UPDATE: That's all I have time for today! Thanks so much for joining me.

The title says it all. I’m Benedict Wong and I play Master Lin in SYFY’s new series Deadly Class, which is based on the graphic novel by Rick Remender & Wes Craig. You may recognize me from Doctor Strange or Avengers: Infinity War.

Can’t wait to answer all your questions, and you can catch up on all the episodes before tonight’s finale at 10/9c: http://syfy.tv/DeadlyEpisodes

Proof: https://twitter.com/wongrel/status/1108414017444503552

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Snowbank_Lake1076 karma

The first thing I actually saw you in was “Marco Polo.” What was it like making that show? It was pretty intense!

benedict_wong1307 karma

What an amazing project to work on , working with people from all over the world , Kazakhstan ,Slovakia,Budapest , Malaysia. Forged great lasting friendships , we are never hungry wherever in the world MP family will always dine with each other and Party! We learned to fight , horse ride , discover so much of the Mongolian Culture. My heart still aches we had only two seasons , as there was much to tell of the story of Marco Polo and the reach Kublai Khan had around the world . I wished they would of called it Silk Road , we then could of encompassed many stories along the road of all cultures. We have a two season snap shot of it .

TheQuietManUpNorth289 karma

Man, your Kublai Khan was some of the best acting I've seen in a TV series. I recommend it to be people based on that alone. That one uncomfortable scene in the throne room (you probably know which one) was so full of complexity and it really made me appreciate your skill, so thanks for that. Looking forward to whatever you do next!

benedict_wong253 karma

Man that’s so kind of you to say , and thank you it was a tough scene to:play , but he spoke to him as an equal !

babztheslag49 karma

No real question, just here to tell you you’re awesome! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

benedict_wong82 karma

Thank you Babz , you’re too

tyereliusprime673 karma

How does it feel being be the best character in the Dr. Strange franchise?

benedict_wong655 karma

Amazing !!😜

TheAfterCreditsShow_573 karma

Do you believe Wong should be the Sorcerer Surpreme?

benedict_wong834 karma

Ha! Why not ! He’s currently guarding The Sanctum.

Smertullus537 karma

What's your favorite memory from filming The Martian?

benedict_wong807 karma

A day would consist of jamming (ukulele) with Chiwetel in the trailer ,and then filming a scene , and dinner with Ridley.

treblah3536 karma

Everyone is focusing on your screen roles but I have to say I loved your voice acting in the video game Prey (2017). You have a great and recognizable voice.

What was that process like? Did you get to work directly with the other actors or was it more a case of everyone recording their parts separately?

benedict_wong503 karma

It was recorded in a few days , I’ve not played the game , any good ?

benedict_wong416 karma

Thank you so much , we as a cast and crew have worked so hard and lovingly , we know we’re on a project like no other . To have Rick (the creator of the graphic novel) as showrunner is a first, fans of the graphic novel can be assured , you’re gonna get what they know and love and some. That’s the beauty Rick , has been able to dive in to this world and expand for example the Master Lin backstory .

denial_central415 karma

Hi Wong! I don't really know what to ask, so what's your favorite food? Is there any weird food combo that you like and would want reddit to know about?

benedict_wong752 karma

I have a love love relationship with food . I love travelling the world and eating what the locals eat . I sprinkle Himalayan pink salt on pineapple ! How’s that for decadence !

broganisms391 karma

Hey, Benedict. Big fan. Can you settle a family debate and confirm whether or not you wore a wig when playing the character of Prime in The IT Crowd?

benedict_wong578 karma

That was my own hair , Streeeeeeeeeeet Countttttttttdoooooooown

TheAceCommando306 karma

What was it like on the set of doctor strange?

benedict_wong681 karma

One of my first days on set for Strange , I’d just flown in from finishing Season 2 of Marco Polo , dumped my bags and went straight on set the next day . Scene with Chiwetel and Benedict ( he’s breaking the space time continuum) so I rush in with that line , and my mouth just keeps splurting jibberish I’m jet lagged , we go again and again . We’re in double figures ! Sent home ! Aside from first day flight nerves ! Had a lot of fun

curious_dead270 karma

Hi! Your characters from Doctor Strange and Deadly Class are very different, which one did you enjoy playing the most?

I really like your Master Lin, btw.

benedict_wong338 karma

Where I’ve enjoyed , readdressing the balance for Wong’s character more Mentor , less tea making servile. We saw more what he could do in the time he had in Infinity War. We’ll see what Dr Strange 2 will bring . I’m enjoying Master Lin immensely . It’s a downward spiral and. He’s holding on with the skin of his teeth . There’s so much more to develop with this character .

Michael_DeSanta263 karma

Did Benedict Cumberbatch make you a fan of Beyoncé?

benedict_wong767 karma

Who’s Benedict Cumberbatch?

parkerpenn90238 karma

Hi Wong, I love all of your performances and I wanted to ask if you have anything planned for marvel after Endgame?

benedict_wong591 karma

Probably dinner

MrMytie174 karma

Do you still keep in touch with superstar comedian Sean Lock?

benedict_wong186 karma

I’ve occasionally bumped into Sean at a festival , and in North London , and his an exclusive ,he’s just emailed this evening ! He’s such a funny guy

jambox88827 karma

Follow up, are you still good at table tennis?

benedict_wong59 karma

That was actually me

jarotte130 karma

How did it feel to be personally responsible for the disaster aboard the Icarus II?

benedict_wong204 karma

It was fine I had insurance fire and theft

AmblinFan26122 karma

Hi Benedict! I love you as Wong in the MCU and I’m enjoying Deadly Class a lot since it started! The cast is comprised of mostly young up-and-comers in its ensemble. What has impressed you the most about working with the main cast of actors as well as some of the supporting cast members?

benedict_wong132 karma

Hey ! This cast in my book is Special . We’ll look back at Deadly Class and think how on earth did we get them all in the same f#ckn Series. Their work ethic , their fearlessness , it’s been wonderful seeing them gel and become a family . Each of their characters they cherish , so much you’d demand a spin off from all of them . The guest actors have come in knocked it out of the park .

prime-pics151111 karma

Hi Benedict Wong. I’m a huge fan of your work and I can’t wait to see you in Endgame. I was wondering how you pronounce your username on Instagram (@wongrel)? P.S you are awesome

benedict_wong196 karma

Like Wong /grull Mongrel , Graham Linehan help set up my twitter account a long long time ago , when the Web was good and pure.

Tallbois91 karma

What's the color of ur toothbrush?

benedict_wong130 karma


Tallbois60 karma

Woahh, that cool!! Whats ur favorite color then, is it blue? Also thank you for answering my question!!

benedict_wong122 karma

Currently Green

grimgrimlock86 karma

Hi Benedict, going back a few years but how was it making 15 Storeys High with Sean Lock? Is he as funny off-screen as he is on-screen. I loved that Show!

benedict_wong75 karma

He’s hilarious

Mijavera67 karma

Hello Benedict!!!

How are you liking the more scifi-nerdy movies/scripts compared to other roles?

benedict_wong86 karma

I’ve just enjoyed playing a variety of roles . What matters most is the story , if the script is good . We could be anywhere !

sam-carruthers67 karma

How much are you going to be involved in the MCU post-Endgame?

benedict_wong266 karma


readit_at_work66 karma

Hi Benedict!

I wanted to thank you for your appearance at last year's Cincinnati Comic Expo. You were awesome and the photos you took with my son and wife made their con.

I know Cincinnati isn't exactly San Diego or anything huge, but you brought a lot of joy to a lot of people -- my son in particular. He took the photo of you and him to show and tell the following week. He still talks about it.

Are you planning any upcoming personal appearances you can let your fans know about?

Thank you,

A huge fan

P.S. Wong is Wong!

benedict_wong77 karma

Awww man that’s heartening to hear , send my best again to your boy . Cincinnati’s great

Josquius60 karma

Not sure how to phrase this, hope it doesn't come out bad.

How do you feel about consistently playing very Chinese-y roles?

Do you wish for more roles like your part in Black Mirror where the race of the character was irrelevant or do you like this kind of Asia-rooted part?

benedict_wong125 karma

Uncle Ben’s sweet n sour sauce is Chinese-y , those roles are just Chinese roles. Roles like Black Mirror seldom come up .its a long game . I couldn’t get a job in Salford , so moved to London , I’m a Character Actor

Hookerpiss54 karma

Hi Mr. Wong! Just want to say your portayal of Master Lin has been fantastic and has brought so much light to such a secretive character in the comics! My one question for you is what is the most frightening group to master Lin in your opinion? In a school with the cartel/Yakuza/KGB there must be one that Lin has the most caution of!

Btw your outfits are stellar on the show!

benedict_wong166 karma

Thank you Mr Hookerpiss though I’m sure that’s not your real name , but if it is I’m so sorry that you were bullied . Yes ,thank you well that of course was in the capable hands of Rick and Miles . Where in the graphic novels Lin chimes in through the story . It’s great we can explore deeper with who is he ! More about the Guild . Lin doesn’t underestimate any of them ,he is entangled with all of them , and has to circumnavigate his way out for his own survival.

xsikal53 karma

Really looking forward to tonight's finale. Any chance on a spinoff focusing on the faculty? Lin, Deluce, Denke, Zane, and Scorpio Slasher would make for a hell of an ensemble.

benedict_wong73 karma

Teachers Assemble !! I think they’ve created Chaos right there , maybe taking on another Guild school ! All the Actors there you mentioned are so wonderful , you just wanna see more of Erica , Henry ,Christopher , French. This show is enriched by their artistry. 👊🏾💕🍸☠️

nikelaos11751 karma

Hey there. What was it like voice acting your character in Prey? Do toy game any interest in video games?

benedict_wong73 karma

Id liked to take part in more video games

Photo-Jenny43 karma

Hi Benny! How, as a properly trained actor, did you end up such a mainstay of British comedy? And will we ever see any more of your Yoko Ono?

(I've been a fan since 15 Storeys High and glad to see you getting the big roles you deserve!)

benedict_wong56 karma

Hey Jenny ! Thank you , I got into comedy via my friend Peter Serafinowicz who was playing the voice of Errol(which he was doing an impressi9n of myself) in “15 Stories High” when they came to do the tv series of it , I waltz in and was given the job! Ha I think that’s the last of my Yoko Ono !

Voetbal83040 karma

Hey Benedict! What’s your favorite movie of all time?

benedict_wong98 karma

Blade runner

Voetbal83028 karma

That’s one of my favorites also! What’d you think of 2049?

benedict_wong89 karma

Absolutely loved it , it will become a classic , on the same path as Bladerunner .

Northern1438 karma

Seeing as how your so well known for being in Dr.Strange and Marco Polo, what are some other Movies/Shows that you would like your audience to be more aware of?

benedict_wong70 karma

Grow Your Own , Sunshine , 15 Stories High ,

Madrizzle135 karma

Deadly Class does a great job with the source material. Really love it. So thank you!

Master Lin, what do you make of the mixture of comic animation into each episode when telling back story? Was it done sure to those scenes being especially dark or just an artistic expression?

benedict_wong46 karma

I think it’s wonderful ,that they are still rooted with returning back to animation when telling the back stories , and would be way too disturbing filmed !

Khonshus-Fist34 karma

How did you get your start in acting, and what made you want to pursue it?

benedict_wong99 karma

I joined a 2 year performing arts course in Salford . Didn’t go to Drama School , joined a cooperative where actors represent each other and preceded to climb every rung of the ladder! 28 years later (sounds like a film!) I’m still here ! It’s all about the gate keepers those that close them tight for you (I’ll always remember them ) those that unlock them open (I’ll always cherish ) you get a chance to create “something” with like minded people , something miraculous might just happen ! What made me want to pursue ? I love to tell stories 🙏🏾💫

Deaf_Bard31 karma

If you could pick any profession other than acting what would like to do ?

benedict_wong76 karma

Part time masseuse /private detective

TheAfterCreditsShow_27 karma

Would you rather Save the Universe or Have a lifetime supply of Tuna Melts?

benedict_wong100 karma

Oh come on !! 🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪...........🤢🤮 Save The Universe

Khonshus-Fist26 karma

What type of music do you listen to?

benedict_wong64 karma

All sorts , hip hop (90s) de la soul , tribe called quest , Chet Baker , King’s of convenience, little dragon , Sleaford Mods, Frank Sinatra , alll sorts

Col_Walter_Tits26 karma

Hi Benedict! Been a fan of yours since the wrong mans and thought you were amazing in Marco Polo. Are you a fan of sci fi and sought out genre projects to be a part of or did it just kind of happen?

benedict_wong55 karma

Thank you for watching . I am a massive fan of science fiction . Hey when your seven years old, in the longest queue at Manchester Odeon Cinema wondering what you’re waiting for , then boom Star Wars smacks you right in the chops , my love for Sci-Fi began to bloom , Bladerunner one of my favorite films , and to work with Ridley was a dream realized. I’ve been fortunate they’ve come my way !

Khonshus-Fist21 karma

Who’s your favorite character you’ve ever played, and why?

benedict_wong74 karma

I’ve enjoyed playing Laertes in Hamlet (or as my mum likes to say when asked by her friends “what’s your son up to now ?” Omelette!)

Playing The Artist Ai WeiWei , Zhang Lin in Chimerica , 3 theatre roles .

Kublai Khan

nope_920 karma

What is your favorite romantic relationship on Deadly Class other than Master Lin and his wife?

benedict_wong29 karma

Billy /Petra at the school dance , heartbreaking in every way , Liam James and Taylor Hickson are just fantastic . As billy takes Petra in his arms , he’s scooped in by her , teenage fragile heart ! Heart 💔

HawkeyeisGod16 karma

Do you enjoy your role as Master Lin on Deadly Class more or your role as Wong in the MCU?

benedict_wong39 karma

I’m really enjoying Deadly Class , depth of character the dangers that lie ahead for Lin . Wong’s great to play too , we’ll see what happens for him in Dr Strange 2 ! It’s the MCU come on ! I’ve been a massive marvel fan collecting Spider-Man comics , to meet Stan Lee a number of occasions , again another dream realised .

Deaf_Bard16 karma

Have you always wanted to be an actor, and how did you get started ?

benedict_wong21 karma

I enrolled at a performance king arts course in Salford , and tried I had no background in the arts , I just wanted to have a go , and it grew .

Stevepiers15 karma

Would you consider 15 Storeys High to the best kept secret in comedy? No-one I've recommended it to has ever heard of it, and I think it's wonderful.

benedict_wong18 karma

It’s a hidden gem they say !

Triggered_Nometry14 karma


benedict_wong34 karma

Hello also from the UK Triggered Nometry! I’ve got chesty virus is the current status report!

“So do not be concerned with the fruit of your action-just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of its own accord.” — Eckhart Tolle

This is in the front of my acting journal ( I put quotes , exercises techniques that r3sonate with me over the years )

spicerldn12 karma

What was it like working with Sean Lock on 15 Storeys High?

benedict_wong15 karma

Very proud of the show ,

seanconnery6969612 karma

Hi, thanks for interacting with us!

If you were in Marcus' position during Master Lin's interrogation of him, do you think you would have 'ratted' out your friends, or stayed mum and suffer the consequences on your own? On some level, everything goes down a pretty bad path once Master Lin has proof that Maria did it (Master Lin tries to protect her, lies to El Diablo, etc.).

And for a less dark question, which student were you like the most when you were younger, and why?

Keep up the great work!

benedict_wong19 karma

Well the situation Marcus was placed in was his Achilles Heel ,it would of broke anyone , that’s what Lin is capable, of breaking you down , he’ll get what he wants . A mixture of Billy / Willie , I’d clown around at school , I’ve got the peacekeeper in Willie .

nimblebitnoodle12 karma

Hi BW, I enjoyed your work in Infinity War and Dr.Strange and it’s wonderful to see more diversity in Hollywood these days. What a surprise to see this AMA!

I wonder if you feel the “pressure” of being a big role-model to the Asian community and if so how does it effect you? E.g. Do you think you need to be a good example for the entire Asian Community? Or do you accept/deny a movierole, based on a “stereotypical” background of a Chinese person?

benedict_wong45 karma

Hey ! I’m just trying to better myself as an actor that’s all . I’ve no idea if I’m role model. But I’m just in my own lane , minding my own business, carving my own path . Do I feel I need to be a good example for the Asian Community ? No! I’m here to be a good example of myself . It is hard to express yourself authentically, when the business itself have boxed you in . I play a variety of characters some Chinese /American /British .

PsychedelicSloth9 karma

How would Wong feel about Master Lin's approach to teaching?

benedict_wong18 karma

Similar disciplines

ellydoodles8 karma

I loved your portrayal a Lin. He's such a significant figure in the comics and the writers and your acting did such a wonderful job of presenting his complexity and conflictions.

Ive seen that all the actors worked closely with Remender and Craig's source material, but how closely did you personally work with the source material of Deadly Class? Was it something you tried to emulate or more of a base to build upon?

benedict_wong7 karma

Having read the graphic novels , there was more to mine with the scripts and having Rick and Miles on speed dial . The Lin story was yet to be explored ,an undiscovered territory.

DeanSmartin8 karma

Good Day Mr. Wong!

I am wondering...of all the actors you have worked with...who was the one that you 'learned' the most from, or that you have the most respect for (besides yourself of course!)?

benedict_wong22 karma

Two actors , Tim Piggott-Smith 1995 I was I a play The Letter my first ever professional play , Tim took me under his wing . Mark Rylance , have always enjoyed being in a rehearsal space and watching his performances at the Shakespeare Globe theatre where I played two seasons there form 98/99

helloimalobster7 karma

Are you considering going to South Texas(USA) comic-con? ..it’s my local one and they told me they’d like to have you there very much! It would be such a pleasure to meet you Benedict you don’t understand! I have been a great fan of yours for a while now and have started making photoshop edits of your characters Wong and Master Lin. The comic-con takes place later this year at Mcallen Texas. You are so great keep on doing what you do 👊👩🏾‍🎤💫💫💫🌟 Sincerely, Albert.

benedict_wong10 karma

Bless you Albert , I hope I can . In the meantime 👊🏾💫👨🏾‍🎤

ThatRule34Guy7 karma

Is there any role/character you're dying to play if the opportunity comes up, down the line?

benedict_wong15 karma

I’m happy to see how things unfurl , I’d like to get my own projects off the ground .

swimmingdropkick7 karma

Considering how different Master Lin is in the show vs the comic, do you see the two versions as distinctly different characters or would you consider the one you play as an earlier version of Lin who will evolve more into the more terrifying comic version over the course of the show?

Can't wait to see the finale and rooting for y'all to get a season 2 (or more).

benedict_wong7 karma

The answer is in the question ! 👊🏾💫☠️

itayfeder6 karma

Will you be in Dr. Strange 2? If So, do you know if your role will be expanded?

benedict_wong14 karma

It’s in the Lap of the Prods

iamfakenick6 karma

How was The Stark Wedding?

benedict_wong11 karma

Amazing , delicious vegan section too