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mariamTAB1 karma

I only speak 2 languages.

mariamTAB1 karma

You’re absolutely welcome!

m4vis0 karma

Do you have any recommendations for sites to look at for cheap lodging? While cheap flights are great, lodging usually costs me more when I travel.

mariamTAB-2 karma

I use Airbnb a lot or hostels if you want to save money.

willit1016-1 karma

Looking to go to Europe in Oct. Paris to Amsterdam to London. how do one way flights look using your site?

mariamTAB-4 karma

All of our deals are roundtrip, unfortunately. But I can definitely help you. PM me.

the_goose_says-1 karma

What are your favorite airports in Asia?

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Singapore has to be the best I've seen so far, but I have more to see lol. I'll update you if I ever see a better one.

TengoCuriosidad-2 karma

That’s awesome, definitely gonna save your info for my next trip :) What’s your commission?

mariamTAB-1 karma

No commission, since we're member supported. You book the flight directly with the airline.

ageowns-2 karma

I'm curious about visiting the Marshall Islands, the problem is that there is only one airline that goes there currently, and it's prohibitively expensive. I'm in the DC area. Are there any work-arounds I should be looking at?

mariamTAB3 karma

Oh man, not an easy one. Let me check for you.

still_kickin-3 karma

I'm a disabled athlete looking to travel to Tokyo, to experience the Paralympics on my own dime. The US squad is a few years away for me.

How/when do I go about this task the most frugally?

I recently spent a week in Istanbul, Turkey (which I would label THE most accessible historic city in the world.

I stayed in hostels, explored the magnificent city ( finding clean accessible bathrooms EVERYWHERE) and used public transport. Even though I was legally permitted to drive there, the rental car companies would not rent a car to me. I had carried my portable controls, and demonstrated to them how simply they would mount onto any automatic car. Regardless, I probably had a better time not having to look through a windshield.

Kindly pm me, unless you cool with this comment thread getting really lengthy.

mariamTAB-2 karma

Just PM'ed you!

talaat123-3 karma

Does it really make a difference in price if you book months in advance compared to booking in last minute? Or it’s a myth?

mariamTAB-2 karma

Prices are always the best when you book months in advance. They're usually jacked up if you try to book last minute and there's good reason for that.

paul99501-3 karma

I live in Anchorage, AK, which is a tough hometown for travel deals. We like to travel just about anywhere. Do you get deals that include Anchorage?

mariamTAB-3 karma

We send deals from Anchorage and yes we do find deals! We recently sent a deal to Beijing for $518.

iamgza-4 karma

How many languages do you speak? 😃

mariamTAB-1 karma

I speak 2 languages 😃