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Have that, just epileptic and with an inoperable tumor. Granted, I do get sexual attention but anything long term with that news and it never works out. If you ever want to talk to someone else I'm down to talk. I actually am having issues becoming "recently disabled" as in I received this in adulthood and wasn't born with my condition. It's hard to be half in the able bodied but then wholly rejected now too. I feel like shit ever having to ask for help. Also, I'm not a dumbass considering I have a BS with high marks and received raises at work.

Still though, I don't want to commit suicide. I just realize there is a dark layer to humanity hidden under the surface. Makes me realistic but ultimately pessimistic. Becoming a minimalist and receiving housing has greatly helped but I feel cut off from a lot of society. In some ways, it's ok. I had to quit drinking alcohol for instance but that's fine. I cut out a lot of bad habits. I just want people to know that not everybody with a disability is faking it or chose for it to happen. We just LOST on the genetic lottery. The Welfare Queen is a fucking myth folks. You get $60 a month here in MT for food. That maybe lasts me 3 weeks of whole foods. I don't even have SSDI, I just make subpar work now from transcription work while I work on a novel. It's a grind but I am making some money working from home. I'm resilient and I know that although republicans want me scourged from the system, I'm at peace where I'm at. I know where my strengths are so I'm following them. There's a freeing feeling after the hell of being told in week 1 about four years ago I was going to die. Still kicking it!

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Do you feel society's expectations are messed up? I myself am a halfway decent looking white dude appearance wise but people assume I've got it all but when I mention a brain tumor and epilepsy people get really quiet. It's like "Well, I don't want to outwardly judge you but I am...".

Do you find people reward able bodied people much more than those than disabled? I guess I'm coming at it from the opposite side as you where mine is more invisible and yours is more visible. I just try to be a complete and whole person with little ego and it does alright for me but it definitely lessens my social circle.

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As a Montanan, you seem to be the only rural presence in the field. Even if you aren't interested in the Senate, consider Ag Secretary, Interior Secretary, or Attorney General as well. Let the role fit you. That said I hope you make the October debate.

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Thank you Governor, could you tell us why public lands are so important not just to native Montanans but to everyone in this country? If I could have one more question could you also explain the role of the Copper Kings in Montana? Thanks!

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Wilmot has an amazing story.