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Euripidaristophanist259 karma

Thanks for making Photopea- I'm certainly loving it.
Will there ever be an offline version?

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Are you... Are you high?

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I'd love for Frontier Developments to get on this. In Elite Dangerous, sound already plays a massive role in knowing what's going on - and their audio, department is world class.

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What's a "blue collar rock 'n' roll" band?

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Thanks for explaining! I was wondering if it was what you said, or a specific genre.

I'm glad you guys are doing it right. I know a fair bit of musicians in my town, some of them relatively famous (as far as metal goes), and most of them still work factory or oil rig-jobs to make ends meet.
Except one guy, who's a teacher.

That shit takes a lot of dedication - good luck onwards!