Hey there! My name is Andrew Himmler. I’ve been in the Delta Bombers for 11 years. We play a ton of shows and get to have fun in a lot of places! I’ve been to 26 countries. We’re completely self funded and very proud of that. I’m on board a long flight. So let’s do this!

My proof: [www.Facebook.com/thedeltabombers](www.facebook.com/thedeltabombers)

We recently recording a brand new single with a Grammy award winning producer called “15 to Life”.

Here it is! Links

Thank you all.

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PanachelessNihilist47 karma

Any relation to Heinrich?

ajhimmler28 karma

Wouldn’t you like to know! Haha jk. I get that question ALOT. Especially in Europe.

Growing up I was told our grandfather was adopted into a German American family in the 40s. Likely story right?

Turns out it’s probably true! Ancestors DNA has me at 75% british 25% Irish. I would have never guessed.

My family was super poor share croppers so no records were kept

TLDR: almost certainly not.

FlyingBike17 karma

How does it feel to know you're the official hype band of the Area 51 raid?

ajhimmler22 karma

I’m just really stoked to turn our alien homies onto some real greasy rock and roll.

Spillispilli8 karma

Were you ever forced to end a show early due to something beyond your control?

ajhimmler5 karma

One time there was a massive fight in the front involving brass knuckles. That sucked! I felt so bad for the guy who got basically attacked. It didn’t end the show but it really destroyed it. We may as well have not continued to play.

One time as we were driving to the venue a water main blew up on a big street in Brooklyn right in front of the venue cancelling the show.

There have been a few close calls and a few rain outs. But nothing that’s made us specifically end early.

Otto_Maller3 karma

Many years ago, the Outlaws were an opening band and were finishing their set with their biggest hit, Green Grass and High Times. The song has a very recognizable opening guitar riff and there's a lot of energy, build up to where the vocals come in. At the EXACT moment where the lead singer grabs the mic and opens his mouth to sing, a roll of toilet paper comes flying out of the crowd and strikes his hand, mic and face directly. The singer was furious. He slings his guitar strap off, drops the guitar and storms off stage. That could've been it right then and there, but big credit to the band who just looked at each and shrugged. They just went into opening riff repeat mode, over and over and over. I'm guessing somebody back stage must have got in his ear and told him you HAVE to get back out there. Suddenly, there he is, roadie hands him his guitar and he picks up right where he left and the crowd went fucking wild! Thought you'd get a kick out of that. It had to be 3-4 minutes of WTF do we do now for the band. Probably felt like 3-4 hours.

ajhimmler2 karma

Hahahha epic!!!

Euripidaristophanist6 karma

What's a "blue collar rock 'n' roll" band?

ajhimmler18 karma

When I say “blue collar” I mean they we all live on working mans wages. Our lead singer drives around a busted 2002 Honda Accord. My vehicle is our tour bus. We aren’t financially rich or successful. We exist on an “Everyman’s” living. It’s a point of pride and honestly very hard to do in the music industry.

And of course rock n roll is rock n roll!!!!

Euripidaristophanist5 karma

Thanks for explaining! I was wondering if it was what you said, or a specific genre.

I'm glad you guys are doing it right. I know a fair bit of musicians in my town, some of them relatively famous (as far as metal goes), and most of them still work factory or oil rig-jobs to make ends meet.
Except one guy, who's a teacher.

That shit takes a lot of dedication - good luck onwards!

ajhimmler6 karma

Hey thanks a lot! That’s the usual setup. Work your way any way you can and play gigs as much as you can. A few guys in the band do have odd jobs they take up when they go home from tour. But our main source of income is definitely music.

Thank you so much!

ChiChi_Cabra5 karma

Hey Andrew, Any plans on coming to Greenville, SC?

ajhimmler7 karma

I feel bad I don’t know where Greenville is. But we have these two South Carolina dates coming up! Opening for Reverend Horton Heat :)

October 6 - Murrells Inlet, SC - Suck Bang Blow October 8 - Charleston, SC - Pour House

kbig1015 karma

Would you guys ever think of doing an album of just covers that have influenced you?

ajhimmler5 karma

Oh man I’d love to! Getting the rights and everything would be costly but worth it. It’s a really amazing feeling to do an already legendary song justice.

Spillispilli5 karma

You've spent so much time on the road. How many animals have you hit with the bus?

ajhimmler9 karma

Oh man! That’s a good but grim question.

Unfortunately our #1 animal killed is Prarie dogs. Recently on our last tour in Colorado and Nevada we tried so hard to dodge them all. I’m pretty sure I creamed one right in the skull. Poor little guy.

I have had deer on the side of the road thinking about ending it all but fortunately the big deer or elk hit has never happened. Was terrified in Canada driving at night. The Forrest’s are really alive up there.

The worst time of all was a butterfly migration in south Texas. I love butterflies. There were literal clouds of them everywhere on the highway. Little white ones.

Our van was covered in seriously thousands and thousands of butterfly corpses after that. It was disgusting. I felt like an absolute piece of shit too haha.

christianoates3 karma

How do you guys book shows? Do you have a publicist?

ajhimmler8 karma

We don’t have a publicist. A publicist is something we just started looking into. For our next full length album I have a short list of people I’d love to work with. So far it’s been all word of mouth and social media. We try our best to product good social media content.

I booked shows up until 2015. But I was about to lose my mind. Fortunately one of the best things to ever happened to us came along. We got signed to Atomic Music Group booking agency g the literal perfect booking agency for us. They specialize in our kind of music. We’ve done bigger and better shows thanks to them and our amazing agent Brando.

It also feels pretty cool to tell people

“Call my agent.”


Raspberries-Are-Evil3 karma

I run a recording studio down the block in Scottsdale, AZ. Check it out I would love to work with you guys some time. I dig your vibe and its nice to see an actual 'band' again. I can save you a lot money as well... Anyway, cool stuff and keep up the great work.

ajhimmler1 karma

Wow! The studio looks great and the Audio examples are amazing. Great job. I’m saving this comment. Would love to have a word with you soon!

isaacwebbtrio3 karma

Hi Andrew.

Lynn T didn't fill you lot with Buckfast at the Glasgow show did she? Lynn has helped us out a lot!

Serious question though. I've noticed though the years you've switched up your guitars. What's your 'go to' rig?


Isaac Webb Trio


ajhimmler6 karma

Hey there! Glasgow was amazing’ so happy we got to spend some time in Scotland and take it in.

With guitars I’m a “play what sounds the best at that time” kinda guy. I have a few theories on what sounds the best for me but I’m always proving myself wrong.

I played a $200 Frankenstrat for years but found this Gary Clark Jr Gibson SG and I’m totally in love! The guitar is so versatile.

I mainly just like really boomy shimmering fencer style amps turned up loud but not too over driven!

Stand_User3 karma

Hi! What’s your most successful album out of the 4? Wh

ajhimmler8 karma

Our most successful wise was “Wolf” our second album. It’s sold several thousand copies and scored us an underground Rockabilly scene hit in the title track.

Our newest album pressure and time is doing great! It will probably out pace wolf eventually. Though we’re most proud of our newest recordings not on an album yet.

sketchsubcomedy3 karma

Saw you guys at Bredy Farm the other week. You absolutely killed it. When do you think you'll be back in the UK? Would see you guys again at the drop of a hat.

ajhimmler4 karma

Hey thanks! Bredy farm was so different for us crowd and festival wise. It was a welcome change!

We’re in preliminary talks for a UK tour in May 2020. But nothing that’s official yet!!! Can’t wait to return.

Spillispilli3 karma

First time listener and almost done two albums. I'm a fan! Best and or worst green rooms?

ajhimmler9 karma

Hahaha man you picked a good time to ask that question! We just came off a tour of England. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the UK. Some of our most hardcore fans are from there. But a lot of the venues were built in 1668. So it’s less of a green room, more of a green dungeon!

We played a club in London with an underground green room. There were camo nets everywhere. The floor was damp. And it smelled like absolutely moldy musk.

One show in northern England the green room was literally a broom closet. It was like something out of spinal tap.

More recently the venue Wedgewood rooms in Portsmouth was legit solid. So the Uk isn’t all bad.

The best green rooms are from the USA and Germany. USA sometimes has entire floors for the band below or above the stage and in Germany the beer fridge shall never ever runneth dry. You can drink 200. They’ll make sure that there’s 200 more in there for you.

Thanks for listening!

Int_99992 karma

thoughts on Bass Guitars?

ajhimmler1 karma

What’s not to like!

You can’t go wrong with a good fender p-bass. It does everything!

52ndstreet2 karma

Tell me a bit about your rig. What are your favorite guitars? What amp(s) do you use? Any pedals that you’re particularly fond of?

ajhimmler1 karma

It’s in the thread a few times already!

m1492 karma

How do you guys get around in Europe? I assume you rent a van, but do you have a driver/tour manager/interpreter?
Ever play up near Boston?

ajhimmler3 karma

You know in Western Europe if you’re an English speaker you really don’t need an interpreter. Nearly everyone speaks English. Force of American media. And for those who don’t I can usually get by on super broken German or French. One of our members is a Spanish speaker and that helps a lot when in Mexico and Spain.

It’s a bit of a pain to begin with to start a tourw. The process of flying in with all the stuff being jet lagged and getting moving is tough. But once we get going it’s fine.

Typically we drive to Las Vegas airport with 2-3 guitars. And 5-6 big bags of nothing but merchandise. We then fly out to usually Belgium and meet our driver. Our driver is an old friend of ours with a sweet little Peugeot van. We don’t have our own backline yet so this time around we spent most of the tour in a big rental van with some friends of ours known as Danny O and the Astrotones.

My favorite tour we rented a Mercedes mini van in Germany. Man that thing had legs! We flew down the autobahn to each show. Cutting out hours and hours of travel time.

We want to get to the point where we fly to Europe and rent a big van or a small bus with backline provided. But that is big bucks.

Back in the day we toured Europe with our same Belgian friends old station wagon with no AC. Was pretty hardcore. These day’s we do have a tour manager and he helps immensely with the inner workings of the band he’s a permanent fixture and also runs our merch.


We’ve played near Boston but never in Boston and they is a real shame we’re looking to fix in 2020. We’re going to definitely have a 2-3 week run of the USA east coast.

gibbonshire2 karma

Really enjoying your stuff so far! Next time you make it to Minneapolis, I'll do my damndest to attend.

Would you consider yourself mainly an acoustic or electric guitar player? Do you have a favorite model or a specific favorite guitar/amp/effects pedal (or builder)?

Also, curious as to what is your usual song writing process - Do you have a main writer in the band, or is it usually more of a group effort?

ajhimmler3 karma

We just played Minneapolis man! Shame! But it’s okay there will be a next time.

I’m an electric guitar player through and through and a bit of a gear head. Not a nerd quite yet but I know my stuff.

I was a reverend guitar endorser for a few years? Great solid affordable guitars. Now I rock a Gary Clark Jr. Gibson SG -> nocturne mystery brain delay and pre amp (that pedal is amazing) into my amp which is quite the darling. It’s a custom Victoria combo called “Execulux”. It’s built out of deadstock gretsch parts with custom Victoria insides. It sounds a lot like a really nice fender deluxe. I love the thing. I can’t recommend Victoria amplifiers enough. Real honest to goodness tube amps with no frills.

I just got turned onto “pitch fork” pedal. A pitch modulator. With the stomp of the foot you can go from E standard to C standard. It’s really badas. I think jack white used something like it for seven nation army.

Song writing in our band is really interesting. Our singer chris who plays acoustic has become a force to be reckoned with.

In the early days of the band me and the guys would typically jam until we came up with cohesive music or rhythm and chord changes. Chris would then adlib lyrics until something made sense. Songs like “wolf” and “who are you” were done this way.

But more recently chris has approached me with completely done songs like “pressure and time” or ill approach him with a simple riff and groove like “15 to life”. I’ve written a few songs myself front to back “Voodoo in you” is one. Chris usually will just sit down at home with a notepad and crank it out. He’s written probably 300 bits and pieces of songs. But only a few he feels makes the cut. Chris’s song writing has excelled to new heights. On our upcoming releases. Can’t wait to show the world!

gibbonshire1 karma

Thanks for the reply! Sorry I missed you guys, but will need to keep an eye out for you next time. You'd probably get on really well at the Turf Club here in St. Paul.

I actually picked up my very first Reverend recently (Warhawk 390 in gold) and I love it so far, but my current main obsession is a cherry SG faded with A4 humbuckers and a B5 Bigsby. Lots of miles on it but still just a kick-ass rock n roll machine.

I'm familiar with Victoria amps, funny enough. Their 45410 model is on my dream amp list if I ever come into some money!

ajhimmler2 karma

Very cool man! My SG has a bigsby too. I like it because it’s not too typical and looks badass. Gotta get an SG with humbuckers soon

ExcitingExit2 karma

What are some things fans do that they might not realize you really appreciate / really DON'T appreciate?

How has rise of streaming, YT, etc, affected your income positively/negatively?

ajhimmler2 karma

We love our fans. Our fans are everything so there really isn’t one thing someone can do to tick us off. It’s usually us that might be super tired or cranky from some personal issues. So it’s up to us to suck that down and be nice all the time. I take pride in it.

To be real though my few pet peeves are being dead sober at a show and have a drunk/excited fan come up and slap my back and give me one of those shoulder shakes and just talk my head off. I mean when I’m drunk I usually don’t care lol. But I’d never tell somebody to chill were there for them to have fun.

What I don’t like is drunk people jumping on stage uninvited. Our stage show is pretty specific so when that happens I usually box them out and corral them off stage guitar in hand.

I love when our fans cook us food or bring us treats. It’s so nice and thoughtful. So many of our followers follow us on social media and know our kids and families names. It’s really nice to have a conversation about my son while I’m missing him 5000 miles from home so that’s cool and thoughtful.

We had basically no income in the old era of music. We started just as YouTube and iTunes were really picking up steam and crushing the physical music market. So we’re all for it! We try our best to engage with the times and release music as modern as possible. The payouts aren’t that great for streaming but they’re consistent. And we get paid every time something plays no matter how old the record is so that’s cool!

We still sling loads of physical CDs and vinyl at shows too. Everybody’s got their thing. I do believe if you’re a modern band and you’re not on YouTube Spotify and iTunes you’re really selling yourself short.

Stratoblaster19691 karma

How about a quick “Rig Rundown” for us gear heads? Guitars, amps, pedals?

ajhimmler3 karma

Wish I could do a real rig rundown video with premier one day. Love those videos.

I rock 1) Gary Clark Jr. Gibson SG 2) Reverend club king (backup)


Mystery brain by nocturne / volume pedal / tuning pedal / fender 63 reverb pedal / cheap joyo tremolo


Victoria execulux custom amplifier. Sounds like a fender deluxe. Made with dead stock gretsch parts.

Chris plays acoustic.

Gretsch black Jumbo Falcon acoustic


Fender acoustasonic amp. Sounds great!

Greg our bass player.

Engelhardt stand up bass > tuning pedal > underwood pickup > mark bass 2x12 combo amp.

The mark bass amps are insanely good and light.

Micah our drummer uses a pork pie little squeeler drum set and various cymbals.

AmeriknGrizzly1 karma

Damn I’m really digging your guys sound. Do you guys ever make it out Kansas City?

What’s your day job? Does your regular job do ok with you touring and stuff?

ajhimmler2 karma

You’re in luck my friend!!! We’re opening for rev horton Heat.

August 22 - Kansas City, MO - Knuckleheads

I personally don’t have a day job. About 5 years ago I quit my substitute teaching gig. On top of the money I make playing music I run our merchandise operation along with my fiancé. It’s become a huge undertaking which takes a ton of time. I run social media and all the inner workings for the most part. It’s a full time job for sure!

Chris our singer is a sometimes bartender at champagnes cafe. He’s well liked there. He bartender a few nights a week when he’s home.

Greg our bass player is a landscaper with his fathers business (talk about stereotypes lol). Hard hard work.

Micah is a freelance drum and fitness teacher in his down time.

AmeriknGrizzly1 karma

Oh shit that’s awesome! Knuckleheads is the perfect place for you guys. I’m gonna try to get that night off and make it out.

ajhimmler1 karma

Alright man! I love to hear that. Come up and say you’re from Reddit!

AmeriknGrizzly1 karma

Hell yeah! Have you guys ever played with or know Voodoo Swing?

ajhimmler1 karma

We sure have! In Arizona and once in Hamburg. The lead guy is a monster guitar player. Good stuff

BudandDoyle691 karma

Why did this AMA flop?

ajhimmler2 karma

Did it? I thought it was going really well?

BudandDoyle691 karma

I’m just kidding man, I don’t really know your music, but you have my respect for going out and doing something that you love. It’s a lot more than most people do these days.

ajhimmler2 karma

Oh thanks man! We’re not famous at all so I wasn’t expecting massive response.

BudandDoyle691 karma

No problem, the genre isn’t really the type of thing that I listen to normally, but I’ll give it a listen and will recommend it to anyone I know who is into that sort of stuff. I wish you guys the best of luck, and hope you enjoy the ride. Cheers

ajhimmler1 karma

Thanks man! Checkout the new single 15 to life. Appreciate it.

Rickykirelenko1 karma

What are each of your favorite things to do when you're not playing music? Andrew, your cooking skills look killer!

ajhimmler2 karma

Hey thanks man! I’m not sure what it is about cooking but I find it very therapeutic. I love making something nice for my family. Recently My fiancé has become a really good bread baker. So our dinner time is legit!

I love to cook and watch random / read random history stuff.

Chris is a family man. He spend a lot of time with his daughter and playing guitar at home. He plays the odd round of golf.

Greg goes out a lot to downtown Las Vegas. He’s single ladies!

Micah is a fitness instructor and enthusiast. He really gets down on some hot yoga and kettle bells. He’s also the drummer of like 5 other local Las Vegas bands so he’s a busy dude!

TheRoguePomp1 karma

Do you make more money from merch, shows or album downloads/listens?

Really I guess my question is what’s the best way to support you guys? I see you every time you guys come into town and I hope you keep touring for a long long time.

ajhimmler1 karma

It’s kind of embarrassing but in this order.


Shows / show fees


I wish it were the other way around but that’s usually what things are like in 2019. We have a pretty viral t shirt logo in our scene and that had helped immensely. Thanks so much for asking this question! Going to a show and buying a shirt or record really keeps us moving.

TheRoguePomp1 karma

Thanks for the response it’s time for some new shirts! Follow up question, my whole life I’ve always been told not to wear the shirt of the bad you’re going to see. How do you feel about that?

ajhimmler3 karma

We have been doing our absolute damdest to change that faux pa. It started by us wearing our own shirts and making our own logo vests. We figured we had to try to make it out there any way we could even if it was sleezy! Now going to a delta bombers show is like going to a tiny really shitty misfits or kiss show. Anybody and everybody wears their delta bombers stuff to our show and it feels amazing. I love it! It makes us feel good and it helps sell shirts. Also people like to make bombers vests and other custom pieces. I like that.

I think the Don’t wear the band who’s playing shirt thing rose from the grunge or other punk anti corporate type cool kid scenes. Maybe I’m wrong. But I can see people getting mad hate for wearing a nirvana shirt at a nirvana show.

Echo7bravo1 karma

What do you do for the day when you land in a city you are about to play a show in ? (Assuming you aren’t familiar with the city)

ajhimmler1 karma

Our typical day is.

1 wake up around 10:30 or 11.

  1. Drive for 3-4 hours to next show.

  2. Load in sound check.

  3. Dinner. Play the show.

Not s lot of time to see things and that sucks! But we have had plenty of opportunities on days off. I usually google up the local sites and make it happen. We’re big on visiting famous graves. It’s special. We’ve seen Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Abraham Lincoln, Wyatt Earp and a slew of others.

I love history so I was having a field day recently in London.

Otherwise we’re hunting down highly rated diners or cool vintage guitar shops and fight ourselves mentally to not buy anything lol.

MoreDblRainbows1 karma

Haven't heard of you and don't know what blue collar rock n roll is but will give a listen.

But here's a (bad) question to help out if you had to pick three bands that you could mash up and produce the closest thing to your sound who would they be? Follow up/similar question if they're allowed who were your personal inspirations?

ajhimmler1 karma

It’s not so much a genre just our living! We’re normal dudes out there making normal money crushing some shows lol.

Good question I like this one. The three bands that make the delta bombers are:

The Cramps, Waylon Jennings and Howlin Wolf.

Personal inspirations. Reverend Horton Heat, Johnny cash, Carl Perkins, the Sonics, the hives, John lee hooker. Lots of CCR. We have pretty various tastes. Lots of hip hop played in the van!

MoreDblRainbows1 karma

Thanks for answering!

The Cramps, Waylon Jennings and Howlin Wolf.

Interesting combo.

Personal inspirations. Reverend Horton Heat, Johnny cash, Carl Perkins, the Sonics, the hives, John lee hooker. Lots of CCR. We have pretty various tastes. Lots of hip hop played in the van!

Lol you must be younger than I thought with the other ones in there.

ajhimmler1 karma

The band is 30, 29, 34 and 34!

shalverson1 karma

How has WILD records affected your growth? Both positive and negative. And have you had to abide by any standards, recording rules or particular tones while recording/bringing forth new material? Who are some current musician peers (outside of WILD)out there that you feel are bringing some cool stuff forward and are trying to make it happen but not quite able to break free/in yet? I love new stuff to support and get in to.

ajhimmler2 karma

Hey man! WILD is really a whirlwind! It’s such a sweeping label as far as Rockabilly is concerned. To be completely honest with you I don’t think we’d be where we are today without getting signed to wild records in the beginning. They gave us a market where we had none. Now we’re on our own and we’re doing fine!

Wilds recording process is really old school. Wild Records not only presses the records but literally records it too. Just like sun records used to do. When you go into the studio you’re there with the owner Reb and the engineer Omar. The studio itself is very specific and boutique. A lot of the guitar and drums sound extremely similar and are hard on hundreds of sessions. It’s up to you to get in there and make it interesting. Dynamics is a must. It’s a very very quiet studio. Because of the kids used the volume of the drums is remarkably quiet but the final product sounds pretty big. This is also the recording technique we used with our newest self released session produced by Mark Neill (who is a recording wizard by the way).

Wild is really one of those things where you get in out what you put in. We put in A LOT of work I’m really proud of.

The only negatives would be that the label is very old school so our thinking wasn’t very modern when we first started as far as social media use and other common things like music videos. This wasn’t the labels fault but they were our only mentors. Fortunately we figured it out for ourself. To this day almost no wild records music exists online to stream or download. Which some people probably find cool. I encourage anyone to YouTube up “Omar and the string poppers - hog wild” that is Rockabilly st it’s finest.

Up and coming outside of Wild:

The Hooten Hallers Jesse ray and the Carolina catfish DADDY LONG LEGS oh man that band is the shit!

Itorres891 karma

Hey Drew.

Where in the world has the most lively crowd at one of your shows that you can remember?

What song would you and the guys like to cover the most, if any?

Look forward to seeing you guys back in Albuquerque!

ajhimmler2 karma


Crowds are almost a science. We recently struck a gold mine at a place called “Sjock Festival” in Belgium last week.

We were the very last band on Sunday. The HIVES had just played on the main stage and it was our job to rock the second stage and close it out.

What a drunken ruckus it was! The hives killed and everyone wanted to party more. Everybody was at the height of the night alcohol wise. At one point three mosh pits were going. Probably 6-7000 people. Felt amazing. Stuff like that makes us look really good but the crowd sometimes doesn’t realize they’re really doing most of the work for us being so energetic.

I’d love to cover something more soulful like Otis Redding’s “love man” but taking a stab at such a powerful song like that is dangerous.

Our covers of smokestack lightning and Rolling Stones sympathy for the devil I’m very proud of.

We have no plans to return to Albuquerque just yet but it’s nearly a guarantee we will play there late this year or next year.

RescueRook1 karma

Will you be doing any live albums in the future? I’ve seen you guys in OC a few times and I think your live sound and energy is hands-down the highlight of the show. Can’t wait to see you guys again in Cali!!

ajhimmler2 karma

You know we were just talking about that. We really want to do a live album. I feel like we have a good live sound. The catch is we tend to be pretty physical on stage which can effect our playing. If we ever did a live album we might have to tone it down on stage but disappoint some fans. Either way. I wanna make it happen!

elsieburgers1 karma

Saw you guys in Reno a year or two ago! Please come back! It was a super good show!

Also, What got you guys on the road for your first tour? Besides pure determination :)

ajhimmler2 karma

Love Reno. We’re from Vegas do it feels like a little slice of home.

We will come back for sure.

Our first tour was really just an incredible sense of urgency and determination and need for adventure. Young men we were! It was one of the best decisions we ever made. Ironically our first tour was in Europe. It was the only place st the time where our music had traction.

TheTrollys1 karma

Have you toured with any other “ famous” bands. Who did you get along with the best? Anyone out there you’ve got a rivalry with?

ajhimmler3 karma

Oh yeah!

Hey there just played a show with the hives one of our favorites.

We’ve been on tour with Reverend Horton Heat a lot. Those guys are amazing. Real road dogs. We’ve learned so much from them. We’re playing another tour with them this coming August.

The Blasters, The Brains, Legendary Shack Shakers, Igor and the red Elvis’s

Less often tiger army, nekromantix etc.

All great guys! We do our best to get along with everyone. You don’t get too far in this business by being an asshole.

TheTrollys1 karma

That is true. Your reputation will follow you.

First time I ever saw the Reverend he was opening up for White Zombie. I had never heard of him before and was honestly less than enthusiastic. I was ready for Zombie. Within the first 15 seconds of their show I was hooked. Went out the next day bought a couple cds. Been a fan ever since. I’ve seen them probably at least 6 or 7 times now. I’ll be on the lookout for Colorado dates.

ajhimmler1 karma

That’s awesome. I had no idea they played with white zombie. Insane lineup!

We’re coming with Reverend in Colorado August 4 - Denver, CO - Levitt Pavilion August 6 - Fort Collins, CO - Hodi’s Half Note August 7 - Gunnison, CO - I Bar Ranch