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KIA_Hawk218 karma

Yes one question. Why?

mail_potatoes25 karma

We've been selling products online for a few years now and thought that this was a wacky idea that had a chance to work! If you can create a business that brings out emotions out of people, you have a chance to be successful.

dx00746 karma

Did you have many orders from Latvia?

mail_potatoes2 karma

Not yet! Help us spread the word over there.

spidersnake43 karma

Are you doing this because your last bout of social relevance has waned and you're hoping reddit will restart it?

Imbeefy9 karma

They're hoping to get some sales off this. It's just a shitty shill till their company dies.

mail_potatoes8 karma

We've been around for over 3 years now and still going strong. We would have died a long time ago if we relied on shills to drive sales. But thanks!

awwnutslol36 karma


This isn't even the fun kind of silly, it's just pointless.

mail_potatoes32 karma

People use us in many funny ways! Insides jokes, potato tag, uploading faces to the potatoes and sending them. Anonymously sending them to people. You can get creative!

TheWiggiest_West26 karma

Have you considered using yams?

mail_potatoes31 karma

Yams are a bit more messy to deal with than idaho russets!

haiphee20 karma

How do you source your potatoes?

mail_potatoes-17 karma

This is a secret my friend :)

mtommy259717 karma

Are you the guys who sent a potato to some NBA players? I made a post about it when it happened to Tobias Harris

tedisme13 karma

Why wouldn't you use actual examples of your product (or better mock-ups at least) on your website, instead of pretty rough Photoshops? I'd be concerned about turning off customers and potentially bumping into the FTC or state TIA laws, and you could easily bump up the quality of your marketing by shipping twelve real finished potatoes to a photographer.

mail_potatoes2 karma

Good suggestion. We don't hide our process. It's all over our social media, homepage customer photos and video on the homepage. Thanks for the tip.

AchingAss10 karma

What kinda spud options we talking here?

Nothing says happy birthday grandma like a nice waxy fingerling potato.

mail_potatoes4 karma

We keep it simple. Idaho Russet Potatoes. And the occasional baby white potatoes (seasonal product).

skalpss9 karma

What is your most memorable message written on a potato?

mail_potatoes46 karma


balents9 karma

This is actually fucking stupid, but congrats on tricking a swath of stupid people to give you money. Literally just Sharpie on a potato in a "pretty" box. Or maybe they printed a picture out, cut it, and glued it to the potato. That costs extra.

I mean, I'm pissed off at the lack of quality, innovation, and skill it would take to do something like this, but I'm also extremely impressed you guys actually made this viable as a product. Congrats I guess?

mail_potatoes9 karma

Our customers like our wackiness and personalization. Its a fun gifting experience and that's why we're still around, so thanks!

iDrinkOxygen7 karma

How many upvotes for free potatoes for a year?

mail_potatoes3 karma

depends on how this post does throughout the day!

Jam3sMain7 karma

From your experience how hard is it to get a novelty company off the ground and to be a viable source of money?

mail_potatoes7 karma

It's pretty hard and you have to be able to bear the time that it takes to get to a point where you're consistently getting orders from customers to actually make it a business. You need to be creative in terms of bringing traffic and awareness to your product.

FloppyJewel6 karma

What do you use to write on the potato, sharpie or something else and is it an actual person that writes the message or a machine ? And are the potato’s safe to eat after you get them?

Love the idea btw

mail_potatoes7 karma

Thank you for liking the idea! We never use sharpie. There is a real person behind every potato making your order. We use only high quality art writing materials.

We do not recommend eating the potato after receiving one, however we encourage you to plant the potato once it has reached the end of its life to grow more. We also donate 1 potato for every 1 sold to local food banks who then distribute them to people who need food.

Sam_Valenti4 karma

How did you guys get on all these TV shows?

mail_potatoes8 karma

Just by offering a unique product! People slowly started taking notice. Shark Tank led to a lot of other article features and awareness for us.

DelicateFlower12343 karma

What is Ellen like off screen? Hear she's a bitch! 😋

mail_potatoes16 karma

Ellen spoke about us on her show for a bit and then said she was going to create a competitor service called Ellen's Yam Grams. Didn't see her in person!

Kilick1232 karma

Is kevin still working on your company?

mail_potatoes2 karma

He is still involved with us as an investor, yes!

hazeleyedwolff2 karma

I'm curious to know about your strategies for customer stickiness. I could see someone seeing a show and sending a few spuds to buds, then never engaging again with your brand. How much of your business is repeat business, and how many customers reach out again after the first month?

mail_potatoes5 karma

About 15% of our customers are repeat customers.

cinemachick2 karma

How did you decide what variety of potato to use? Also, any favorite potato recipies?

mail_potatoes8 karma

We needed a type of potato with the skin texture what was writable and one that images could be placed on.

SoyBasedClownFeed1 karma

Why do we care?

mail_potatoes17 karma

You totally don't have to care! But let us know if you have a question :)

FiloRen1 karma

Is there one variety of potato that's ideal for writing on?

mail_potatoes3 karma

We prefer idaho russet potatoes!

supersocking1 karma

You don't even laser etch the images or message on it but use a marker? seems half-assed for a half-assed idea.

mail_potatoes5 karma

laser etching actually isn't a good solution because it cuts into the skin of the potato and makes it spoil very quickly!

ButterKnifeScar1 karma

What are the typicals reasons people use your service? What was the greatest/ more chilling message you had ever had to print on a potatoes?

mail_potatoes7 karma

Our customers use our service as a replacement to greeting cards or flowers, however we are more fun, anonymous and random!

The majority of messages customers enter are normal ones you might think of (happy birthday, i love you, congrats, etc), but we've seen some some graphic messages, nude images, and stalking messages. FYI we don't send these types of messages as we don't want to hurt peoples feelings!

The worst thing I have personally seen as a message was one woman was confessing to another woman her husband was cheating on her with multiple women and that she did too! Also, saw ones where someone put the other person's license plate as the message. Super stalker type stuff! Again, we read each message and if it is harmful or threatening, we don't send it out.

Great question!

TexHen2141 karma

You guys are awesome! I bought a spud and sent it to my buddy, who’s live in gf left on business for like a month. He’s pretty helpless and I was concerned he’s was going to starve so I sent him a spud with the message “ in case of emergency” on it. It was funny as I didn’t tell him and then forgot about it, until one day he was like, I got this potato in the mail.......lmao! Also you gots were from Denton, TX. We are both Mean Green Alumni! So here’s a question. Does the post office want to peel and deep fry you?

mail_potatoes1 karma

Love that! Luckily they don't know whats in the package, but if they did i'm sure they would.

pandatasss0 karma

Besides writing on a potato, what is your favorite way to potato?

mail_potatoes6 karma

potato au gratin :)

SnootyMehman0 karma

Do you think all the people hating on your idea are just jealous because they didn't think of it first?

mail_potatoes0 karma

we welcome the haters.