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Not to butt in to the OP's AMA, but you should read up on Temple Grandin. There's some incredibly large $$ figure for how much meat was wasted prior to her developing several aspects of slaughterhouse procedures and architecture. Wasted because of damage, poor taste, etc.

Basically, yes, calm animals make good meat and it took Temple Grandin to show slaughterhouses just how important it was to their bottom line$.

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Former vaccine researcher here - it's one of the toughest problems to solve (maybe the only thing tougher is a vaccine for prions and other misfolded proteins - my current field), and will likely take some advancements in fields across cell biology, virology, and immunology to make it happen. My guess is that the vaccine won't be targeting antigens that are subject to drift and shift, but processes that are common to all influenza viruses - cell surface binding, replication, etc. That's where the bright minds from different fields comes into play. This requires some real out-of-the-box thinking.

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How's the ulcerative colitis recovery going?

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Do you think the wheel is rigged? Always seems to catch people at the worst time.

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Thanks :) my wife and I often find ourselves saying "here comes a bankrupt!"