(2ND) EDIT: Everyone, thanks for your questions. I have to log off for a bit here but please please please feel free to ask me some more and I'll get to them later tonight! EDIT: This is so fun. Keep the questions coming!

Hey Reddit! I'm here to answer any questions you may have for me about my life as an out athlete, my career, my favorite food at the Minnesota State Fair, and really anything else you want to know. Ask away!

I'd also like to talk about my work as an ambassador for [ULLU] (www.ullu.cc), a new campaign to spark millions of conversations about climate change here in Minnesota. I'm all in for ULLU's conversation-based approach because we've seen it work in the past –– In 2012, Minnesota became one of the first states to strike down an amendment to the state constitution that would have banned same sex marriage. Who was behind that campaign? The same folks leading ULLU. We are prepared to catalyze real, structural change on the climate issue here in Minnesota, united and together.

You can learn more about ULLU's work on [our website] (www.ullu.cc), social media channels @ULLUnow, and by watching this cute video we made at the State Fair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNIViXh775I

Looking forward to chatting with you all soon. -CM

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norsebynorsewest23 karma

Hi Collin,

If you could nutmeg any person, past or present, who would it be and why?

cm17mn22 karma

Good question! I always enjoyed trying to nutmeg my older brother when we grew up playing in the yard. He's 10 years older than me so that was a rare feat.

nerhe20 karma

How has dating been as an out athlete? Has it been harder or easier now that you’re a public figure?

cm17mn23 karma

My dating life has been a little stagnant since I've come out. Ive gone on plenty of dates but no relationships in the past two years.

WoxKE17 karma

How great is Allianz field?

cm17mn26 karma

It's the best stadium in the country

[deleted]5 karma


cm17mn12 karma

I like the idea of a raised pitch but I don't notice a huge difference.

WelcomeToCostcoILU14 karma

Hi Collin, huge MLS fan here!

YoU're notable for being among the first American players to go through academy setups linked with MLS, and subsequently signed a homegrown player deal with DC United. Before this, American players almost always went through the NCAA before turning pro, or had some kind of residency program in place like IMG academy.

My question to you is, how do you think this shift away from college soccer and towards a development route for American players more in line with that of other countries, and as a result turning pro earlier, will help soccer in the US, both MLS as well as the national team?

cm17mn17 karma

Great question! I think in the long run it's going to help US soccer a lot for kids to be in professional environments from a lot earlier ages as opposed to going to college for a couple years. There is still value in finding players from the college ranks. Look at Hassani Dotson, Mason Toye, and Chase Gasper - they all came from college recently and have been a big impact this year for our team. But I think that in the coming years the college game is going to have to adapt in order to developing players better - but the college game will always have a place in this country.

cm17mn1 karma

Great question! I think in the long run it's going to help US soccer a lot for kids to be in professional environments from a lot earlier ages as opposed to going to college for a couple years. There is still value in finding players from the college ranks. Look at Hassani Dotson, Mason Toye, and Chase Gasper - they all came from college recently and have been a big impact this year for our team. But I think that in the coming years the college game is going to have to adapt in order to developing players better - but the college game will always have a place in this country.

rve1110 karma

Do you feel any extra pressure to play even better now that you're out, or do you feel like you're able to focus better because of it? Also, any chance you'll be writing a book about your experience like Robbie Rogers did?

cm17mn9 karma

I definitely have felt added pressure this year because I feel like there are more eyes on me. Which is hard when I haven't played a ton at times this year. But I want to make you guys proud so there is pressure in that. Maybe one day i'll write a book but definitely don't have any plans.

thinkinboutloons11 karma

You've looked great when we have gotten to see you on the pitch! It seems like you're always getting better and more confident on the ball.

cm17mn8 karma

I appreciate that. Every player grows in confidence when he gets to play so I wish I could have some more minutes this year.

SoLongGayBowser9 karma

What's your favourite food at the Minnesota State Fair?

cm17mn10 karma

The roasted corn on the cob - I tried that for the first time this year

CMelo238 karma

What has been your favorite thing about playing professional soccer in the MLS? (Also I have your pride jersey and it’s one of my favorite things to wear!)

cm17mn11 karma

Thanks for the support, you are the best. My favorite thing about playing soccer in the MLS is traveling to all the amazing stadiums around the country.

CMelo235 karma

Of course! You’re an awesome role model. If I can do a follow up question: what would be your advice to someone struggling to come out to their family?

cm17mn6 karma

Find a friend that you feel comfortable with telling. And hopefully they will give you the confidence to tell your family. I personally wrote down a lot of what I was going to say to my parents before I came out to them and that helped a lot.

[deleted]5 karma


cm17mn12 karma

Audi Field because thats where my old team DC United plays!

Captain_Concussion8 karma

First off as a gay Minnesotan soccer fan Id just like to say what an inspiration you’ve been. My question for you is, what was the thought process behind coming out when you did? Was there something about the Loons or MLS that made you feel more comfortable? Or was it case of it just feeling like the right time?

cm17mn9 karma

Thanks for the kind message. The main reason why I came out when I did was because I would have been upset with myself if I didn't come out while I was playing. The support I've received from my family and friends and of course the league and my team has been incredible. It wouldn't be fair to them if I wasn't visible about who I was. The Loons have made a big impact on me and if the team wasn't supportive of me then I don't know if I would have been comfortable with coming out.

tbone2b7 karma

Hey Collin! First, thank you for your courage, inspiration, and being an ambassador for causes I care deeply about. What were the most difficult moments/conversations for you after coming out and how did you get through them?

cm17mn9 karma

Thanks Tbone2b. The hard questions and conversations i've had with my teammates in particular have actually been some of the most rewarding conversations i've had. Being able to educate them on LGBTQ issues or just answer silly personal questions they've had for me has been a lot of fun.

babada7 karma

Is Mannone as intense in the locker room as he is on the field? That guy always seems pumped up.

cm17mn15 karma

Mannone is a beast! But in the locker room he is one of the chillest dudes. He is a great teammate.

ShortboyXXL6 karma

  1. To your knowledge, are there any other gay or bisexual players in the MLS or other levels of American soccer? Have any of them reached out to you privately?
  2. Do you know your ratings in FIFA and Football Manager? If so, what do you think of them?
  3. Have you received any offers from foreign clubs? Would you play abroad at some point in your career if the opportunity were to present itself?
  4. Which clubs do you support?
  5. If you have been following the presidential race, which candidates do you like or dislike? Have you decided on who will get your vote?

cm17mn8 karma

1) I think there are plenty of gay players playing soccer in America 2) I'm sure my ratings could use some work haha 3) It's always been a dream of mine to play in Europe 4) Barca and Liverpool 5) I Love Pete Buttigieg and the message he has been portraying

JesuitPeriwinkle6 karma

First of all congratulations on clinching a playoff berth to you and all of the Loons. What a season it's been! Just counting on you all to make sure we play these matches at home now.

Have any new challenges or issues presented themselves since you came out (whether that's off the pitch or on)? What can fans, players, coaches, league administrators do to make the US soccer more welcoming and inclusive to LGBTQIA folks?

cm17mn7 karma

Thanks! Last night was awesome. I'll answer that second question by saying that US soccer could do a better job of educating coaches on how to deal with homophobia and creating inclusive environments on their teams. Coaches have a big role to play in molding the minds of youth of course.

Ros10316 karma

Just how good is Osvaldo Alonso?

cm17mn15 karma

He is amazing. One of the big reasons we've had such a big turnaround this year and why we clinched a playoff spot last night.

JiggieSmalls5 karma

What city is the hardest place to play in MLS in your opinion?

cm17mn10 karma

The Red Bull arena is always a tough place to play. That team is really strong at home.

Ros10314 karma

Wait till Seattle in two weeks!

cm17mn7 karma

Seattle is awesome!

NextDoorNeighbrrs5 karma

Did you yell at Mason Toye after he spit on Reggie Cannon? 😁

cm17mn11 karma

I wasn't happy with him! But I really don't think he meant to do that. Good learning point for us all though.

nordic_nerd5 karma

Hey Collin, just curious: have you ever seen a wild loon? They really are impressive and beautiful birds.

To bring this around to your ULLU message, according to a recent DNR study, the loons are retreating from MN as the climate warms and becomes increasingly hostile towards them. As someone with vivid memories of hearing the loons on the lake as I played soccer in my back yard, this troubles me a quite a bit.

cm17mn5 karma

Yes! I think the last time I saw a wild loon was when I was on the St. Croix River near Stillwater over Labor Day last year, or maybe when I was up on Lake Vermillion earlier this summer.

That study is really alarming, thanks for sharing -- this is what ULLUing is all about!

SoNerdy5 karma

What is your favorite Song/Chant sung by the the supporters that isn't wonderwall?

cm17mn8 karma

Ive been loving the Queen songs theyve been playing in the stadium recently

[deleted]4 karma


cm17mn13 karma

He is the bi football player! I'm the only active gay male player in the 5 major league sports. There have been plenty of out players before me and there are ton of amazing female out players that are big role models.

OhNoCosmo11 karma

I'm the only active gay male player in the 5 major league sports.

This stat seems crazy in this day and age. I mean, I'm sure there are more but it's a shame that we live in a world where people still don't feel they can come forward and own it without personal/professional repercussions.

cm17mn8 karma

Definitely is crazy. It's clear we still have a lot of work to do in creating spaces where people are comfortable in being themselves. That's why I love the work that Athlete Ally is doing to create more inclusive spaces in sports and educating coaches and players in sport.

RDG18364 karma

Oh, I forgot to ask: are you a cat or a dog person? Please note this will make around 50% of everyone here hate you, so choose wisely.

cm17mn6 karma

I have two chocolate labs back home waiting for me in DC

SoNerdy2 karma

If the club can get Choko over from England for Vito, surely they can get your dogs from DC

cm17mn2 karma

They are happily with my parents but I wish I could see them more

Birrack4 karma

In Mexico there is great controversy over the shout `` EEEH PUTO '' when the rival goalkeeper clears. Even FIFA threatens to sanction the national team. Puto in Mexico has two meanings: gay and someone cowardly. Have you heard about it?

Which player - without being gay - has fought or at least pronounced himself in favor of homosexuality publicly?

cm17mn4 karma

Ive definitely heard of the chant and I think it is smart moving forward for FIFA to ban this type of chant. It just doesn't belong in the game, simply put. There are a bunch of guys in MLS that are allies to the gay community. Countless guys, and a good amount of them are athlete ally ambassadors.

KuhChiggA4 karma

Hey Collin

Greetings from NYC!

How is ULLU different from the many other climate change focused organizations around your state and the country as a whole? 

cm17mn4 karma

So I think ULLU is different than other approaches to the climate challenge because it's ~all~ about getting everyone talking, no matter what their perspective. It's a fear-free, shame-free zone, which I'm very proud to be a small part of.

There's this recent Yale University study which showed that a majority of Americans are concerned about climate change, yet few are talking about it, even though it is our friends and family that have the most impact on the change we need to see. With ULLU, I feel we can get people talking, building community, which leads to actions. And small actions are huge, as they are the path to bold, necessary change.

Here's that study if you're interested in learning more –– great visualization of the data: https://climatecommunication.yale.edu/visualizations-data/ycom-us-2018/?est=happening&type=value&geo=county

FeelTalk4 karma

Hi Collin. Big fan. Little pop culture: all-time favorite album/artist, tv show, and movie? Or what are you loving right now? Go Loons!

cm17mn11 karma

Hey FeelTalk, thanks for the support! Breaking bad, Troy, and rap artist is Nas. I have been listening to a lot of Tame Impala recently. I went to their concert at Surly a couple weeks ago

JiggieSmalls4 karma

Who are your biggest supporters?

cm17mn10 karma

My family and friends of course. The LGBTQ community in Minnesota has been amazing to me and they deserve a lot of love

[deleted]4 karma

Hi Colin,how are you? I hope you're well.

I know you did a thesis on the battle of Vicksburg,besides that what is your favorite battle throughout history?

cm17mn10 karma

Now the good questions are finally coming haha! I'm a huge civil war fanatic so I really enjoyed writing my thesis on Vicksburg but if I had to pick another civil war battle it would Gettysburg of course. I've visited Gettysburg multiple times since it is close to where I grew up and that battlefield is a special place. Other than the civil war - Id have to say Battle of Trafalgar. A naval battle :)

RDG18363 karma

Do you have any family connections to people who fought in the civil war, or any other war? Most Americans tend to have an ancestral connection.

cm17mn5 karma

Good question... I haven't been able to track down the ancestral connection but that would be really amazing to find out.

RDG18364 karma

I have an Ancestry account that needs activity. LMK if you're ever curious and wanna find out and I'll do the digging. You can have a grand time finding out your ancestors were horrific southern war criminals (like me) or Union officers (also like me!).

Tbh I just wanna avoid doing work at work.

cm17mn3 karma

Haha thats awesome. Very cool that you had ancestors that fought on both sides of the war. Brothers and friends were fighting against each other in that war which is crazy to think about.

kkoontz164 karma

What advice would you give someone who wants to enter the sports business world? (I am graduating in December)

cm17mn9 karma

The advice I would give would be to get involved with an organization that is deeply involved with the community as well. I feel like you can grow a lot at a place that is connected well in the community.

TheGhostyBear4 karma

Any advice / things to do for an away fan coming to visit Minneapolis/ St. Paul and Allianz field?

cm17mn3 karma

I'd say come nice and early to the game to walk around and take in the stadium. The beer hall is pretty awesome and the food in the stadium is top class. In the city itself I would check out the MIA art museum and there are also a lot of good bars and restaurants too.

CutesPDX3 karma

Where's your favorite place to eat in MSP?

cm17mn6 karma

Lynhall on lyndale in Minneapolis. They prioritize sourcing local foods which is awesome and the vibe in the restaurant is very cool

EuropeanWannabe173 karma

Hello there, Mr. Martin, and thanks for doing this AMA! First, I’d like to say it’s very brave of you to be out like this, as the only out athlete. My question is, if there are other LGBT+ athletes (Which, there probably are if you ask me), do you think there’s a general reason they have yet to follow your lead and come out?

cm17mn5 karma

That's a good question, I think that gay athletes are all at different places in accepting themselves and they're at different stages of coming out to people in their life. I hope more will come out when they are ready!

JiggieSmalls3 karma

What's the least known negative factor of climate change?

cm17mn5 karma

Climate change affects all of us in so many different ways so in some senses it’s quite a personal thing. But one surprising fact to me is that here in Minnesota, over 1/4 of our emissions are generated within agriculture. My work with ULLU has also taught me that with new innovations in climate-smart agriculture, farmers can lead the world in combatting climate change and continue to feed the world for generations to come!

source: https://www.pca.state.mn.us/air/greenhouse-gas-emissions-data

thinkinboutloons3 karma

Hi Collin, thanks for doing this!

Forgive me if this has already been asked, but what is your dream job outside of being a professional soccer player?

cm17mn6 karma

Dealing art - or being an art curator

FeelTalk3 karma

First person you came out to?

cm17mn3 karma

My best friends Jack and Robert. On a side note it took me awhile to come out to my parents because I cared about their reaction the most.

Zeptide3 karma

Did you watch the recent match against Portland in Brits pub?

cm17mn4 karma

I did. I watched with a teammate because we weren't there in Portland unfortunately.

driveyourcar3 karma

Collin, thank you so much for doing this! I actually saw you speak at the Black Hart bar in Saint Paul earlier this week and was so inspired by what you said about equal pay for the women's national team - it's awesome that Megan Rapinoe shouted you out in her speech on Monday.

So my question actually has nothing to do with soccer...you mentioned this week that you like to play video games: Do you play Fortnite? If so, where do you like to drop and what's your favorite weapon? Will you be streaming on Twitch soon?? Any other athletes or celebrities you've played with?

cm17mn4 karma

Rapinoe shouting me out definitely was a highlight of the week. She is a huge role model and I love everything she stands for. I do play fortnite! I like the gold tactical shot gun and I usually drop in the tilted towers of course. I play with some of my teammates which is fun. My ex teammate collen warner introduced me to the game.

Sominboy273 karma

Do you guys have a nickname for allianz field?

cm17mn3 karma

Nope, no nickname for it yet.

DubsTepWolf13 karma

Did you face any criticism when you came out as gay?

cm17mn4 karma

Ive gotten a couple negative comments here and there on social media but nothing to my face or at a stadium. Ive been treated really well since coming out and I really don't try and focus on any negative comments.

danwick3 karma

Why did you get involved with ULLU? What's an ULLU?

cm17mn5 karma

ULLU is an organization created to spark millions of conversations about climate in Minnesota. This is an issue Ive come to care deeply about and ULLU offered an opportunity to get involved and learn more about my impact. Ive had a ton of fun already and I hope you guys will join in on the conversation. ULLU is not an acronym and it doesnt mean anything in English - until now. People will come to know it as a verb - "I ULLU'd to work today by riding my bike today, instead of driving."

Netminder103 karma

Thank you, Collin, for everything you’ve done.

How is Minnesota?

cm17mn4 karma

Thanks Netminder10! Minnesota is a great place and I've loved living here

overscore_3 karma

Can you make Ike come back to KC please?

cm17mn6 karma

He's ours now! Ike is just as good of a teammate as he is a player. We are lucky to have him on our side :)

[deleted]3 karma


cm17mn5 karma

I think that if their owners are willing to pay for the charters then they should be able to provide that for their teams. It definitely would create a big advantage though in the long run. Those charters are going to be huge for helping with recovery and just making the travel experience a lot easier.

danwick3 karma

You travel a lot for work. I always feel like I'm most wasteful when I'm traveling. What are you best lifehacks for being considerate/mindful when eating and drinking in airports?

(Surly cans are recyclable so that doesn't count.)

cm17mn4 karma

Good Question. I have been bringing my swell water bottle to the airport for the past two years. So I don't have to buy single use plastic water bottles and there are a ton of water bottle filling stations in airports now.

ryanbquist3 karma

Collin, it's awesome that you are taking a stand in the fight to save our planet. My question is: what brand of reusable water bottle do you like?

cm17mn3 karma

Swell water bottle

rsl202 karma

What do you get for per diem on away trips?

cm17mn5 karma

Depends on the city and how long we are there - and how many of the meals the team provides!

RDG18362 karma

Who are some of your personal inspirations in life, and how do they guide you in your day-to-day and challenges?

(Generic question, apologies, but I'm genuinely curious)

cm17mn2 karma

This is a tough one! But I'd say I take a lot of advice from my parents and if there are any really hard decisions I've had to make in my life they are always behind those decisions. They have always allowed me to make the final decisions which Ive always appreciated but their guidance has meant the world to me.

overscore_2 karma

What's your favorite beer at Surly?

cm17mn3 karma

The furious IPA - love IPA's

Platinum_Touch2 karma

Collin Hello. Do you think it'll be easy for players in Europe to come out as gay sooner than later?

cm17mn3 karma

I hope so! I think Europe is ready for a gay soccer player and I'm sure there are plenty of gay players right now.

Lennon10042 karma

Hey Collin, what football team do you support?

cm17mn2 karma

Barcelona and Liverpool

vantagepointedly2 karma

A few art-related questions: 1. Favorite Twin Cities museum? 2. Favorite museum anywhere? 3. Favorite artist? 4. Work of art you'd most like to steal/buy to keep in your house forever?

cm17mn3 karma

Minneapolis Institue of Art is my favorite museum in the twin cities. Ive been blown away by the breadth of their collection and its one of my favorite spots in the twin cities. Im from Washington DC, so I really enjoy visiting the National Gallery of art as well. Favorite artist is Van Gogh. I would love to have a van gogh in my house and in particular I his olive tree series is my favorite.

crisolice2 karma

How bad is the abuse you receive online and what is your philosophy for dealing with it?

cm17mn5 karma

I really have been spared from a lot of abuse online. But if I do receive tough or ignorant messages I have to put it all into perspective.... A strangers words or comments online are never going to keep me down.

[deleted]1 karma


cm17mn2 karma

In the five major league sports, I'm currently the only active out gay male

Shway_1 karma

Do you still play?

cm17mn4 karma

Every once in awhile :)

Darkohuntr1 karma

Pizza or burgers/fries?

cm17mn3 karma

burger and fries at Parlour Bar

Darkohuntr3 karma

Won't argue against that!

In terms of a more serious question do you know other sporting people who are fearful of coming out due to fears of the exposure and everything that comes with it? If so what is your advice to them?

cm17mn5 karma

There are definitely a lot of people who are fearful of coming out. I'd say my advice would be to trust their loved ones first and hopefully they will be well received. And once they have felt the support from their loved ones maybe they can tell more people from there.

FeelTalk1 karma

Favorite place to grab a drink in DC?

cm17mn2 karma

Anywhere in Dupont. My brother and I grab beers at Boardroom because he lives right down the block.

spr07980 karma

Do you have an inkling about how you'll die?

cm17mn7 karma

Hopefully old age because we will have solved this Climate challenge thanks to the ULLU community

[deleted]0 karma


cm17mn3 karma


VESTINGboot-2 karma

Looking your stats and correct me if I'm wrong but you seemed to be lacking in this area? Now I'm not one to judge but is there a redeeming factor to the lack of assists and goals? If so what is it?

cm17mn8 karma

Yeah I don't have a goal yet in the MLS which is not something I'm happy about :(