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Not a Lt. Dangle reference I won’t upvote

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That's a classy cocktail idea.

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Hard shelled bags with 4 roller wheels get treated more gently than anything because of how they roll in the bins. It’s almost a treat coming up the belt because you don’t have to throw it 15 feet to the next guy.

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A crate with temperature controlled bins. It’s uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say unsafe.

It’s not ideal but it’s not crazy. I worked at SAN and they were constantly shipping zoo animals to Atl.

Orangutans, deer. All kinds of birds. A lot of the apes were sedated.

Had several pit bulls chew their travel crates open. Actually had to get a special clearance to have the owner come down to the ramp to handle the animal.

I also saw US airways loose a dog on the ramp and it shut down the runway for about an hour.

I only saw one baby pig arrive deceased. Several years.

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Nothing beats opening the bin and encountering a scared pit bull that have chewed his way through his crate. You guys ever play any fun pranks with rampers from other stations? Slc used to send us snowballs from time to time.