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How do you guys get around in Europe? I assume you rent a van, but do you have a driver/tour manager/interpreter?
Ever play up near Boston?

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Hi there! Hope you're enjoying Boston! What an amazing job. Congrats on your success.

I work in the roots-root world, and when I get done with work, the last music I want to hear is roots-rock, so I usually turn to classical for my pleasure listening. Do you listen to classical music for fun anymore, or do you go in another direction, such as listening to the Ramones?

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Wow. Unbelievable creations!

How heavy do you reckon the biggest of your models is?

Of all of the really big models you've built, which one was the easiest?

Have you ever built a flyable airplane model?

Thanks and great work!

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Awesome! Thanks for answering my questions!