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What were you in for?

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A wreck in which i was dui sent me and my friends to the hospital was what sent me their in the end however I also was sentenced a previous intent to distribute marijuana and violations.

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Three and a half years. I was sentenced to 12 and went back to court and it was reduced to 5 which I served 3 and a half. And Thanks

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You said you'd been in jail multiple times Is there a reason you kept re-offending? ( Not trying to be critical of you just curious) also what was different about your last stay in prison that changed your mindset?

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The multiple times stems from when I was in a program called drug court which is basically really intense probation. The times I went for very short periods of times from a few days to a few weeks. I really fell into slump drinking to much and depressed after my mom went into a coma which she later came out of then passed away shortly after. That was all going on in drug court. I basically fell into a haze numbing myself every night going out drinking with friends and to bars and partys. When I finally went to prison it was for a very long time initially and that is when reality set in. I had lost my mother and the rest of my family and as far as I knew I was going to be in prison for the next 12 years. It bothered me I was going to miss all of my 20's and how much time I was going to be wasting. I started questioning alot about god but not really on the jail house religion type deal I just started reading a whole light and got into alot of health stuff and spiritual teachings from all over. I figured I might as well make the most of this time and come out better and don't waste the next 12 years of my life. So I educated my self a lot more and told myself my mom would never want this and I have two sisters as well I need to be their for so when I did come out I wanted to at least have made the most of my time and learn from it rather than just rot away and do drugs and get worse. I started focusing more on my health and saw how prescious time is and the time we have on earth and with our loved ones can be taken away any moment. I guess I began to appreciate life more. It wasnt easy though it is real easy in their to become angry at the world and a lot more aggressive so I still had to deal with that and the constant tension of prison however I told my self I can not let this ruin the rest of my life i knew I couldn't go back in time but just like everyone I had today and the future.

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Your are looking at the wrong person I promise. I have never been to jail for kidnapping or aggravated assualt. My record includes marijuana possesion and dui and a burglary when I was a kid basically. There is a Joseph Wood in georgia however you might be reading about that was sentenced to death. That is not me I promise or I would not be on here speaking to you. I am 28 years old I would have had to have been at least 18 to catch those charges. I would not be out right now with those charges. Those carry at the very minimum 10 years.

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Is the prison life just as they show in the movies ?

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In some ways yes and some ways no. It is a very awful place to go in all honesty and I hope one day if my company is successful enough I can do something about prison reform. I understand some people have done some horrible crimes however these people are literally sick in the mind and need healing. The way it is set up now a lot of people end up worse that is why recidivism is so high. On the other hand we all do have choices and can choose to heal ourselves and turn away from whichever way we are headed. Hopefully my story can help people who want to get out of prison and what im saying is not just the physical prison it is also mental prisons because many in prison and who get out go back because of there patterns of behavior and thinking.

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So what’s going to keep you out this time?

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Well I have been out almost 5 years now. I honestly have made a whole lot changes as far as my lifestyle and routine. Im alot more focused on health now as well as learning more and trying to contribute something to the world in my life rather than take away.

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Your site insinuates Native American affiliation with the name "Native Shades" and a graphic of a Tipi, yet you're a 29yo white boy from Georgia? Just because you read a book or two on "Native American healing techniques"* doesn't make you "Native".

Be forewarned that Cultural Appropriation is a real thing and while you may not attract much more than public condemnation with your existing insinuation, realize your "side hustle" is treading a fine line. If you attempt to sell products and insinuate they are affiliated with any particular tribe you're treading into Federal felony waters.

I.E; Don't try to pass this junk off as "Cherokee" or "Hopi" or even "Native American" or "Indian"

Dude. Didn't you learn anything in prison?

You're a 2-time felon. Stop it with the lies, scams and fraud. Get-Rich-Quick schemes like this are only going to lead you back to prison.


*LPT: You can't learn "Native American healing techniques" from a book.

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It is not being passed off as being made by a Native American lmao it is the message behind the brand sorry if your offended however its not just about Native American culture it is about all the ancient teachings and the coming together as one and being one with nature. All im trying to do is do something positive with my life and help my friends and family and hopefully others going through struggles in life. Of course I want money and financial stability a lot of people do.


What were your crimes? So I can decide if I want to support this!

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When I was younger in my late teens I was caught with marijuana as well as was charged for burglary for stealing an xbox from my friends house who stole some money from me. For that I was sentenced to a program called drug court while in drug court my mom passed away i feel into a deep depression started drinking alot and began to violate. My mom passing away is no excuse for my choices however it did effect my mindset at the time. I ended up in prison because one night I was out drinking and a friend who was drunker than me needed a ride home so I drove long story short my tire blew out went into a ditch we went to the hospital got out nothing life threatening . Drug court found out and I was sentenced to twelve years which was later reduced to 5 years of which i served 3

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Those watches look absolutely fantastic and seem reasonably priced as well! How do they fair against water?

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They are splash proof however we would not recommend submerging them in water. We have had some watches that are currently on the site that may change color slightly with to much water exposure however these new ones do not.

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Hello - the best of luck to you with the business!

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Thanks I really appreciate the support.