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A wreck in which i was dui sent me and my friends to the hospital was what sent me their in the end however I also was sentenced a previous intent to distribute marijuana and violations.

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In some ways yes and some ways no. It is a very awful place to go in all honesty and I hope one day if my company is successful enough I can do something about prison reform. I understand some people have done some horrible crimes however these people are literally sick in the mind and need healing. The way it is set up now a lot of people end up worse that is why recidivism is so high. On the other hand we all do have choices and can choose to heal ourselves and turn away from whichever way we are headed. Hopefully my story can help people who want to get out of prison and what im saying is not just the physical prison it is also mental prisons because many in prison and who get out go back because of there patterns of behavior and thinking.

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Your are looking at the wrong person I promise. I have never been to jail for kidnapping or aggravated assualt. My record includes marijuana possesion and dui and a burglary when I was a kid basically. There is a Joseph Wood in georgia however you might be reading about that was sentenced to death. That is not me I promise or I would not be on here speaking to you. I am 28 years old I would have had to have been at least 18 to catch those charges. I would not be out right now with those charges. Those carry at the very minimum 10 years.

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Well I have been out almost 5 years now. I honestly have made a whole lot changes as far as my lifestyle and routine. Im alot more focused on health now as well as learning more and trying to contribute something to the world in my life rather than take away.

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A former friend stole some money from me so I took his Xbox as retaliation and was arrested for it though the cops were not hearing that.