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ricefarmergang416 karma

Is video game culture and tournaments really as big in SK as westerners think it is?

cresentcube685 karma

YES! We're really competitive on games, for some reason. I personally think that Koreans are just. Good at games on average- my friends told me that playing on western servers are much easier.

j4trail370 karma

How do you feel about Japanese people at your age?

cresentcube832 karma

I'm cool with Japanese ppl!!!!

....I just want their government to apologize about their war crimes.

kotkaiser364 karma

What's your favorite cheese?

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Do you like StarCraft?

cresentcube454 karma

Never played it! My dad was freakishly good at it, but I'm more of a Nintendo person.

Azntrueblade15 karma

What about Smash Bros.

cresentcube19 karma

I'm a sonic main. So ready to main the DQ hero.

TheAgentHD10 karma

How did you find that out ? Do you play games together?

cresentcube43 karma

I watched him play. We're really close! Different taste in games tho.

RionFerren3 karma

What’s your favorite Nintendo game then? Also, Ahnyung ha sae yo!

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AskMeAboutPangolins269 karma

What is something you are the most proud of about your country, and also the least proud?

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The historical buildings, very safe environment, awesome food!

And the high school education system can go die.

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My allowance comes through that. Pretty dandy!

riderkicker74 karma

Could you explain this chip-reader allowance thing? Government gives you allowance for being in school so you can buy needed stuff? Or is that like an ease-of-use thing for South Korean students so they don't have to carry wallets because their money is on their card as provided by parents?

cresentcube118 karma

My uncle sends me 50 bucks every two weeks via banking system

riderkicker47 karma

Oh okay! Is the money on the chip-enabled card strictly for school purchases, or is it more of a general purchase allowance for non-school stuff, like restaurants and the like?

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It's over, Anakin! I have the high ground!

Its__Rubio195 karma

How scary is North Korea? Any tales that westerners wouldn't know?

cresentcube585 karma

We have a BIG speaker near the border that blasts K-POP and current news of the South. It's used to tell the truth of the world to the NK people living near borders- apparently it works surprisingly well!

And to be honest, we're not scared. We're just numb at this point,I guess. Most people don't even bat an eye at their threats.

Xelophobe190 karma

I know that Korea in general has not historically been too openly accepting of LGBT folks. How have you seen views evolve on the subject throughout your life?

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I'm Bi.

LGBT rocks and homophobes can die.

nareurong17 karma

Thank you for answering this ♡

cresentcube60 karma

NP! All people have rights and they should be protected!

squid50s168 karma

What’s your favorite food?

What’s your favorite part of South Korea?

What’s your favorite thing to do during your free time?

cresentcube257 karma

My favorite food is Sushi! Love it! Although in our country it's called Chobap. (초밥)

The favorite part- gotta be the traditional palaces. It's a thing a true beauty.

I usually play Nintendo or just chill watching cat videos and memes!

squid50s9 karma

Thanks for the quick response to all of my “favorite thing” questions! Do you have a favorite Nintendo game (I’m a Nintendo fan myself)?

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Wait, your student ID is also your KEBHana bank card?

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Yep. Cool, right?

imaginarylemons120 karma

Hey! I'm actually a Korean who hasn't lived in Korea for longer than 2 months. So while I have a few questions of my own feel free to ask any questions to me too!

Your English is really good! Is English compulsory at school?
Do you go to 학원? What do you want to do after highschool?

cresentcube143 karma

It's mandatory to learn English, but all I know are self taught. Not many people are fluent as me 2nd Korean is drastically different from the Latin system.

I go to one 학원, but most people go more than one. It's stressful as hell, I can tell you.

PandaBroda110 karma

What are the top 3 things that stresses you out?

cresentcube251 karma

Loud sounds, people who are mean for no reason, and schedules.

SprightlyCompanion75 karma

People who are mean for no reason stress you out but you do a Reddit AMA?? Courageous!!

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nmchild109 karma

How much soju can you drink?

cresentcube110 karma

2 and a half bottles.

WildPichu22 karma

Is Soju expensive to purchase? I often hear it's cheaper than water in SK. Also greetings from Canada!

cresentcube36 karma

Hello!!and its like 2 bucks at best. Go wild.

dogmeat9216391 karma

I’ve watched a few Korean dramas over the past years, and it seems like the younger people get slapped on the head by the elders a lot. Is that a true depiction of how it is in Korea?

cresentcube121 karma

Not really, Korean dramas are all about exaggeration!

missbrightside085 karma

what about the kdrama arm grab? the guy and the girl will be talking then the girl starts to walk away and the guy grabs her arm really forcefully, that’s only in dramas right?

cresentcube9 karma

Of course. I will kick that guy if anyone tried that on me tbh

morphballganon4 karma

Korean drama's

A lot of native English speakers make this mistake, so no worries, but non-possessive plural nouns don't get apostrophes. Dramas*

cresentcube9 karma

It. it was autocorrect I swear i am going to kill my phone one day or another..

jg23347 karma

What do you think of Donald Trump? Just curious about your opinion.

cresentcube213 karma

....How does he have orange skin? Is that even genetically possible?

notypicalusername40 karma

Do you ever want to leave your country?

cresentcube70 karma

Eh, not really. But I would love to travel, if chances are given!

notypicalusername16 karma

Any reason why not?

cresentcube100 karma

I love living here. Safe as hell, man. You can fall asleep in the middle of the road and the only thing you'll get is a really uncomfortable neck in the morning.

PwnagePlays32 karma

Favorite video game?

cresentcube81 karma

Pokemon, LoZ, generally all Nintendo stuff and dragon quest.

BrokenWho16 karma

What's your take on Game Freak's decision to kill the national dex?

cresentcube64 karma

I am very mad but

W. Wooloo....cute.....

Decstarplayz30 karma

What inspired you to learn English?

cresentcube185 karma

Actually, I leaned nothing from school! I was a big fan of time travel when I was a kid, so while looking up Back to the future series and Doctor who, I just self taught English, for the sole reason to understand the 10th doctor.

Teddevil5 karma

That is extremely interesting. How did you self teach yourself English? Did you have to refer back and fourth to Korean to English to understand? Did you use a dictionary? Did you have any base fundamental understanding of English at all?

I want to do this with Spanish or Japanese.. I’d imagine Japanese would be the easiest accessibility due to the amount of manga and anime Japan has.

cresentcube12 karma

I just have two different systems each. Both feel like my first language.

UnwashedHomlessRat22 karma

Is it true that plastic surgery is something to be expected after high school graduation?

cresentcube45 karma

Half and half. I sure damn know that I aint gonna do it!

TryToHelpPeople16 karma

Do you feel a lot of pressure on your appearance ?

cresentcube82 karma

Nah. Fuck make up. I'm cute and round and tiny and I like it.

trebbor14 karma

My wife and I are planning on a holiday to South Korea some day. Any advice what places to visit and things to do? Our interests are k-pop, makeup, fashion and esports.

Edit: and what to eat besides Korean BBQ?

cresentcube27 karma

Sorry, not fan of K-POP to give you a lot of info- but visit 명동, for makeup and fashion! It's a city teeming with tourists, make up shops, clothing stores. And to be honest, just avoid food that looks spicy, and everything's really good in general!

Andre2813 karma

How are black people viewed in South Korea? Whether they’re American, British, or any nationality from Africa?

cresentcube24 karma

We're really cool with everyone! There are old racists, of course, but you can ignore them. Honestly, No one gives a damn about their racist ramblings.

RandomUser876311 karma

I'm a fan of Running Man, so I was kind of curious. How popular/well known is Yu Jae Seok?

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kamjanamja8 karma

How many times have you done this? I remember seeing this atleast a couple times.

cresentcube34 karma

  1. Mod killed both for no reason. I'm no quitter. Also very bored.

kraugxer17 karma

What kind of accent is your English in? Many Koreans seem to lean toward American English as the standard rather than British English (RP).

Do you follow any sports teams?

cresentcube23 karma

To quote my friend; "You speak like a CNN announcer."

And no, not a fan of sports,sorry. I have very sensitive ears and the loud sports games stresses me out.

SethGoddamnRobinator7 karma

American Cheese Product in ramen. Thoughts?

cresentcube27 karma

Nice. Cheese ramen is the creation of god.

rishi8517 karma

What do you think of Samsung? They're the face of S Korea in many ways. I'd love to know what the locals feel about the conglomeration.

Why do you think S Korea made such advancements in such a short time, based on your observation(not textbook explanation)

cresentcube7 karma

They're cool!!

And I think because generally Koreans tend to get competitive. They try their best to the point of overworking- fast advancements, but a lot of unseen sacrifices for that.

SirKenneth176 karma

What do you think California is like?? Asking as a local haha

cresentcube18 karma

Really hot, orange juice heaven.

That's all I can come up with.

Man_with_lions_head4 karma

Would you sleep in a closed room with a fan turned on?

cresentcube10 karma

Why did people even believe fan death?? Was it the illuminati?? ??????

X files theme

SocialistMeatloaf4 karma

Deleted? What happened?

cresentcube7 karma

Mods bad

parxyval4 karma

How do Koreans view gay people?

cresentcube18 karma

Not that friendly with LGBT- but fuck them, I'm Bi.

Planetary_Loop3 karma

What games do you play?

cresentcube7 karma

All things Nintendo.

bob_el_manetes3 karma

Why don't you live in the good Korea?

cresentcube79 karma

The glorious fatness our the leader Kim is too blinding for me to stay at the same dimension with him, comrade.

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I'm smiling. Slightly. A small smile is my default face. Must be the angle.

Roosh_2 karma

Who’s the military?

cresentcube6 karma

...? What? I mean, it is mandatory to all healthy males to attend military for 2 years, for your info.

cyborg82 karma

is school there really that hard? also, are you a fan of son heung min? i am

cresentcube2 karma

Oh, the soccer player? Cool guy,but I'm not into sports. And schools...very stressful and unnecessarily competitive. Hell, I would say.

DataSciZen1 karma

Do you like soccer or baseball?

cresentcube3 karma

Not a fan of sports. Sensitive ears- it hurts too much to spectate.

GenericBacon1 karma

Didn't you already do an AMA/post that pic as proof?

I remember this....

cresentcube10 karma

Mods shut me down for literally no reason after like 2 hours so, here I am, second try bby.

DizzyxSin1 karma

How depressing is Korea?

cresentcube9 karma

You're good if you're not a highschooler.

LifeWin1 karma

Hwajang-shil odisayo?

cresentcube2 karma

Just go home and use your own toilet, bun.

mooutdaway-31 karma

Who cares?

cresentcube36 karma

You cared enough to comment on this! Thank you! :D