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Is the physical aspect somehow considered when doing the matchmaking? Does it learn your preferences?

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Maybe they heard that old "women love assholes" thing and figured you would fall in love.

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5 years sounds incredibly optimistic, but I guess that depends on what you mean by smarter than us. Todays AIs are highly specialized and doesn't really do much reasoning. Artificial general intelligence still looks to be far off in the future.

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What regions are you releasing in? I see it’s not available here in Norway

Edit: apparently a controversial question

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Yeah. Time usage is notioriously difficult to predict, and that's usually what software budgets are mostly about.

No wonder, as you're trying to make an estimate for how long it will take to build something you don't even know what is yet.

There's a reason for the old project manager trick of taking the developer's estimate and multiplying it by 3.