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Answering for Jan; Its a cost issue really regarding staffing.

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The most important thing is officer education. In some prisons in the US it is three weeks, in Norway it is 2 years.

As Jan said earlier; a larger prison becomes more about logistics than rehabilitation.

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During research we spoke with one of the most prominent figures and one of the brains behind the prison reform in the 90s, Harald Føsker.

He was also one of the victims of Breivik, losing 90% of his sight after the bombs in Oslo.

He told us that Breivik was a stern test to the system, will the reformed and more humane ideology survive this? And it did.

He said that a person that needs to use weapons and not arguments to promote change is pathetic - and not worthy of his hate.

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In the documentary we ask this question to a couple of correctional officers in Attica and in Halden. The answers were very, very different. In Halden the progress made with an inmate was the most rewarding thing, in Attica they wanted to get home safely..

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Both according to Jan. 1 year in classroom only, 1 year combined