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I have a son who will be starting high school this month. The school has numerous AP classes available.

Do you have a recommendation as to how many AP classes a student should take?

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This is an interesting issue. Ws her health under reported?

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Yale's LLM does not require a JD. I almost think it's for non-lawyers.

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If I remember right, you said that this would be your only concert of the year. If so, what is you long range plan.

Also, did you break even? How do you not know how many people were there? Do you not know the number of tickets sold?

Good luck!

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Curious, what does "monetization options" actually mean? For example, there are times where I am looking for a new car or camper. I will watch some videos of guys that do videos of pulling campers up long grades and going over performance of the car that's pulling them up. Or, I will watch videos of people that will do videos of places that I want to go. Do they make money?

I live in a coastal town that gets a lot of visitors. I wonder if I could do videos for people overseas or out of state about the Top 10 Places to Go in XX, Top 10 Great Resturants in XX.