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based on the amount people who are of the sexual preference of your choice who are also looking for a match

How does it know sexual preference if it doesn't ask?

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Because no one is impressed that a robot has sensors.

Saying we have a "robot that can feel pain" is different than saying "we built a robot with pressure sensors in it and coded the robot to respond to these sensors".

One is super impressive, mindblowingly so. The other is just a fancy version of a toy I played with as a child

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I don't feel running pain like a new runner does

How much of that is deprogramming and how much of it is just you're body physically building up a resistance to breaking down?

People who work out regularly experience less intense symptoms from their workout but its not usually attributed to "their brain being deprogrammed from pain". Usually its things like your body being more efficient at removing lactic acid or something

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Yes, that was a grammatically correct usage of quotation marks. Its still sensationalist.

exciting [...] language at the expense of accuracy

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sensationalism - (especially in journalism) the use of exciting or shocking stories or language at the expense of accuracy, in order to provoke public interest or excitement.

Saying "they put quotes around it so it doesn't count" is a cop out.