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$$$$$$$$$$ talks.

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This is the most important question isn't it?

I spent 29 years of my life doubting myself, working a "safe comfortable" job as a financial analyst. On friday nights and weekends I'd come home and do music, sacrificing my social life.

After 29 years I haven't succeeded in either. Sure, I made 150k+/yr as a financial analyst (not bragging, this is average for NYC), but music is my dream.

Eventually, I lost the love of my life because I was just too busy for her. I loved spending every single second with her but the more time I spent with her, the more my music suffered.

So it came to a point where I had to choose between a life of happiness - life spent comfortably working as a financial analyst married to the love of my life, or a life of meaning - life spent working on something that meant something to me.


As for the feeling that this might be a mistake - I know that if I don't give it my all and try for 1-2 years at least once in my life, my future family will suffer and I'll regret it on my deathbed.

edit (since some people aren't interpreting my above words the way I intended): We were not married, we were just dating. When I said "married" i meant eventually if I had chosen to give up on the music dream. But she was absolutely the love of my life. even when thinking about her now I feel so much love towards her. She deserves the best, and all the happiness in the world. She's dating a doctor now who will be able to take care of her so much better than I would have and give her the life she wants. But I won't ever forget the 2 years we spent together because those were the happiest years of my life.

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Yes, a lot less. My monthly income dropped from 13k to less than 1k. But with this decreased income comes a LOT more time to do my own music. Like any other business, it's always "fight for your life" in the beginning.

My favorite time period is the Romantic period. Top composer of all time is Beethoven but I'd have to give Chopin and Rachmaninoff a razor-thin second. I also LOVE Bach and Mozart and Debussy and Ravel and Brahms and my god they're all amazing.

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Doing part time for a more stable income was not an option?

I've been doing the part time thing for 8 years now. Hasn't worked out. Half-assing shit just doesn't work (forgive my language). Especially when there's musicians out there giving it their all, I can't compete with them if I'm half-assing it.

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In 2014 I participated in this Asian talent show? lol and actually was on the same stage as Awkwafina (before she got huge). That was at NYU Skirball and had like 800 seats. But this is definitely the second biggest.