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How does Juliet add value besides restricting the available options?

Are you familiar with the secretary problem?

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Are you surprised?

Has anyone threatened you yet?

If you were to estimate how much it would cost to purchase gentler enforcement, how much do you think it would cost?

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It is a mathematical problem designed to model the method of identifying ideal stopping points through the narrative of finding the ideal secretary. Basically, for each candidate, you either hire or pass, but you can not go back.


Of course, romance can't be equated to the secretary problem because the secretary problem fails to account for cost of emotional (and other) investment in a relationship and that failing to emotionally invest in the relationship is dooming it.

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Gollum ends up burning to death in a firey pit. It is one thing to show mercy and tolerance, it is another to allow that mercy and tolerance to undermine your core mission.

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