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I'm a huge Black Mirror fan ;)

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Great question. User privacy is a number one concern of mine which is why everything in transit and at rest is encrypted, everything going into tensor flow is completely decoupled from the user, I'll never sell user data.

At the moment it's completely self funded, my AWS bill has only been $0.50.

And nah fuck advertising, it will most likely be a subscription model.

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Weird, that should have been the first screen you're shown after you input your name. Not matter you can also change your sexual preference in the settings.

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Thank you. The wait time is based on the amount people who are of the sexual preference of your choice who are also looking for a match.

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Yes, any match that you're in can be terminated based on the following criteria. Inappropriate messages, spam, or unresponsive. Once a match is terminated it will be reviewed to see if the offending user should continue to use the service.