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I don't what you're talking about!

-New York Times Bestselling author John Green on the topic of a typo scandal

EDIT: Really? Gold for making fun of a great guy's spelling on the internet? I feel dirty... (Thank you, kind stranger)

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Do you honestly believe that your fortune was a result of only a little luck?

I don't want to turn this into me lecturing you about privilege, but have you considered that your path to wealth was only possible because of a very anomalous spike in the value of an untested/new market of (at the time) dubious origin, coupled with your upbringing giving you the education, finances, and freedom to be able to justify investing at all?

Certainly what you did was impressive, and you demonstrated a remarkable amount of foresight and ambition, but you kinda' also won a genetic lottery before winning an investment lottery. ;)

As a less aggressive question, what do you believe young teenagers right now should invest in to follow the same path as you?

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It would be the same as suggesting that just because your body digests something, it means you enjoyed eating it. I could force-feed you a donut, and you could digest it (not vomit it back up), but that doesn't mean you liked it at all.

Natural body functions have no necessary bearing on personal enjoyment or personal desire.

EDIT: I received a comment, and it was deleted before I had a chance to respond, but I think it's a fair distinction, and I'd like to address it: The post suggested that since orgasms are not 100% occurrences for women, the analogy doesn't hold up, and that it's a psychological phenomenon too. My response is as follows:

Every woman is different, and the only distinction in the analogy is that sex doesn't necessarily cause an orgasm 100% of the time.

So, if your body didn't digest food 100% of the time, and you were force-fed a donut that was digested, it still doesn't have any bearing on whether or not you enjoyed or wanted it.

It's still a natural bodily response to physical stimuli. Psychology has the ability to enhance or limit that response, but it doesn't control it outright.

Orgasms do happen while you're receiving intense physical or mental stimulation related to the genitals. This potentiality is irrespective of other elements, though it can be affected by other elements.

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I’m a Transy alum; the library curators considered the experience of researching using the primary sources (the original books) an invaluable experience and part of what students deserved, so they were often given access to fragile and rare tomes/first editions for the purposes of academic pursuits.

It’s also a small, private college; the security is not high-tech in most respects. The reliance is usually on people using their damn brains and not being a terrible human being.

In other words this heist (apart from being woefully conceived) is what we would call in academia “a dick move.”

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I always say no is just another step on the path, to yes.

... Uh...