We are part of a team who has been investigating new leads in a cold case that took place in Tempe, AZ five years ago. For nearly three months there was no trace of Adrienne Salinas, a vibrant 19-year-old just starting out in life. After an Arizona monsoon storm, her body was found washed up in the desert 30 miles from where she disappeared. For the first time, Tempe police are talking about the evidence and the leads in the case. The detective in charge says no one has a good alibi for that night. So, we investigated who killed Adrienne Salinas? And what happened along the quarter mile from her home to the corner where she was supposed to meet the cab that would've taken her to her boyfriend's house? Proof: https://i.redd.it/8seba6tpkhv21.jpg

FULL STORY: https://12ne.ws/quartermile FULL EPISODE: https://youtu.be/y0M4Ta4aaZk

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Alwayssunnyinarizona7 karma

What do you make of the delay between the case and now that the police are comfortable reaching out for help? Seems to be pretty common for all sorts of crimes in the valley - details (including videos, etc.) released months, or in this case years, after the actual crime.

Is there some sort of barrier between the press and law enforcement here, is it a matter of the crimes being lower profile or simply a matter of too many crimes for them to handle? The Christine Mustafa case seemed to be more highly covered, with a swift move to justice - if that's what you could call it.

12NewsArizona8 karma

It's a tough position because police don't usually like to release evidence and details on a case before an arrest is made to protect a potential trial. You don't really want to give the perpetrator what you have on them. But after years, since the case has gone cold, they hoped additional details might lead to new info.

Alwayssunnyinarizona3 karma

I can understand that, but for example I see crimes like burglary covered on the news months after they happen, and only now are videos being released by the police.

In any case, I wish you guys the best on this case. Sounds like it could be a candidate for a Dateline episode.

12NewsArizona3 karma

In the case of a burglary, if police come out and release video that usually means they’re looking for someone specific.

In this case, they really didn’t have anything to release.

AMAInterrogator6 karma

How do you distinguish between stories you are willing to investigate and stories that you either don't believe or are too intimidated to touch?

12NewsArizona8 karma

We investigate and look skeptically at all stories, but I decided to do this one because I've been covering it on the yearly anniversary ever since and wanted to dig deeper into it once I found out all the twists and turns. The complexity of it made it more interesting than just doing a yearly update.

iMrAnderson4 karma

How much time does Mark Curtis spend combing his mustache?

12NewsArizona6 karma

Just enough time

Ausernametoremeber3 karma

How important is building relationships with local law enforcement? In other words, did you start out just waltzing into the station and asking questions, or do you only get limited information from law enforcement regarding the case the same as any other civilians?

12NewsArizona5 karma

It's extremely important to build relationships with police. Without a good relationship they wouldn't agree to do such in depth interviews. It's pretty rare to get the lead detective, mostly we would get the public information officer who has limited information about the case. However, just because they know me or our station doesn't mean we will go easy on them when questioning them. I don't think the lead detective realized I knew as much as I did before the interview.


First of all, thanks for doing this. This case has stuck with me more than any unsolved crime I can think of.

I hope you can find an archive of BPM's Facebook page somewhere. I remember reading posts on there around the time of the killing that he'd suddenly gotten into hiking around the Superstitions.

I assume they would have found some sort of DNA trace of her among his possessions though, particularly his car.

What do you guys think it'll take to track down the person responsible? Maybe someone witnessing a weird car in the area that night?

12NewsArizona4 karma

Miller still hasn't gone to trial, so we don't know what police found when they searched his house. It was a quasi-hoarding situation, though. They would need to match something in his house to this case. Police will either need DNA, confession or a witness.

brian_allen832 karma

How similar is reporting and producing to that seen in “The Newsroom” on HBO a few years ago? (If you have seen it) I loved that show and it got me I interested in the processes involved behind the scenes.

12NewsArizona5 karma

Well, they used the right news software. But our Will McAvoy (aka Mark Curtis) doesn't run our newsroom and there's way less passionate speeches in the newsroom and on air. They dramatized a lot of the day-to-day stuff too.

Goetre2 karma

Slightly diverging from your bio - What story has put you in the most dangerous situation?

12NewsArizona5 karma

Covering a wildfire in Washington State that almost burned over us. We had an air tanker drop about 100 yards from us, and the fire was going to close off the valley we were in. The PIO was yelling at us to get out.

SoyAngelle2 karma

Hi! I am so glad you are doing your best to keep this case in the minds of the public. Adrienne and her family deserve justice. I do have some questions. 1. Is it known for sure that the cab driver that went for her was the son, and not the father? Has it been considered that both potentially went? Also there is a podcast with the forensic detective Paul Holes (from the GSK case)and a reporter from Crime Watch Daily. Maybe you can get on their podcast? I believe the more attention to this case, more resources may become available and a better chance of it getting solved.

12NewsArizona2 karma

Based on the police reports and the interrogation it never came that both went to pick her up. It's question that we can ask for more clarification on.

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