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Oh, I forgot to ask: are you a cat or a dog person? Please note this will make around 50% of everyone here hate you, so choose wisely.

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I have an Ancestry account that needs activity. LMK if you're ever curious and wanna find out and I'll do the digging. You can have a grand time finding out your ancestors were horrific southern war criminals (like me) or Union officers (also like me!).

Tbh I just wanna avoid doing work at work.

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Do you have any family connections to people who fought in the civil war, or any other war? Most Americans tend to have an ancestral connection.

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Who are some of your personal inspirations in life, and how do they guide you in your day-to-day and challenges?

(Generic question, apologies, but I'm genuinely curious)

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Thank you for having class, Collin.