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What does the female vagina look like?

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I think this AMA is fascinating, and I don't mean any offense, bit you conjured an image in my head of a yuppie wallstreet type pitching his next investment to his stuck up yuppie friends.

"So he has the business plan, marketing strategy, and a decent predicted ROI, the one caveat is that he's a hobo. No, actually a real hobo."

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This is totally an episode of House of Cards Season 2!

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Kids on the beat, kids on the beat... Beat kids! Beat kids!

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Man, I'm too late to the party, bit if you ever happen back in this thread...

I was on assignment to shoot your concert at DAR Constitution hall in DC last year, and we were told we could only shoot from one specific spot (stage left)

Then you stood facing stage right the entire time, so I never got a shot of your face. It seemed awkwardly intentional.

Was it an odd set of circumstances that night or are you kinda camera shy? Your music is amazing, and I'm a big fan.

To be selfish, it felt like a big middle finger to me and the other shooter, but i figured there was more to it and would love to hear your side.