Good morning! I’m Sam Rockwell, here with Ty Anania (my tech-savvy buddy who has kindly volunteered to help me type my responses). You might know me as George Bush in Vice or Jason Dixon in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, or maybe you just know me as (that) Guy. I’ve been acting for a long time, so you probably know me as others too. I’m also playing Bob Fosse in FX’s new series Fosse/Verdon, which is a ton of fun. Everyone should check it out.

I don’t have any social media accounts to post this from, so here’s proof that I am me:

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now and heard about this site from a bunch of people. Then my good friend, Alex Rockwell, asked me if I’d like to help him with his fundraiser campaign for his latest movie, Sweet Thing. We decided this would be a good time for me to reach out to my fans while getting a little extra noise going for his project, which stars his two talented kids alongside Will Patton and Karyn Parsons. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Alex is one of the most creative, hard-working independent filmmakers out there. We’ve worked together three times (In The Soup, 13 Moons, and Louis & Frank). Each one was a was lot of fun. He’s a pleasure to be around, and I always get excited when I hear that he’s got something in the works. I met his ex-wife, Jennifer Beals, in an acting class years ago, and I’ve been great friends with her and Alex since.

I’d tell you about Sweet Thing, but I think it’s best to let Alex do that himself. Just know that the film so far looks incredible, and they just need a bit more juice to get it fully out there. So check out the video and read about the film on their Kickstarter:

I’m throwing in some rewards for the Kickstarter campaign, all of which you can find on their page, but include things like signed photos, custom voicemails, coffee hang outs, and more! Steve Buscemi, and Jennifer Beals are helping out too. Same, obviously, with Will and Karyn.

But anyway, I’m here for more than just promotion, I’m here to have fun with you all! Let’s get to it!

EDIT: Hey Reddit! I have to log off now, I only had about an hour to spare, and answering these questions took longer than I had expected. Apologies, there were some great comments I never got to.

But the conversation doesn't have to end here! Check out Alex Rockwell's kickstarter Sweet Thing (here's the link again: and look out for my rewards. Maybe we can continue on in person! Over coffee? Lunch? Whatever works for you, it's all on the kickstarter page!

Thanks! I had a blast.

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horseydeucey3856 karma

How much different was it to shoot Moon?
Nobody else on the set, ever? That is, unless Kevin Spacey was actually inside the robot (if true, THAT's commitment).

Anyway, I wanted to ask some silly question about Moon because I really enjoyed Moon. And you were 99% of the reason.


MrSamRockwell4342 karma

Nobody else on the set, ever? That is, unless Kevin Spacey was actually inside the robot (if true, THAT's commitment).

It was actually really cool because you were sort of forced to be in character. Because you were really alone. It felt like a ghost town, but I had a blast. It felt isolating but it fit.

Religious_Pie2985 karma

Do you ever have plans to play the role of Justin Hammer again?

MrSamRockwell3955 karma

Yeah I would be happy to do it! i'm just waiting on the avengers to give me a call

Ameisen1194 karma

You just want to say "It's Hammer time!".

MrSamRockwell1729 karma

I mean who doesn't want to say that?

imagine_amusing_name2430 karma

Are there any roles you've turned down you seriously regret and would leap at the chance if there was a reboot? or remake..

MrSamRockwell5219 karma

Are there any roles you've turned down you seriously regret and would leap at the chance if there was a reboot? or remake..

Yes. I could have been in The Incredibles. Missed on that one. But you learn!

Murray962081 karma

Loved your performance in The Way, Way Back. Where do you think the character would be now? Would he have evolved at all?

MrSamRockwell1403 karma

If Owen never changed that would be fine with me. He's such a great guy. But I do love the idea of characters growing after movies, continuing their lives. That's actually what has me most excited about Sweet Thing, that aspect. Check out the Kickstarter!

MrSamRockwell1667 karma

You are all asking so many great questions, it's sort of overwhelming but I'm having a great time! I'm trying to answer as much as possible. Before I forget I want to mention Alex's new project again, Sweet Thing, and their kickstarter to get finishing funds. It's really a great film, and it's important for me he's able to get his work out there. That's why I'm giving out these rewards - like personalized voicemails and signed photos and more. Please check it out!

MrSamRockwell1502 karma

Somehow I am more grossed out watching that clip that I was filming it. Ick

DolphinMixtape1561 karma

My dad is a huge fan of yours. Could you do me a solid and say “Hi, Jerry”? Thanks, Sam.

MrSamRockwell2359 karma

Hi Jerry!

johnstamosfever1176 karma

What's your favorite song to dance to?

MrSamRockwell2441 karma

I like that No Diggity song. There's a lot. Marvin Gaye, James Brown. I mean, I love Elvis Presley. Honestly I think I just like to dance

NicolaGiga336 karma

You are such a good dancer

MrSamRockwell670 karma

Thanks! It wasn't something I was always comfortable with so this all is wonderful to hear

halborn1150 karma

I don't know if you're into scifi at all but what are your thoughts on the way Galaxy Quest has become a cult classic? It seems rare for a satire or comedy to be so appreciated as an earnest work of the genre. What do you think of The Orville?

PansexualEmoSwan778 karma

I think his character Guy in that movie is my favorite of his roles. I hope he doesn't mind, because he was fucking genius in that role and he really made the movie

MrSamRockwell1373 karma

I had so much fun playing that role, but I think most of the credit should go to the writers on that one. I was just lucky to stumble into it.

deckmemer1146 karma

Are you, just like the rest of Hollywood, a part of Denis Villeneuve's Dune?

MrSamRockwell1243 karma

No, not at the moment, but the cast looks fantastic!

Dandermen1044 karma

Sam, you're probably my favorite actor and I adored you in Box Of Moonlight. This little sleeper is so underrated. How do you feel about that film? Was it fun to make? Any little anecdotes that you can share about the filming? Did you actually dive off the cliff rocks into the water below?

MrSamRockwell1557 karma

That movie was hard, because it was kind of a big break for me. I was cast before the financing came through, and a bunch of other, more famous guys wanted to play the part. But they stuck with me, and I think that was one of the problems with the financing. Now when I look back at my performance, I see a nervous actor. But that movie will always be important to me, and yes, it was fun to make

Bone_Dogg924 karma

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford is probably my favorite movie, and your performance was great. What’s your biggest hobby?

MrSamRockwell1555 karma

Thank you so much!

I don't really have one, that's my problem.

I like boxing, but I don't spare much anymore. Strangely enough, I lasso a bunch (i needed to learn it for a Sam Sheppard part). I'm sometimes in the streets of London just lassoing garbage cans.

MrSamRockwell898 karma

Hey Reddit! I have to log off now, I only had about an hour to spare, and answering these questions took longer than I had expected, so I'm sorry if there were some great comments I never got to.

But the conversation doesn't have to end here! Check out Alex Rockwell's kickstarter Sweet Thing (here's the link again: and look out for my rewards. Maybe we can continue on in person! Over coffee? Lunch? Whatever works for you, it's all on the kickstarter page!

Thanks! I had a blast.

Portarossa718 karma

Mr Rockwell!

You've become a bit of a regular collaborator with Martin McDonagh, through Seven Psychopaths, Three Billboards and A Behanding in Spokane. How did that collaboration come about, and do you see it continuing in the future? (I have to say, you're one of my favourite actors and I wrote my dissertation on McDonagh's plays, so being able to enjoy both of your work at once has always been magnificent.)

Good luck with the Kickstarter!

MrSamRockwell866 karma

I honestly think Martin is one of the greatest writers in film. Annoyingly good-looking. We're very close, just saw him last night in fact.

Aspiring_Nothing299 karma

Have you or would you ever star in any of his plays? I think you would be great in The Pillowman.

MrSamRockwell482 karma

Anything involving Martin is something I'd be excited to do.

magneto81524 karma

Hi Sam :)!!! Which of your characters did you enjoy most playing? Which one was the most challenging?

MrSamRockwell908 karma

I think the most challenging was actually Fosse but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

And I actually think I've grown to most enjoy playing supporting roles. Iron Man was a lot of fun. And I had a lot of fun on the set of The Sitter

jaf27360 karma

Hi. Which of the film characters you've played would you most like to hang out with?

MrSamRockwell746 karma

It's gotta be the guy in The Way Way Back, Owen. I mean Justin Hammer's kinda fun. But I gotta go with Owen. That's a good guy.

Murray96355 karma

Who has been the most difficult character to shake off after filming has wrapped? Do you stay in character often when not shooting?

MrSamRockwell780 karma

I played this born-again Christian guy, suicidal alcoholic, in a movie called Snow Angels. It's based on a fantastic book. A lot of great actors in that flick. But for that character I went to all these sermons and services for fundamentalist born-again Christians, and I watched the way they talked and prayed. That one kinda came home with me.

Fangmeyer306 karma

Hi Sam! What is your favorite animated film? And why?

MrSamRockwell848 karma

You know what animated film really had a big impact on me was Robin Hood, the Disney film. And a movie called American Pop. It's a great movie, an adult animated movie. And Heavy Metal. And of course Bambi is amazing. That's an amazing film

suchpeopleint289 karma

i have galaxy quest memorized!! IS THERE AIR? YOU DONT KNOW!

thanks for giving me my love of sci fi and sci fi parody all in one.

MrSamRockwell312 karma

That's impressive! You probably know the lines better than I do now.

THRILL_HO23254 karma

Hey Sam!

You’ve been in this business for a long time, what are some of the biggest differences between acting now than say in the 90s/early 2000s?

MrSamRockwell412 karma

hi thrill_ho

well again independent film has all gone to tv, there are very few people like Alex Rockwell out there making his own way.

I also think we had more takes back in the day. We would shoot for about 25-30 days. and you would only have 3 takes before the light was gone or before some other uncontrollable thing came into play. There was more pressure, which made for a lot of better performances.

moomy94243 karma

Hey, can I see your spaceship?

MrSamRockwell388 karma

Hey now, I don't give out a free rides to everyone...

but I am offering a coffee meetup and a lunch on the Sweet Thing kickstarter, maybe if we're both lucky we can fly around for a bit after.

halborn242 karma

Hey, I really enjoyed Mr. Right. Is Anna Kendrick as delightful in person as I imagine she is?

MrSamRockwell269 karma

She's fantastic.

melzer05240 karma

Hi Sam!

If you hadn’t pursued a career in acting, what other profession would you have liked to pursue?

Thank you!

MrSamRockwell478 karma

Pumping gas, probably

jaf27203 karma

Are there any actors or directors in particular that you really want to work with?

MrSamRockwell309 karma

Passion is by far the most important trait in a director, I think. David Gordon Green is a director I always love to work with. I've never been on an Alex Rockwell set that I didn't love. They're both fantastic guys. And passionate as hell

lef0002161 karma

Hey Sam, I loved you in Three Billboards, what was it like working on such an interesting and intense movie?

MrSamRockwell224 karma

Thank you, it was a great experience. I've said it before and I'll say it again - working with Martin is an unbelievable gift. He's one of the best writers in the history of film.

Big_Papi_Mook150 karma

What role have independent films played in your life?

MrSamRockwell227 karma

Well, Alex Rockwell got me started in independent films. I had down a few things before I met him, but i really hadn't done anything like that until Alex got me into In The Soup. And it was a great way to sort of give my career a little boost. That was a really great time for independent film, it was really thriving in New York. Now that's all changed, i think in a way TV has replaced independent film.

beerbadger139 karma

I forgot to mention this in my last question but have been really curious:

Why did you move to New York to pursue acting rather than stay in your home state? Was there something specific about the NY film scene that spoke to you, as opposed to Los Angeles?

MrSamRockwell209 karma

Well, as i've said before, the New York independent film scene was really thriving in the 90s. People like Alex Rockwell, Jim Jarmusch, Spike Lee, Tom DiCillo, and Susan Seidelman really spoke to me. I didn't get lucky enough to be in all of their films, but I did manage to sneak myself into Alex and Tom's movies.

welusia117 karma

You and Steve Buscemi are two of my favorite actors ! That's exciting, are you two pals? Have you ever worked together?

MrSamRockwell147 karma

Yeah we worked on about three movies together. But we've never really worked together worked together. If that makes sense. It has never been extensive. I've done a few with Steve and Alex Rockwell, actually. In The Soup (which is one of my favorites) and 13 Moons come to mind. And the Search for One-eye Jimmy but that was without Alex.

Tepojama104 karma

I already asked a question but you're basically my favorite actor and I have another question that I meant to ask: What was the hardest role you had to prepare for? Is there anything about that/those roles that makes them especially challenging?

MrSamRockwell193 karma

Well I broke my hand while shooting Somebody to Love with Rosie Perez, not on set, but it was a problem. That's not what you asked but man it was not easy. Don't break your hand

ManteonMcDonagh85 karma

Hey, Sam, thanks for agreeing to answer the questions.

I really liked your work in three billboards, Dixon is my favorite character and my questions about him, I want to know your opinion.

How do you see Dixon's life after the end of the movie? He's gonna be a cool cop? Will he and Mildred become friends?

And what do you think about his line with Red? What do you think might happen next?

MrSamRockwell163 karma

I think Dixon needs a lot of therapy. He's got work to do.