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Did you mean "fledgling"?

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If he chooses to identify as a pokemon, who are we to stop him?

Miyazonoo-2 karma

Um excuse me, I identify as Sunkern, thank you very much

tr3v1n168 karma

As a video game translator, do you have to be careful with typos?

Miyazonoo-9 karma

We make sure to fix that before reinserting the script, it'd be a pain to extract it again to fix it. Or fix it, take out the script we inserted and put in the new one.

So yeah, we have to be careful of them.

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I think that might have been a reference to your title, which has the same requirement.

Miyazonoo8 karma

Welp, lets add this to r/woooosh

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How does this shit get approved?

Miyazonoo-30 karma

I do a single typo and everyone's all over me about it, I guess that's the internet for you

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When your mistake involves an error that parallels the very subject matter you're posting about, you can't be surprised by this kind of reaction from the internet.

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Well, you’re right.

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Congratulations on making the front page in 5 minutes with 12 upvotes. What inspired you to become a fledgling coder?

Miyazonoo-1 karma

I just really love video games and wanted to create my own

I'm on the front page already, what?

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Has your previous translation work opened many doors in the professional field, especially for language?

Miyazonoo10 karma

Not yet sadly, I hope it will in the future though

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Where did you learn to spell?

Miyazonoo-4 karma

It was a misspelling gotdammit

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As a profesional spell cheqker, I find my job dificut. How do you mannage?

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I dont no, its vry hahrd

Aquarithyst7 karma

What got you into coding?

Miyazonoo4 karma

I just really love video games and wanted to make my own

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Uhmm... I suppose English isn’t your first language?

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English is my first language.........I’m a US boy

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I ask because “fletching”. That’s uhh... that’s not correct.

Miyazonoo3 karma

You don’t think I know that by now?

bombilla423 karma

Just fuckin’ with you, bruh.

Miyazonoo6 karma

Sorry, I’ve already received like 140 comments like this

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What's for dinner?

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What got you started in translating? Also what languages do you mostly program in? I prefer Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript mostly

Miyazonoo3 karma

Mostly Mother 3 and my love of Japanese. I wondered if there were other games that were as good as Mother 3 that didn't make it over.

I like Java, JS, and a bit of C++

IAmTheSherif4 karma

Do you think, as someone inside the community, that Mother 3 will ever be officially localized?

Miyazonoo6 karma

I can always hope, but based on some on some of the themes and topics, I don't know. Smash Ultimate does have a lot of Mother representation and it's Mother's 30th anniversary, so now's the time for it.

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Where are you from that you say fletching video game translator instead of fucking video game translator? I usually only hear Mormons and midwesterners talk like that.

Miyazonoo8 karma

I'm from good ol' Missouri, so you're right

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Can you stick a compact disc up your ass?

Miyazonoo3 karma

I could, but I’ve got the wrong type of player

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Hey! Really appreciate the work people like you do.

How legal is translating games? Do you run into complaints from developers?

How much of a script is reworded after translation to better fit the target culture? (Like with references or idioms)

Miyazonoo10 karma

Thank You!

Fan Translations are in a grey area of the law, so it's not legal but it's legal, sooo

The last question really depends on the game, this game is heavily stereotypical with Japanese stereotypes, so It'll be changed less, but others have to be changed to better fit the style of the game.

BedWordSnowedIn3 karma

Is English your first language?

Miyazonoo0 karma

Yes, it is

BedWordSnowedIn9 karma

“this game is heavily stereotypical with Japanese stereotypes, so It'll be cut less, but others have to be changed to better fit the style of the game.”

Are you sure?

Miyazonoo-1 karma

Get off of my back please

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Is it a hard process, and if so, do you need to learn the games native language (Japanese for Japan only games) to effectively translate them?

edit: I'm stupid and I admit it

edit 2: downvoting myself

Miyazonoo3 karma

Yes, you have to know Japanese pretty well, that's why I have a friend helping me on this one, also help is needed.

Get the script is a process, but after that its easy until reinserting it I assume