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So, what's next? Also, do you plan to do any shows outside of NY?


should always count to keep rhythm. Even when I was feeling the energy and emotion, it was ruining my tempo and most likely the audience wasn't feeling it. I don't know, everyone said they loved it and my passion, but when I listened to it, I cringed at all the mistakes I was making.

I'm sure you've heard it before, but in case you haven't. I run a music studio, and what we always say to musicians is "sell your mistakes." If you look good fucking up, 90% of people will never know you fucked up or that it wasn't intentional. Most people like music but know nothing about it.

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sell your mistakes

Haha, that's a good one. You're right. I mean, if you watch my VOD, you'll see I'm gungho the whole time (but being so gung-ho led to sloppy playing, which while no one pointed out to me, I could tell).

As for what's next, I have a private concert in June and then after that I'm planning on moving out of NYC, getting a REAL piano to practice on (keyboards are terrible) and improving my skills.

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what were the most helpful and most important things that your PR person did ? (Also an ex-financial analyst.)

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The most important thing about the PR person is their existing connections to journalists within the industry. Because they have talked to journalists before, it's much better than a cold outreach. They know the emails to send the PR newsletter to, and they know how to follow up.

My PR person got me an interview with Alison Stewart and it was broadcast on NPR. Also got me another interview with Upfront NYC, and also got 3 journalists to come to the event. While it's not rock-star level coverage, it's more than I probably could have gotten by myself (and took another thing off my plate).

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Do you have a secret talent and what is it?

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I can juggle and ride the electric unicycle. At the same time.

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Do you have any plans to elevate your career?

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I don't understand what you mean by this question lol.

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If I remember right, you said that this would be your only concert of the year. If so, what is you long range plan.

Also, did you break even? How do you not know how many people were there? Do you not know the number of tickets sold?

Good luck!

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Nope, lost 9k on this concert. Still waiting on the final numbers from Kaufman center! But we estimated 100+. Because we sold tickets on a bunch of different platforms this time, i dont have the aggregate numbers yet.

For my long-range plan, I actually plan on focusing on Youtube. Youtube is an incredible market right now and there's more monetization options than ever for content creators.

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Curious, what does "monetization options" actually mean? For example, there are times where I am looking for a new car or camper. I will watch some videos of guys that do videos of pulling campers up long grades and going over performance of the car that's pulling them up. Or, I will watch videos of people that will do videos of places that I want to go. Do they make money?

I live in a coastal town that gets a lot of visitors. I wonder if I could do videos for people overseas or out of state about the Top 10 Places to Go in XX, Top 10 Great Resturants in XX.

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What I mean by monetization is things like:



digital sales

merchandise sales



livestream donations


music placements

etc, etc. Things that didn't exist 10 years ago are now available for musicians (and artists or creators of any kind)

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What company do you work for as an analyst? What are your tasks?

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It's called Hedgeserv, I worked as a valuations analyst doing derivatives pricing for OTC products like options, swaps, CDS, and risk reporting for hedge fund portfolios.

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What's your info for Insta, FB, Twitter ?

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Its musicalbasics!

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Be good at kissing ass, handling the work that's given to you, being reliable, try to figure things out on your own, show you're capable of leading a project/new client from 0 to 100.

If you're client facing, get really good at saying no to clients without pissing them off.

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Is is it better to play the piano or to analyse finances [for you, that is] ?

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Of course to play piano! I actually feel alive when I'm doing so.