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Hi there, redditor from Australia here.

My country is intensely effected by the decisions made by the POTUS and the citizens have no say in who runs your country.

So my questions to you is this; what will you do differently with international relations? How will you handle the rising tensions caused by Trump?

Follow up question about gun violence also. Here in Australia we have limited gun violence because of our limiting gun laws, any person with a gun requires licensing which I believe includes background checks into legal history and I think mental health. What would be your suggestions to combat the insane amount of gun violence which is no doubt causing most every person over there to live with an undercurrent of anxiety? Do you think an anonymous buyback could assist with removing illegally obtained guns? (because a lot of illegal activity happens party due to poverty)

Wish you luck with your race to the finish line.

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I think s/he's implying that he's not doing this out of vanity like the previous dude/ette said because regardless of whether he goes for senate or president, if he gets what he's chasing it'll mean way less time for family for the sake of the greater good