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It's the best stadium in the country

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My dating life has been a little stagnant since I've come out. Ive gone on plenty of dates but no relationships in the past two years.

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Good question! I always enjoyed trying to nutmeg my older brother when we grew up playing in the yard. He's 10 years older than me so that was a rare feat.

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Great question! I think in the long run it's going to help US soccer a lot for kids to be in professional environments from a lot earlier ages as opposed to going to college for a couple years. There is still value in finding players from the college ranks. Look at Hassani Dotson, Mason Toye, and Chase Gasper - they all came from college recently and have been a big impact this year for our team. But I think that in the coming years the college game is going to have to adapt in order to developing players better - but the college game will always have a place in this country.

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Mannone is a beast! But in the locker room he is one of the chillest dudes. He is a great teammate.