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And something that's similar to Kool-Aid.

If growing up in the '70s taught me anything, this was Tang).

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...or Gasm?

edit giggety

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but I think he's taken it and practices it in a way that just hurts people

I think the same can be said for a lot of organized religion followers.

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Hello! Thanks for doing this AMA! As a person who is terrified of catching every airborne illness on a plain old domestic flight, I'm curious as to whether there is some sort of long-term quarantine process before heading off to the ISS for virus incubation periods to expire? If not, how do you guys avoid getting sick? Or is it just a matter of accepting you're all in this together, cooties and all?

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Any concerns over the ability to hack into something like that and control the thoughts and/or actions of large populations of people?