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Public lands are one of the great equalizers we have -- each of us own them and should have the same opportunity to them! They are at risk -- Trump's new BLM director has spent his whole career trying to transfer or sell off these lands. And once they're gone....

Favorite beer? That's like saying who is your favorite child.

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Wouldn't the 28th Amendment be great! Check my first day plan to add sunshine and transparency, something similar to what I did in Montana — on Day One, I'm going to sign an executive order requiring every company to disclose every dollar they spend or contribute to influence our elections if they want to do business with the largest contractor in the nation — the federal government.

Thanks for the question. This has been the fight of my career, and I'm taking it to the White House.

For the full plan: stevebullock.com/one-big-idea

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Just got back from a run. Have done a handful of marathons. I enjoy fishing, hiking. A lot of time with my kids.

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Have hit a lot of them, but Glacier.

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I first decided I wanted to run for AG when I was a young lawyer working in the AG's office, when I defended Montana's stream access laws against an out of state group. (Being in court and saying, "I represent the people of Montana and the streams and rivers belong to all of us," was pretty amazing.")

As to President, never really gave it thought until after 2016. Like so many others, shocked by DT's victory and what he has been doing thereafter. But also, as the only Dem to get reelected in a state where he won, was asked to travel quite a bit. Whenever I would say "25-30% of my voters voted for Trump," invariably the response was "What's wrong with those voters, or what's wrong with you, Bullock." Never, how are we losing voters that, if they were voting their economic, education, or healthcare interests, would be with us.