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balents9 karma

This is actually fucking stupid, but congrats on tricking a swath of stupid people to give you money. Literally just Sharpie on a potato in a "pretty" box. Or maybe they printed a picture out, cut it, and glued it to the potato. That costs extra.

I mean, I'm pissed off at the lack of quality, innovation, and skill it would take to do something like this, but I'm also extremely impressed you guys actually made this viable as a product. Congrats I guess?

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It's called a colloquialism. Sorry but your comment is condescending and nobody really gives a shit ;)

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When you eat veggies and fruits do you not eat things like melon crusts or kiwi skins? Wondering if you eat certain parts of things that other people would just throw out.

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Tbh you're not wrong lol