I'm Steve Bullock, the two-term, Democratic Governor and former Attorney General of Montana. The fight of my career has been getting Dark Money out of politics. Now I'm running for President to take that fight to Washington.

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Thanks for joining! I'll start taking questions at 7:00 pm ET.

(EDIT) Thanks Reddit! This was pretty fun. I'm heading to dinner with the family now. If you'd like to help us out and join our campaign you can start here: www.SteveBullock.com/donate.

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leroi722 karma

Steve, Thanks so much for doing this! Can you tell us why all Americans should be concerned with maintaining access to public lands? Follow up question: What's your favorite MT beer right now?

governorstevebullock58 karma

Public lands are one of the great equalizers we have -- each of us own them and should have the same opportunity to them! They are at risk -- Trump's new BLM director has spent his whole career trying to transfer or sell off these lands. And once they're gone....

Favorite beer? That's like saying who is your favorite child.

AVeryAngryChristian12 karma

After overturning Citizens United, what will you do next as president to stop dark money in politics?

governorstevebullock44 karma

Wouldn't the 28th Amendment be great! Check my first day plan to add sunshine and transparency, something similar to what I did in Montana — on Day One, I'm going to sign an executive order requiring every company to disclose every dollar they spend or contribute to influence our elections if they want to do business with the largest contractor in the nation — the federal government.

Thanks for the question. This has been the fight of my career, and I'm taking it to the White House.

For the full plan: stevebullock.com/one-big-idea

krstrid5 karma

Thank you Governor, could you tell us why public lands are so important not just to native Montanans but to everyone in this country? If I could have one more question could you also explain the role of the Copper Kings in Montana? Thanks!

governorstevebullock14 karma

Public lands are vital to all Americans -- not just native Montanans! We're lucky to have such open access to public lands in Montana, but the same can't be said for other states across the country. When public lands are closed or sold off to the highest bidder, it doesn't just hurt hikers -- it hurts our environment and it hurts our economy.

On the Copper Kings -- excellent question! They've got a long history in Montana, but I talk about them more in my announcement video, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXyxjvsTd5o

LPRIOT4 karma

Favorite National Park?

governorstevebullock18 karma

Have hit a lot of them, but Glacier.

lscotchietape4 karma

Of all of the issues affecting our country today, which one are you the most passionate about changing? If elected, what action will you take in order to resolve said issue?

governorstevebullock4 karma

Since I first became Attorney General, I have been fighting against the corrupting influence of money in our politics. I led the states' efforts against Citizens United, then took the first case to to the USSC afterwards. Even with a majority republican legislature, we have passed some of the most progressive laws in getting rid of dark money.

I'm passionate about this because really is the corrupting influence of money that makes addressing so many challenges -- climate, gun safety, drug prices, income inequality -- that much more difficult.

We can take action on this on Day One. My full plan is on the site: stevebullock.com/one-big-idea

BiasedMagicFan003 karma

What made you want to enter politics as a child/young adult? Follow-up question: What initially made you want to run for President?

governorstevebullock15 karma

I first decided I wanted to run for AG when I was a young lawyer working in the AG's office, when I defended Montana's stream access laws against an out of state group. (Being in court and saying, "I represent the people of Montana and the streams and rivers belong to all of us," was pretty amazing.")

As to President, never really gave it thought until after 2016. Like so many others, shocked by DT's victory and what he has been doing thereafter. But also, as the only Dem to get reelected in a state where he won, was asked to travel quite a bit. Whenever I would say "25-30% of my voters voted for Trump," invariably the response was "What's wrong with those voters, or what's wrong with you, Bullock." Never, how are we losing voters that, if they were voting their economic, education, or healthcare interests, would be with us.

bbpbj3 karma

Runners on first and second, no outs. Tie game in the bottom of the ninth. Your No. 7 batter is at the plate. He’s a .250 hitter and an average bunter. Are you calling for a sacrifice or letting him hit?

governorstevebullock7 karma

Let em hit...everyone deserves a fair shot.

MixMaster-SpinFaster2 karma

Excited about you running for office and think you have an important voice that needs to be heard within the party. I wish more people knew you were running! How can we help get the word out about your candidacy?

governorstevebullock7 karma

Thank you! The best way you can help is to chip in to make sure our message goes far and wide. Literally, even a dollar helps. You can donate here: https://stevebullock.com/donate

YellowTurnips2 karma

Favorite sports team?

governorstevebullock5 karma

Helena High Bengals!

FuriouslyBlazingLion1 karma

Hi there, redditor from Australia here.

My country is intensely effected by the decisions made by the POTUS and the citizens have no say in who runs your country.

So my questions to you is this; what will you do differently with international relations? How will you handle the rising tensions caused by Trump?

Follow up question about gun violence also. Here in Australia we have limited gun violence because of our limiting gun laws, any person with a gun requires licensing which I believe includes background checks into legal history and I think mental health. What would be your suggestions to combat the insane amount of gun violence which is no doubt causing most every person over there to live with an undercurrent of anxiety? Do you think an anonymous buyback could assist with removing illegally obtained guns? (because a lot of illegal activity happens party due to poverty)

Wish you luck with your race to the finish line.

governorstevebullock2 karma

Trump has made our allies into enemies, and our enemies into allies -- and we're less safe as a result. First off, I'll end foreign policy by tweet. But more specifically, I think our foreign policy has got to be centered around 4 ideas:

  • Protecting Americans

  • Strengthening our alliances

  • Deterring our adversaries (China, Russia)

  • Promoting human rights abroad

On your second question -- as President, I'll treat gun violence as the public health issue that it is. We need to ban assault weapons, finally pass red flag laws, and institute universal background checks.

Look, I'm a gun-owner. I hunt. But real gun owners know that common sense gun laws like these are going to make us safer -- and it's far past time to make them law.

governorstevebullock1 karma

Thanks Reddit! This was pretty fun. I'm heading to dinner with the family now. If you'd like to help us out and join our campaign you can start here: www.SteveBullock.com/donate.

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governorstevebullock7 karma

I haven't even told a dad joke yet!

whyhellomichael0 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?

governorstevebullock4 karma

What a quack!

Probably one horse-sized duck. Easier to take down one giant, than have a hundred nipping at your heels from all directions!