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This isn't a substantial AMA, this is a person who just started and feels good about the work they're doing. As a "translator" who is learning the language they claim to be translating and a "coder" who hasn't finished a project, they should be asking questions instead of feeling like they're in a position to answer them. The hilarious and ironic typo did wonders for this post.

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Not even for a living, as a hobby. Learning japanese, with friends, to translate and code as an amateur. My question was going to be "what sorts of questions are you hoping people are going to ask you?"

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I don't want to shit on you but you should probably consider that typically AMAs are done by people with some combination of existing body of work, a contribution to their field, or a personal breadth of knowledge. At this point, being completely fresh into the field, little experience, and no published work, you're currently 0/3. Do some really cool stuff, like you're planning to, and you'll be able to answer real, substantial questions in the future; the "anything" part of Ask Me Anything.

EDIT: For example, if I asked "how much direction do you typically have in translations? some games seem to have very whimsical translations by very down-to-earth teams, such as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and other games seem much more straightforward" or "How many other translators typically review your work before an official release? I can't imagine the average japanese developer would be very good at reviewing an english translation despite having a certain level of quality to be held to", would you have answers for either of those?

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Congratulations on making the front page in 5 minutes with 12 upvotes. What inspired you to become a fledgling coder?

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typos are pretty freeuently noted, but malapropisms are a diamond dozen.