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themarshmallowdiva53 karma

How can people from around the world help you and others in Venezeula?

Pray4venezuela96-4 karma

Im not sure if you guys will judge me if i do "Begging", but, in fact, i only think of 2 ways to help
One of course is spreading the word of what is going on, and if you recive venezuelans refugees in your country don't be rude, help to find them a decent job, venezuelas are excelent workaholics , but this is a way to help venezuelans that already made their way out...

Other way to help venezuelans in fact living in venezuela, is to help with money, yeah, because due the inflation, dollars worth a lot here, i don't belive in organizations for donating stuff, if you really want to help a venezuelan, personally help him, not only me, if you find someone else under my situation, ask if they have anywhere to deposit, even 5 usd, even 2, even 1 USD would be usefull!!
I don't know it is allowed, (if is not please do not delete the post, just delete my comment) but here is my paypal [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Also i have cryptocurrency wallets, because i used to work on binance, but i've been not very lucky since it dropped from 6800 to almost 3000, i have 0 in my wallets, here is my ETH wallet:

GoferAdmin99 karma

Yeah. This isn't fishy at all.

ASkillz8243 karma

I thought so too, but he's offered a lot of very thorough, thought out responses to the situation in Venezuela. If it is fake, I'm out $50. If it's not, I bought this dude groceries for 2 weeks. I'll be good in either case.

Crerilian14 karma

You’re a kind man or gal!

ASkillz8219 karma

I'm not 100% sure this person isn't a scammer, but I am 100% certain that if they're putting this much effort into getting micro-donations, they need it more than me. I'd like to think that I just bought some meals for this poor guy, but who knows anymore. Just be kind & everything tends to work itself out in the end.

Crerilian6 karma

Intention is what counts! Good on you, and you’re logic is sound. Anyone who goes through the trouble of posting this elaborate story clearly needs help one way or the other.

Pray4venezuela962 karma

finally some redditors that understand me );

ASkillz828 karma

$50 USD Coming your way via PayPal. Good luck to you, stay positive & you'll get thru this mess!

Pray4venezuela9610 karma

thanks dude i recived it, it is the last payment i got, and those people calling me scammer don't have any idea of what im going through, that's enough for me to survive 2 and a half more weeks! you are really kind

CommanderMcBragg3 karma

If you were in Venezuela how would you withdraw US dollars from a PayPal account since it would be illegal for any bank (or paypal) to do that in Venezuela? Were you planning to withdraw it in the US and smuggle it back to Venezuela when you return to starve more?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

The metod i use to withdraw US dollars from paypal as you may think yeah is not aviable for any bank to do that, what i do is that i look for a paypal reseller, wich pays around 10% less than the actual dollar price, for example, if the dollar today costs 5.200 BS, they buy paypal dollars around 4700 BS, and they deposit in my bank account the amount of BS after i send the paypals to their accounts, so there is not actual need to go to a bank to withdraw the paypal dollars

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If Venezuelans were truly hard-working, they wouldn't have voted repeatedly for a socialist government to redistribute wealth.

Pray4venezuela963 karma

Those are resigned here diying of starvation, and those who don't voted for socialism already flee the country, it makes sense don't you think?

DefinitelyNotPhil33 karma

It looks like you usually post as u/Accomplished1996 (posts). Do you get a lot of donations from those posts?

Pray4venezuela960 karma

No, not enough, that's why i created another account, because people for some reason think that my current situation is fake, last time i did the post i still had a smartphone, now i got stoled and i have nothing, last time i tried to get donations people were saying "why dont you well your smartphone?"
With all the posts of u/Accomplished1996 i made around 40 USD, and that maybe was enoght for the moment but it wasn't enough until today, you don't know how helpfull are the donations for me, this becomes harder a harder each time, that's why i want to leave this country already

SuperBlacksmith51 karma

I donated to you and you never emailed me back thanking me, Victor.

Pray4venezuela962 karma

Sorry i din't @SuperBlacksmith5 last night i left home to see my gf for a while, because i got days without seeing her, thanks for your support, right now im exchanging the paypals for my local currency with a reseller so i can go to the market and get myself some goods, i really appreciate your support!:)

NaughtyDred-5 karma

He had me until 'cuz'

Pray4venezuela965 karma

what's wrong with "cuz"? can't i use these kind of words? most of people who speak english i know use it, why would i don't? /:

Revan242419 karma

Why didn’t you post a picture with “AMA” written? Not to be rude or anything, but you do very much seem like a spook account.

Pray4venezuela969 karma

DignityInOctober10 karma

Is the situation in Venezuela any better in the country away from the cities?

I know in the US there are a lot of people who are homesteaders and salivate over supporting themselves off the land, but obviously that isn't possible if you live in a city.

Pray4venezuela9631 karma

i've heard that in certain parts of venezuela people are planting their own food, as you may think yeah, but the problem is that due the extreamly poverty, most of this people get stolen their plantations, food or animal because of starving burglars... so there is no chance for anyone to survive at all, the last horrible new i saw was people finding 2 dead horses stolen from a university, they used to be the pets and got stolen fo rtheir meat

And yeah, in the cities things get pretty much messy, there is no transport, when there are blackouts for long time, meat rottens in butcherys and the most poor have no more option than eat rotten meat!
i have eaten rotten meat, once it got rotten on the freezer because a 3 days blackout, and i had to wash the meat to give away the bad smell, and smoked it on a grill fueled by sticks and wood that i took from the streets, but it still had a weird smell on it, not happy memories at all, when i was 9 years old i used to go to dominos pizza, papa's johns, eating hershey, chips ahoy, oreo, penaut butter... this country used to be a rich country!!! i still cannot belive how my life changed by the years here, the only thing i've eaten today was some white rice with sardine mixed with potato and carrots, to be honest, it taste almost like nothing and i did not enjoy eating that, but i need to force myself to eat in order to not starve, also i was very hungry

Gel214th8 karma

How do you think it would help if the US lifted the worldwide economic blockade of your country?

Pray4venezuela964 karma

it would help to maduro get more money to stole yeah, since the blockade, it have been going down and down as it was before the blockade, the problem is that now maduro is mad because he cannot export stuff to stole more money, that's why i think that economic blockade affect the regime, not the people itself, before the blockade we were starving anyways

Gel214th6 karma

That's interesting, because directly from Venezuelans, things were tough but they were never this bad. The economic blockade by the US under Obama, and the further actions by Trump seem to coincide with the worsening of the situation on the ground in Venezuela.

Do you know why this "opposition" refused to meet with world leaders to mediate the situation in Venezuela with Maduro's government? How do you feel about the fact they refused those sit down meetings, and then reneged on years of negotiation for an agreement that would have seen internationally monitored elections take place?

Pray4venezuela964 karma

The "opposition" is paid by goverment, is not a secret, only dumb people don't see that

the opposition are murderers, they are the biggest cancer, it represents the current venezuelan society

Venezuelan society works like this: Envy people who will fake friends with you and fuck you up when you don't know

to the opposition of the goverment is a reflex of that, they talk shit about goverment and helping people, but they only send youngs to die in protests and they still try to won elections, even local elections, that's all they want, power, they are the same cancer, they refuse any international help because if maduro gets kick they would not recive anymore money from the goverment, They are the holy tritiny of corruption in this country, the 3 main reasons of why this regime have been so long are this 3 powers:
The military, the opposition, and the corrupt politicians, if we get rid of these 3 elements, venezuela would change

the i consider all the military responsable of the current situation, so they are murderers too, and those who say "im military because i support military, but i don't support the regime" is big bullshit, they still follow orders from the regime and kill innocent people, they should be in jail for betraying the population

Pray4venezuela963 karma

it would be helpfull if first we get rid of this regime

stupidugly18890 karma

“I’m starving but regime change is the solution not getting rid of sanctions”

You’re posting from Langley aren’t you?

Pray4venezuela962 karma

you think before these sanctions the country were better? there was already people starving when US did these sanctions, you really think the reason of the crisis are the sanctions? Since 2008 this country is decaying faster and faster each day, and even until today it seems that there are no limits

oldspice757 karma

Have you tried to leave?

In a country with such a good climate for agriculture, how has Maduro's government managed to last at least until now without being overthrown just for the hunger crisis?

Pray4venezuela9612 karma

because they are using the same tactics used in cuba but slightly modded for the current era we are living

In 2002 Chavez did and auto-coup to himself to discover who was agaisn't him, since then he kicked out everyone not supporting him, and since then its have been a big fight
there were violent protests in 2007, 2011, 2014, 2017 and now people are too scared and tired to keep triying

Police brutally pacified people with bullets in their heads, last protests there were more than 130 murderers in the civil population, directly by the goverment, and one is helping us, most of young people with energy and muscles to protest already flee this country, nowadays all i see in streets are children and old people, people of my are are very rare today in here, and old people just try to take advance on us, even if they know how fucked up we are

Pray4venezuela966 karma

also about leaving, all my papers are ready, i have friends waiting for me in argetina, all i need is to pay myself the ticket to argentina

Pray4venezuela967 karma

this laptop is a little slow guys, im triying my best to answer all the questions, if i don't answer your question just wait until i do cuz im triying

zig_anon4 karma

Do you have Paypal? I’d like to buy you some dinners

lizziebradshaw4 karma

I believe some of the problems are not the money only but the lack of food to buy. The guy who cleans my office is from Venezuela and he mentioned this issue, he’s sending a bit of money over to his family but also basic stuff like beans, pasta and soap by boat because there’s nothing available. We asked him when was he going to send his next batch to help.

Pray4venezuela965 karma

by the way i can't miss mention that of course these days you don't find the same amount of products that used to be imported, but that thing about no beans, no pasta, no soap, was a situation about 2014, where people still had a little money, now because the big amount of population that left the country, with the same offert and less demand, there is food again everywhere, just as i said, the problem is the money now

Pray4venezuela963 karma

that's not true at all @lizziebradshaw, there is food! there is food in supermarkets, there is "plenty"(more like enough)
The problem is that with a minium wage of 3 USD per month if impossible to affod food, but dont forget that venezuela wasn't like that allways, there still a lil population of wealthy people, so there still is a demand for food, there is aviable beans, pasta, soap, it is all aviable, the problem is that is not affordable! but if you go to a supermarket these days, you'll find everything... for a real price for sure.

I'll sure give you my Paypal @Zig_anon, and i also want to tell to everybody, ANY, i reapeat, ANY AMOUNT will be usefull for me, even 1 USD will help me out in my current situation!
I hope this doesn't breake the rules cuz he asked for it, but here is my email for paypal deposits, if anyone is willing to help me
I repeat, any amount would be usefull
paypal: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

JakeCooksFood3 karma

Hola, hermano. Lamento que se encuentre así con tanta escasez.

Presto mucha atención a lo que pasa en su país y conozco a mucha gente venezolana en el extranjero. Ellos se fueron para buscar más oportunidad. Todos lograron a mejor la vida, por lo menos en el corto plazo.

Todos quieren volver pero tomaron la decision a irse para ganar plata.

¿Ha pensado en huir? ¿Se puede?

Sé que muchos ya han ido a Colombia, Panama, y Costa Rica.

Un abrazo.

Pray4venezuela963 karma

Hola, gracias por tu apoyo de antemano
Si, si he pensado en huir, tanto que ya tengo mis papeles listos para irme, en los ultimos 2 años legalize mis papeles y tengo mi pasaporte listo y todo, tengo amigos esperandome en argentina, el problema es que de venezuela a Argentina no es tan barato, en autobus es mas caro que en avion por la larga distancia!

Tengo amigos que me pueden recibir en Argentina dandome trabajo de una, y otro amigo que me puede recibir en un "hostel" donde por trabajar alli el arriendo me sale gratuito, la cosa es que sin dinero no me puedo ir, necesito almenos para en transporte...
tambien conozco gente en otros paises, pero la gente que conozco en colombia no me puede dar el mismo apoyo que busco, y en ecuador tengo otros amigos pero allá la cosa no esta tan bien tampoco, igual les va bien y no pasan hambre...

Si logro hacer suficiente con la ayuda de los redditores, en menos de 2 meses me iré de esta mierda, eso espero

basilmintchutney1 karma

Cuanto cuesta el pasaje?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

estoy viendo que la forma mas economica es una escala de venezuela a brazil, manaos, de manaos agarrar un avion hasta la frontera en argentina, y de allí irme a argentina en autobus, Lo mas barato que puede salir son como 470 dolares el pasaje, y necesitaria entre 200 y 300 dolares mas para poder llegar y sobrevivir el primer mes

Gamesareunderrated2 karma

Are you scared daily?

Does the amount of entitled westerners make you weep a little inside since they take food for granted?

How old were you when they started implanting socialism?

Pray4venezuela965 karma

ofc im scared of daily, i don't often leave my house because im too scared

im not envy of other people in other countrys for having their food, that's how things should be, that's how my life used to be, i don't think anyone deserve starving like this

and i were just 2 years old when they start implanting socialism, so... i don't actually know other reality

greynocturnal_2 karma

Has Venezuela always been like this?

Pray4venezuela9619 karma

No, venezuela actually used to be the most wealthy country in south america, we are rich in resources, this land is blessed with natural resources, such as the biggest deposit of oild, we have more oil than arabia saudit, but the problem start to begin when chavez did his revolutionary movement called "Revolucion bolivariana" wich is socialism with private property, and he start to spend all the money of the country in social problems and not investing in the actual production of the country, not to mention the millions he stole, and how filthy rich is his mother and his daugheters, when he died, maduro and his people were stealing way faster and economy went to hell more quick

20 years ago minimum wage was around 700 USD per month and now is less than 3 USD per month, so, only in the economics you can understan in fact that this country used to be a lot better, some inmigrants used to consider(and some still consider) this a paradise

RufusMcCoot2 karma

Are you safe from the government when you posted your email address, and your name, earlier?

Pray4venezuela967 karma

My name is not enough to find me, and in the picture i censored my actual ID and face, so i think that's not enoght data to actually know who i am, i were talking about this with my friend

Yurithewomble-3 karma

How do you blame the social support systems instead of the rampant theft and corruption is beyond me.

Pray4venezuela9610 karma

because the "social system" is an excuse for making a proyect, funding it by millions and millions of dollars, and then only 1/4 of the project is actually done and almost all the money is stolen, and they went to tv and propaganda to say what they are doing for helping people, besides it never gets to those who most need the social helps

Revan24247 karma

So you’re literally saying the issue is the theft of the funds collected, and not these “social services” because those services don’t exist. Am I correct?

Yurithewomble2 karma

It seems that way to me too. A downvote and a critical reply but emphatically agreeing with me.

Maybe they believe that helping poor people is always and only a way to steal money? And nobody in history ever made social programmes that are a net benefit to the people and the country?

Revan2424-1 karma

I’m 50% sure he’s a spook account.

Pray4venezuela962 karma

im not a spook, you may ask for any proof iy ou want

Avatarius871 karma

The people calling you spook and trying to silence you have a lot to lose by your post gaining attention. They want socialism in the US.

Pray4venezuela962 karma

what can i do? Since i don't got enough money, probably i got enough for now but in a few weeks i would have to come back here for again people calling me scammer or spook, that's not fair at all, maybe if they stop and i got finally the help i need i would never come back here again begging, and even i may come back here just to thank everybody, but while people keeps shutting my post it is frustrating my objetive ))))))))));

Pray4venezuela962 karma

Yes, or it barely exists and never gets to those who most need it

snowskirt-8 karma

Used to be the most successful country in south america with one of the highest gpm. Then it went socialist. This is what happens when countries go towards socialism or communism it doesn't end well.

Pray4venezuela966 karma

Why snowskirt got so many downvotes?

Its a mixture of all, when people say that oil price crashed is not a lie, but an oil price dropping from 120 usd per barrel to 39 usd per barrel would not change a minimum wage of 700 usd to 3 usd in 20 years! thats not how it works

Its a mixture of the international economic situation, the inside economic situation but mostly it political situation, you guys don't even understan the infinite amount of pain a stupid ideology has gave me

Brokeback_bacon2 karma

Do you think that Juan Guaido is there to help? Will he be able to make a difference in these bad times?

Pray4venezuela9610 karma

we have been reciving "good notices" since 8 years ago, and i still don't see any change

i don't care if the news says that he's going with military support to kick maduro today, i DONT BELIVE IT UNTIL I SEE IT, and not only me, that's the way all of us think, but yeah, maybe i see a hope on him, i just don't wanna hold that hope forever while i still starve, i support him, but i don't belive in him until i see a change

SeaBuilder81 karma

have you considered posting your pics in /r/proana?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

that subreddit have been deleted, what it is?

SeaBuilder81 karma

For people who are in favor of the eating disorder anorexia

Pray4venezuela961 karma

why should i post there the only eating disorder i have is not having 3 plates a day

firefly63451 karma

What do the police do exactly?

Pray4venezuela9619 karma

They are mercenaries that only rob people, literally they rob people, you're walking in the street at 7:00 pm late, with your cellphone, and some police just stop by you, you cooperate normally, and then they "plant drug on you", they hold a bag of drug and say that it is yours, even if you know that its not yours, and even if you know is an excuse to take your cellphone away, if you dont cooperate they take you to prison and say that the drug was yours anyways, that's called extortion, it could happend on your walk, or even in a car...
If a robber stole you in front of police they literally do nothing
and police stations are medieval centers of operations for extortion and kidnapping, they kidnap kids or young people from wealthy families and ask for a ramson while they sleep in police stations...

Is like in medieval age when kings give powers to the knights and military, and knights take advance on that for extortion on merchants and wealthy people...

They should be public executed omg you don't have idea of how heartless they can be, is fucking absurd

JakeCooksFood1 karma

¿Como recibes la plata de los redditores?

Pray4venezuela962 karma

es lo que no estoy seguro, queda de parte de los redditores si quieren ayudarme o no, pero puero recibir por paypal, o por criptomonedas, las criptomonedas se han vuelto comunes aqui para sobrevivir

high_side1 karma

It sounds like a dumb question, but how do think your country can recover from the crisis?

Pray4venezuela967 karma

The actual maximum penalty is 30 years in jail
if you assasin someone, you went 30 years
if you do a killing spree and kill 30 people and rape childrens, it would still be 30 years

that's need to change

There should be death penalty for first grade murdering, and they should take all the people in jail because of multiple murdering and execute them too!

also stop guns regulations and free sell weapons!
Bad people will always find guns in black market, these stupid guns regulations only affect good people from deffending themselves!

you may think i am drastic for saying that, but i don't expect half venezuelans being executed for that, i only think a few ones would be executed and then NO MORE MURDERING, people would be scared of murdering someone else and it just would stop the current violence, the reason of the current violence is because laws almost protects murderers and mafias, with that changes in law, i expect less than 2 years to combat all the insecurity

high_side6 karma

Wow, so your view is that it's an issue of violent crime? In the US the news really focuses on the economic collapse and political corruption.

Pray4venezuela963 karma

if you have not been robbed at least once, you don't live here dude

i have been stoled already 3 times, and im fuckng paranoid when i go to streets, i dont trust anyone, the crime safety here is like ummm anarchy? so that's a issue.

high_side1 karma

Yo man, wasn't trying to sound like I was doubting you. I expect our news media to get things wrong, which is why their headlines vs your experience living there is interesting (and hopefully positive).

Pray4venezuela962 karma

im sorry if my comment looks a lil rude, i know you are not doubting me, but i cannot express otherwise because only thinking about it makes me a lil bit angry in my way to express myself

Janube1 karma

people would be scared of murdering someone else and it just would stop the current violence

In this very post, you suggested that laws don't matter to criminals, and they'll commit their crime regardless. So... which is it? Do you believe that laws scare people into not committing crime, or do you believe that people who would commit a crime will do so regardless of the consequences?

Pray4venezuela960 karma

people would commit a crime regardless of the consequences because ther eis not enough consequences, there is a big impunity right here! that's why peole are not scared of breaking laws, and that's the big problem, if the actual laws were less beneficts for criminals, they would be scared of commiting crimes, but a robber in his lifetime could kill more than 30 people and still be free without investigation

pruntoff1 karma

Are there some people (may be rich one, or elite) who do not have food problems?

Pray4venezuela963 karma

yeah of course there are urbanizations of wealthy people with 4-8 cars, walking their dogs, eating 3 times a day and being fucking fat, Medium-high class went to low class, people of medium class went to poberty like my actual family

and poor people become homeless starving

rich people are more rich each day (except for some unlucky ones)
there still like little places with houses that feels like being in united states for a moment, they don't even suffer from this situation

but yeah as you may think too, there are not too much, for example, the rich place where do i live is called "Guataparo Country club"
but keep in mind that it is like the 1% of the entire city

hiwelcometo_chilis_1 karma

You said you're an ex student. Did you drop out? When did you make that decision?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

i did after the protest of 2017, because the last times i went to university, there was no free food, no transport, no teachers, no students... i was like wtfF! im losing my time here... and not only me, more than 8'% of the unieversity pop drop out with me , ocasionally i still find people who used to study with me and they drop out too

Darryl_Lict1 karma

Is the post office system functional? How much would it cost to send a kilogram of worthless Venezuelan currency to the US? Would it actually get here?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

yes it is functional as long as i know, a big box of worthless money maybe would be easy to buy, just a lil expensive to send but not too much, right now i have some big pack of worthless bolivars, this laptop is a lil slow but i really wanna show you a picture

dman23161 karma

What is your state of mind these days? Do you hold onto hope, have you fallen into despair? Are you grateful for what little you do have or angry about what you don't have? Are you of a positive mind set or are you severely depressed and giving up hope? And most importantly, is there anything i can do to help the situation going on in your country?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

i try to feel grateful for all i have because is all i can do, but at the same time it makes me angry not being able to change my current situation by myself and being in need to ask for support from people, this makes me feel bad when people start calling me scammer or tells me that im faking, because if i had a choice i would not be here i try to stay positive and look foward, what's why im not giving up at all And to help the current situation, we really need badly a millitary intervention against the regime

iamjosecanseco1 karma

Menor como se ve el panorama hoy? sale o no?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

sale que mano

iamjosecanseco1 karma

Masburro de miraflores!

Pray4venezuela961 karma

maldito hijo de puta ojala lo saquen por el bigote hoy pero la verdad lo dudo honestamente

odhinnplays1 karma


Pray4venezuela962 karma

0.10 cents per month! cheap internet is part of socialism! too bad we have the same old infraesctructure than before and i download at a rate of 100kbp/s

Pray4venezuela961 karma

why you deleted your comment asking me how much cost internet? it was a interesting question to delete!

Avatarius871 karma

Why did mods remove your thread?

Pray4venezuela962 karma

because people are reporting my AMA as spook or scam because of the fact of creating a new account to post here, but people are ignoring the fact that last time i din't raised enough, and if i don't change account, i'll be called scammer too, is frustrating not knowing what to do

reckoner67771 karma

What is your typical day like from the time you wake up and go to bed?

Do you do anything fun?

Besides food, what are some other things you live without that are needed or wanted?

How did you get the food that you have been able to eat?

What do you hope for?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

before i got stolen, i used to play vidyas to scape from the current situation, but in this laptop i cannot play anything at all, still i try to talk in facebook and look videos in youtube to kill time, also to try to feel productive i go on spare5 and make some microtasks for a lil reward Sometimes when i think too much about my situation i cannot sleep until 3-4 am Besides food, other things i live without that i need or want, is being able to save money to slowly upgrade a computer and after a long time end up with a gamer PC, also my internet conection is very slow, my dream is to be a streamer in twitch and upload highlights in youtube, while i live here that's impossible Also i would like to have money to go outside and do stuff idk going to movie teather, or traveling, i would like to travel a lot for sure, i want to know the world

the food im able to eat when i don't have money is the little that my family shares with me, but is just not enough, i still feeling hungry right after eating and my hope is to leave this country, to start my own life and save my own money, and someday post in reddit an AMA instead of telling that i am starving, wanna do an AMA telling thanks for all the people that help me to make it possible, but i still don't get enough and probably i'll need to come back later ); besides that, im hoping for leave the country this year before my birthday, i dont wanna be 24yrs old and still losing my time here, that's what i feel im doing, losing my young in this shithole

reckoner67771 karma

Thanks for answering.

Does your family also want to leave the country? Could you all leave together? What do you need to do in order to leave?

Pray4venezuela962 karma

My family doesn't want to leave the country at all, they say that they want, but i know is not true because they don't do anything to change their situation and sometimes deffends whats is going on and say that there still hope, my only familiars that want to leave, already are outside, i have a uncle on United states, i have a cousin from my dad (idk how to call it) living in Germany, but besides that, all my family is in venezuela Sometimes my dad tells me that he wants to leave the country too, but i don't see him doing too much about it

what i do need ir order to leave is just the plane ticket, because thanks to the redditors, since 1 year ago i were working with my papers and i have all my paperwork ready to leave, all i just need is money for the plane, that's all.

borntofather1 karma

Do you wish you had guns?

Pray4venezuela963 karma

having a gun in such a anarchy place is a big responsability because people would try to kill me to stole my gun, but to be honest i would feel safe having a gun in a crate hidden knowing that someday if i need to deffend my life i would be able to

god, i wish mods could restore my post, there still plenty of questions, i don't think is fair that my post was removed

OmarHaileg-1 karma


Pray4venezuela962 karma

that's not funny

Sedition1917-1 karma

Proof? I don't buy it.

Pray4venezuela961 karma

what kind of proof do you expected, i can took another picture holding a paper with the current date if that's what you want, you know what? before you ask for it, im gonna take the picture, there you have!


Enough proof now?

Trouducoul1 karma

Pos muestra una foto con prueba de verdad, muestra el periodico

Pray4venezuela961 karma

Le acabo de preguntar a mi abuela si hay periodico en algun lado y me dijo que no tenemos desde hace tiempo, puedes pedir otra prueba? tambien tengo un pasaporte venezolano al cual puedo tomar foto, un pasaporte creo que es algo de mayor peso

Gtp4life1 karma

This may sound a little crazy but have you considered making some videos and uploading to pornhub? You can make a decent amount of money off of it and I’d be willing to bet you’d get more hits than the guys typically on there.

Pray4venezuela962 karma

you think that anyone would actually pay for see my naked skelectic body? i don't think is a bad idea at all but also i don't think im that actractive

Gtp4life1 karma

Never know unless you try, the little bit I can see from your proof pic seems like you’re more attractive than most of the videos I see on there.

Pray4venezuela962 karma

only for that comment i might try it out

i_deserve_less-1 karma

Why are you sucking it in to make yourself look thinner?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

you think im also sucking it my arm to make my arm look that skinny?

_Connor-5 karma

If you could say one thing to 'activists' living comfortably in western countries who push for socialism, what would you tell them?

Pray4venezuela9611 karma

if i see some of they in streets with red flags and stuff i would say:

belive me, i would say that in the face of those who deffends the current situation in my country, while some ignorant is talking shit, people are diying in mass each day

Loptional-5 karma

How is it being a pro-Imperialist spook account, and what's your payrate like?

Pray4venezuela961 karma

in the tv last thing i heard last night was maduro saying "Fuck you USA, you imperialist dog!" so what it is? well, im hungry, and that's why im here, you tell me that this is a spook account, but, if i am hungry and asking for help and triying to explain the situation in exchange, what i am doing wrong?/:

gres06-6 karma

Do you blame the United States for actively working to destabilize your country at all?

Pray4venezuela963 karma

No, i think my own goverment is the reason of the crisis and US working to desestabilize is only a response of the violations of humans rights here