Hi, I’m Julian Alexander a 24 year old programmer and entrepreneur. For the past few months I’ve been building an AI matchmaker named Juliet to help you find your perfect match.

My friends and I were tired of all the dating apps currently on the market, endlessly swiping with little to no results. I decided to take matters into my own hands and shake things up. Creating real relationships is a primary objective of Juliet, which is why she matches you with only one person at time based on compatibility. The catch is that she sets an expiration date with every match, meaning that you can only be with your partner until the time runs out.  After each match Juliet learns from the interaction and finds you someone that you’re even more compatible with. This process continues until she ultimately finds you your perfect match.

I’ve been a lurker for over 6 years, so it feels good to finally have something to share. I love talking about programming, business, and life, but feel free to ask me anything.


IOS Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/juliet-matchmaker/id1440557186?ls=1&mt=8 (US and Canada)

Over 100 people have signed up so far. Thank You!


500* Holy shit!

About to break 1K users. Thank you, everyone!

1.5K users!

Matchmaking will begin tonight once the flood of signups slow down, stay tuned!

I made a Twitter and Instagram to keep you all up to date.



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belongtotherain5803 karma

Did you get your idea from Black Mirror’s episode Hang the DJ?

JulianandJuliet2877 karma

I'm a huge Black Mirror fan ;)

DeadlyDancingDuck435 karma

You'll need a lot of personal information for this to work... How safe will the user's info be? How are you funding the app's launch period? Direct advertising?

JulianandJuliet338 karma

Great question. User privacy is a number one concern of mine which is why everything in transit and at rest is encrypted, everything going into tensor flow is completely decoupled from the user, I'll never sell user data.

At the moment it's completely self funded, my AWS bill has only been $0.50.

And nah fuck advertising, it will most likely be a subscription model.

Maint_Man13240 karma

I just downloaded and signed up. I uploaded a picture. Now what? It asked me nothing about me. How long is an expected wait?

JulianandJuliet121 karma

Thank you. The wait time is based on the amount people who are of the sexual preference of your choice who are also looking for a match.

blackholesinthesky182 karma

based on the amount people who are of the sexual preference of your choice who are also looking for a match

How does it know sexual preference if it doesn't ask?

JulianandJuliet157 karma

Weird, that should have been the first screen you're shown after you input your name. Not matter you can also change your sexual preference in the settings.

tastytraveler137 karma

Would you consider a safety rating? As in users can rate how safe they felt being on a date with their match so other users can review this information?

JulianandJuliet108 karma

Yes, any match that you're in can be terminated based on the following criteria. Inappropriate messages, spam, or unresponsive. Once a match is terminated it will be reviewed to see if the offending user should continue to use the service.

SuperSatanOverdrive52 karma

Is the physical aspect somehow considered when doing the matchmaking? Does it learn your preferences?

JulianandJuliet24 karma

Yes, physical aspects are considered and it does learn after every match.

BowserGarland45 karma

Plans for android or web browser?

JulianandJuliet44 karma

Android yes, not sure yet about a browser based application. Maybe a web based chat could be cool.

savehoward24 karma

How does the app make money for you? Will you be charging for a subscription service?

JulianandJuliet33 karma

Yeah a subscription model would be ideal because I detest ads. Btw all early adopters will not have to pay a subscription fee if go down that route.

BiggerBlueButton17 karma

I noticed that the only options for sexual preference were straight or gay. Would you consider adding a bisexual option for those who want to be matched with men and women?

JulianandJuliet7 karma

Yes, a bisexual preference is coming soon, stay tuned!

Drdoomsalot8 karma

Are you going to be releasing it for android?

JulianandJuliet16 karma

For sure, working on it as we speak.

thefisack6 karma

Will the AI factor in religion? Furthermore, will it differentiate between different religious beliefs? I.e. two people may identify as the same religion but have very different theological beliefs.

JulianandJuliet16 karma

At the moment no. But that's a good suggestion I'll add that in as a filter.

LostMyselfInTokyo3 karma

UK release date? :)

JulianandJuliet13 karma

I'm including the UK and all of Europe in the next release. I have to make sure I have all my GDPR ducks in a row.

LeChapeauBleu3 karma

When is skynet coming?

JulianandJuliet4 karma

"Juliet becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug."

honeydipss2 karma

What is Juliet’s technology stack?

JulianandJuliet3 karma

Client: Swift

Application servers: Lemp stack plus a ton of Redis

Chat server: node.js

Matchmaker: python

ML: Tensor Flow