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What's a "blue collar rock 'n' roll" band?

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Thanks for explaining! I was wondering if it was what you said, or a specific genre.

I'm glad you guys are doing it right. I know a fair bit of musicians in my town, some of them relatively famous (as far as metal goes), and most of them still work factory or oil rig-jobs to make ends meet.
Except one guy, who's a teacher.

That shit takes a lot of dedication - good luck onwards!

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I'm not entirely sure if I agree with the "innate violent tendencies"- theory.
Violent impulses are, indeed, a regular occurrence in most peoples' lives. However, they don't necessarily carry more importance than the myriad of other, more mundane, unexpressed impulses.
It's more a question of how often violent impulses occur, how well-equipped one is to exercise impulse control, and maybe whether healthier alternatives to aggressive patterns are available.

This is the part that might be relevant in understanding any possible mutual influence these factors share with societal factors.

(sorry if this is hard to parse, English isn't my first language)

Or it might be a mix. Or you could be right. I don't know, but it's an important question.

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It seems to be a complex issue; one I think you seem to have a pretty firm grasp on.
There is an enormous disparity in the numbers of school shootings in the US vs European countries. That has got to be indicative of at least a few of the factors you mention.

It's not like the land upon which you live is built on old indian burial grounds.

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It's a painful, but necessary and useful thing to understand, for sure- humans can be vicious.
But just to be clear: When you say "humans are violent creatures", to me, what you're saying is that you view violence as our defining trait, judging by the choice of words alone. Am I understanding this correctly, or have I gotten the wrong impression?