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MrSamRockwell5219 karma

Are there any roles you've turned down you seriously regret and would leap at the chance if there was a reboot? or remake..

Yes. I could have been in The Incredibles. Missed on that one. But you learn!

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Nobody else on the set, ever? That is, unless Kevin Spacey was actually inside the robot (if true, THAT's commitment).

It was actually really cool because you were sort of forced to be in character. Because you were really alone. It felt like a ghost town, but I had a blast. It felt isolating but it fit.

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Yeah I would be happy to do it! i'm just waiting on the avengers to give me a call

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I like that No Diggity song. There's a lot. Marvin Gaye, James Brown. I mean, I love Elvis Presley. Honestly I think I just like to dance

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Hi Jerry!