes I do! Contact me at Only Fans!

Borg-Man148 karma

Been reading the responses and it's pretty clear you're a great, down to earth person. Props to that!

Is there anything in the porn industry of which you think, if applied to the "normal" world, would make the world a lot better?

realjessarhodes229 karma

Kind of cliche, but I think communication is EVERYTHING. If you can't talk about sex and what you like, then you shouldn't be having it.

I recently gave someone advice where the relationship was great EXCEPT for the sex, but once they spoke about the details of what they like and don't like without the feeling of being judged, they can talk about it safely openly.

PtolemaeusM742 karma

how often do you work out?

realjessarhodes71 karma

At least 5 days a week. Gotta hit the gym every day. Well, almost every day.