I was born with two vaginas. Meaning i have two openings. Each has its own cervix and uterus. I am almost to full term pregnancy in one of my uterus. It looks like a normal vagina on the outside, but has two holes on the inside. I was also born with one kidney, which is common to people born with this anomaly. The medical term is uterus didelphys.

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Who verified the second vagina?

RugBurnDogDick5402 karma

Apparently /u/JTC80

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Him too. Lol.

kanzcity1359 karma

....my doctors?

Weirdalexv996 karma

Doctor who?

kanzcity1604 karma

I wish.

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Which one?

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Aww :( he is my favorite. I chose smith because he would be more exciting and interesting to deal woth this stuff lol.

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He would generally panic until the last minute when Pond or Oswald smacked him out of it.

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He is so fun. I love him.

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Is it medically possible for you to get pregnant on both at the same time?

kanzcity8657 karma

Only within the same couple of days. Once you are pregnant you stop ovulating and cant get pregnant. I wouldnt desire to try though. Lol.

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Do you have 4 ovaries? Like, two per uterus? Or do they share ovaries?

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They share ovaries. That or they each only have one ovary. Because i only have 2 ovaries. One is mishapen and sits higher than it should.

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I wonder if they would be considered twins. And if one uterus started to expel one baby and two weeks later the other one pops out. So many questions

kanzcity1040 karma

They wouldnt be twins! To be a twin they have to share a womb. They would have seperate wombs. (:

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What are your periods like? I’ve heard the pain can be awful if you have two...

And congrats on the new baby!

kanzcity6891 karma

Terrible. Ibprofen doesnt even touch it. I have endometriosis in the left uterus. So it's just awful pain that time of month. I mostly just sit around feeling helpless lol. This pregnancy has given me a huge break and i am not looko g forward to experiencing the period pain after birth. Thank you! Very exciting.

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Do you have two periods per se? Or with just one set of ovaries does just one side or the other?

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Two periods. Same menstration cycle.

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Oh my lord you poor woman

kanzcity2675 karma

Also my poor bf.

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You must’ve been a serial killer in a past life, and two periods still might be an excessively harsh karmic retribution.

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Ive said this same thing!

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Breastfeed for as log as you can! It helps delay the return of your period.

kanzcity817 karma

Hmm. Thats interesting. I wonder why that is. Thanks, i plan on doing this anyways. Even more reason!

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Why not have an endometrial ablation on the left painful side? Maybe it would help...?

kanzcity1783 karma

Money. Thats why. :( But one day i hope too. In the near future.

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Could you take continuously the pill to avoid having your periods?

kanzcity318 karma

It is different for everyone but for me it never stopped my periods.

TransGirlInCharge2 karma

Have you ever taken prescription pain meds for it?

kanzcity11 karma

Hell yes. Hydrocodone helps. But over the years its become less effective. Hopefully after being off the pain killers for so many months of pregnancy when my menstrual cycle kicks back in i will not be used to them anymore and the will control the pain better.

TransGirlInCharge2 karma

My mom's had the same issue with painkillers(Though her disorders are far different). Hope the effectiveness comes back for you.

kanzcity2 karma

Sympathy for mom. I know the frustration. Its either tough it out and deal with pain or go to a higher dose or stronger medication and risk getting addicted or just tearing your liver up. Hope she finds a solution!

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Does your husband brag about this at parties? sorry

kanzcity4531 karma

No haha. Besides my mom and him no one else really knows. A lot of friends know i have two uterus. They don't know that the each have their own vagina lol. A lot of women have uterus didelphys and only one vagina.

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So most have two holes but they don’t have two whole holes?

kanzcity608 karma

Most only have one hole. Its less common to have the septum. Which is what creates two vaginas.

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I didnt really say he was my husband. I just answered his question. And i never showed interest in fucking a double dick dude. It would make for interesting conversation is all. Smh.

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Is your risk of cervical cancer doubled?

kanzcity8232 karma

This will be asked at my next appointment. I never thought of this. Thanks for putting that fear in my head though. Lol.

moration2171 karma

Shoot I'm sorry. Occupational hazard.

Also are you confirmed to be on one genetic person? I.e. not chimeric? There was a case of one woman that was one set of genes reproductively and a different set for everything else.

kanzcity1063 karma

Unfortunately im just one person. Being chimeric would make things a lot kore interesting. I will have to seaech up on this lady. Sounds like she may have personality disorders due to this? But i have no idea. Im not a doctor or scientist. Intersting topic though.

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Chimera here, ask me anything. I've got a few bits of my twin on me, including his dick (which is interesting cause your can see the border where the hair color changes). Just one dick though

since everyone wants to see my fuckin pubes, NSFW. I'd take a better pic but it's 1 am and I don't necessarily want amazing pics of my dick on the internet. it's dark so you can't really tell as easy as you can irl. Pic 2

HeavyMain537 karma

can you make your own post? curious of what people think and would be nice to have it seperate :)

kanzcity459 karma

Agree! I want to hear others questions on this chimera stuff as well!

kanzcity390 karma

Do you know how far along your mom was when you absorbed the other twin? Did your mom know she was having twins, or did you find out later on when you discovered you had double dna? When did you know you were chimeric. Also, i had a dog named chimera.

FurryPronAccount616 karma

I didn't have any clue until I dated a genetics major in college who told me I might be. Her and her professor ran some kind of test (I think they called it a something electrophoresis) on various samples of my body and found the DNA was different in different places. I don't know when I absorbed by twin, but it must have been somewhat early because my mom didn't know she was having twins

kanzcity97 karma

Have you told your mother? Thats pretty cool honestly.

sortaplainnonjane484 karma

No, not personality disorders. She had 1 set of DNA in most of her cells, and a different strain in some cells. She only realized it when she gave birth to children, then the maternity results were saying she wasn't the mother, so IIRC, she was getting busted for welfare fraud. Her lawyer found another mom with the same issue.


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Thats insane.

someredditgoat2016 karma

Does your partner ever slip from one hole to the other during intercourse?

Also, I had an aunt with this condition but she only had one functional set. Do both of yours work fully?

kanzcity2417 karma

They both work but due to endometriosis in the left side i dont beleive it is fertile. And the left hole is so tiny it wouldnt even be possible to slip in it. It takes effort for him to get in there lol.

lazyassdog1930 karma

So twice the fun?

kanzcity3012 karma

The left hole is actually super small. So its painful to have intercourse in.

fubbleskag2499 karma

Holy shit this blew my mind. When reading your op I assumed they were vertical not horizontal. Can you draw a sketch of approximate proteins and placement?

Edit: proteins? No idea what I even meant to say here, position maybe?

kanzcity6458 karma

http://imgur.com/umx6u6p Im no artist. But i did my best for you.

f33rf1y521 karma

Huh. Didn’t think they’d be side to side

kanzcity468 karma

I feel like ot makes more since. Considering the uterus are side by side.

fubbleskag343 karma

Dear Diary...

Okay kidding aside, thank you for this. I'm ashamed to admit I temporarily forgot the distinction between vagina and vulva, so what I was picturing was much more freakish than this.

Also, your diagram includes something else I'm ignorant of. What is the circle near the top labeled "clit"? (/s just in case lol)

kanzcity318 karma

I cant tell if you're joking about not knowi g what the clit is. ....but its a clitoris and if you have a girlfriend please google it.

kanzcity219 karma

Also, do not be ashamed. Most people dont know the different between vulva, labia, and vagina.

ChuckCarmichael684 karma

Well, that answers my question "How did you choose which one to get pregnant in?"

kanzcity815 karma

Not much of a choice lol.

thiney49285 karma

Have your doctors discussed how delivery will go? Is there a possibility of tearing everything into one hole?

kanzcity759 karma

It would almost definitely tear the septum that creates two holes. But my baby doesnt have enough room to flip around and is stuck in a breech position because the uterus he is in is half sized. So i have a schedueled c section.

Fabreeze63136 karma

Does this mean your baby is likely to be be smaller than average as well?

kanzcity306 karma

This was a risk! But as of right now he is right on track to the weight he is supposed to be.

UOThief561 karma

But is it still pleasurable for hand stuff?

kanzcity726 karma

It is.

JerriShephardini470 karma

Does he ever finger both at once? If so how different does that feel?

kanzcity901 karma

He does. It feel weird. Lol. Its not great. But its fun.

Tpmbyrne1351 karma

Do you have to have two smear tests?

kanzcity855 karma


slychd1212 karma

I want to congratulate you and and wish you a happy birthing experience.

Is this your first pregnancy? I have a friend who has the same condition as you and she has had three miscarriages. I am not aware if the two are related, and I would be too embarrassed to ask her.

Edit: a word

kanzcity1280 karma

I had two miscarries before now. Be supportive of her and let her know its difficult to get to the goal of having a baby but its possible. She needs well informed doctors. Most doctors in my experience have never seen it before. My doctors now are very familar with the condition amd dont find me as interesting lol. Alot of times miscarries are just common and happen naturally and has nothing to do with didelphys.

thewoodsterix1210 karma

Which one will it come out of?

kanzcity1860 karma

The babies in the right uterus so it will come out of the right vagina. Each vagina has its own uterus. Theyre completely seperate.

ThatEffingIndieChick1030 karma

Are you cleared to deliver vaginally or will you be facing any medical complications? Sorry if that's at all intrusive.

kanzcity2117 karma

I could have vaginally delivered IF my baby would have flipped around. Unfortunately my bany ran out of room due to a half sized uterus and is stuck in a breeched position. So i have a schedueled c section. Also at risk for preterm labor due to the baby running out of room. But im far enough along preterm labor wouldn't be a huge threat to the baby.

ThatEffingIndieChick543 karma

Good, I'm glad to hear it and I'm sure you will enjoy your LO no less or more for the circumstances of her birth! I see in another comment there are risks to the pelvic floor with a vaginal, so I wish you an uneventful c section and a rapid recovery.

kanzcity680 karma

I am scared about major abdominal surgery but i know that for me personally it is the best choice and i go to the number 1 hospital in the state and have faith in my doctors and really beleive everything will go great. Im glad its planned and no emergency c section. Thank you!

ittybittybit283 karma

I recently found out during the (c-section) birth of my daughter that my uterus has a rudimentary right horn. This meant that only the left horn developed and my daughter didn’t have room to turn and so was breech. Mine was an emergency c-section since I did go into preterm labor at 36 weeks and the doctors were unable to detect the situation beforehand. I’m glad yours is planned—I think that will help the experience be less traumatic than mine. Good luck, fellow weird uterus person!

kanzcity195 karma

Interesting, i have never heard of this. I have heard of biconate uterus but not on only having one horn. I wonder now of mine has a similar shape. What a crazy way to find out about your anomaly. Do you have any advice for c sections?

ittybittybit261 karma

I think it’s basically a unicornate with a small underdeveloped horn.

Yes! The doctor doing my surgery stopped in the middle to have a picture of my insides taken :p


Try to have someone with you during the entire surgery. Most likely your partner will go with the baby once he or she is out so see if a doctor or nurse will stay with you and talk to you. My anesthesiologist stayed with me after my husband left and it was a good thing because I felt like I was barely holding on to reality with all the drugs. You may not feel that way as we’re all affected differently, but it would be good to have someone there to reassure you that things are going well.

I guess it depends on what medicines they give you, but I was pretty out of it even a few hours after recovery. I have patchy memories of coming back to my room and going through the birth certificate process. I would suggest having someone record any experiences you want to remember during that time.

Prepare for some serious pain and limitations as you recover, especially once you stop taking the pain meds they give you. It’s hard as a new mom but really try to take it easy and don’t feel bad about asking for help. That would be another thing: get as much help from family or friends as you can. You’ve had major surgery and your body needs time and rest to heal. Don’t try to do everything on your own.

You might not feel immediately bonded with your baby. Whether that’s because you miss out in the flood or hormones that occur with a vagina delivery or because of the trauma of the experience, I don’t know, but I felt this way and I’ve read that it’s pretty common with c sections. It might take a couple of weeks (or fewer or maybe you’ll feel it instantly!) but you will fall in love with your little one so don’t feel like you’ve done something wrong or you’re a bad mom.

Last thing, do not sneeze, cough, or laugh for at least four weeks after your surgery ;)

I do think you will have a better experience than I did because you can prepare beforehand. Try to go into it as positively as you can. Wishing you a happy and healthy baby and speedy recovery!

(Apologies for the book I just wrote...)

kanzcity91 karma

Thank you! I appreciate the book (: thats all good advice and it really helps to have someone to talk to about it! I will take all of this into considerstion. Im totally freaked out about having my stomache cut open while im awake! Im scared i will have a damn heart attack honestly. My boyfriend should be on work leave for a couple weeks after the baby is here so i will have alot of help those first couple weeks!

fiveainone4 karma

Isn’t the right one the small one based on your drawing?

kanzcity11 karma

No the right one was the big one. Not big. Normal one*.

FanFuckingFaptastic968 karma

Have you met double dick guy? I feel like youd have a lot to talk about.

edit: Apparently double dick dude was a fraud. Don't believe everything you read on the internet kids.

kanzcity743 karma

Omg. Haha. I don't think this is as common of an anomaly. However; if you find him, send him my way.

diveboydive787 karma

Ok I’ll be the one to ask the question.... two or three dicks at once... done it? Tempted?

kanzcity1296 karma

Curious but not curious enough. My bf will play with both holes though. We have considered putting a vibrator in one while he puts his stuff in the other hole. Pleasurable for both parties we assume.

AnfoDao1401 karma

I'm imagining he could do like a.. bowling ball grip. Is that weird?

kanzcity1378 karma

Lol. He said thats awesome.

iBeFloe2 karma

Wait, did you mean you have a normal looking labia, but 2 vagina holes?

kanzcity6 karma

Yes. I thought thats what i said lol.

Benched_Valkyrie765 karma

Is regular hormonal birth control effective for you or do you have to be on a special dose?

kanzcity1543 karma

Just a normal dose. I think. I never used it because i was told my whole life i would never be able to get pregnant...lol. But here I am. Me and my bf havent used birth control in 11 years and had a miscarriage two years ago at 6 weeks pregnant and another last year at 8 weeks pregnant. We are now due to have a baby in a month and the little human is perfectly healthy and normal. So in the many years of intercourse and no protection we have only been pregnant 3 times. And the miscarriages were likely caused from natural causes. Not the weird uterus stuff i have going on.

MiShirtGuy871 karma

Congratulations! My wife and I have been together for 14 years, and have been trying for years, and I’ll be 38 and she’ll be 40 this year and we are finally expecting our first in a few more months. The relief of everything being healthy and normal looking when people don’t think about how many pregnancies end in miscarriage is extraordinary. I wish you three the best :)

kanzcity426 karma

Congratulations that is amazing! I know the pain of miscarries but cant imagine going through what i went through as long as you guys did. So happy for you.

garfodie81362 karma

Have you been together since you were 12? You mentioned you were 23 in another post.

kanzcity483 karma

We have. Thanks for noticing lol.

SmallerButton305 karma

That makes 2 special stories about you, 2 uteri and growing up all your teen years with the same dude

kanzcity387 karma

Its been an interesting life for sure. Its never been boring lol. It also makes it easy on me. I dont have to go throught he anxiety of ever trying to over come the fear of explaining my down stairs mix up and being made fun of or exposed i guess you could say.

ZoraksGirlfriend142 karma

If you’re interested, hormonal birth control should help significantly with endometriosis. Talk to your gynecologist about it.

kanzcity93 karma

Thanks! Definetly something to consider. I will have to talk to my ob about pros and cons of this.

C_K_640 karma

At what age did you discover this and how? Did you always know you were “different” from other girls?

kanzcity1525 karma

I had no idea until i was 13. I fainted in school due to having caught echoli (from a river on a float trip) and was dehydrated. I had a cat scan and they asked if i knew i had one kidney and two uterus. I didnt know about the two vaginas till i was like 19. Im 23 now. I found out on my own...no doctors caught it before and i even had papsmears and all that stuff and no one notices the smaller hole on the left.. It wasnt until i was pregnant i even talked to a doctor about the fact i have two holes. Luckily my new docrors are fantasic obgyns and see this often and made me feel normal about it. They see it often because they are the only high risk obgyns in the area. Theyre very knowledgable and helped me understand a lot about my body.

rot10one734 karma

Your 23? I thought you mention you and your bf have been having unprotected sex for 11 years.....?

kanzcity881 karma

Almost 24. And we have been having sex since i was about 13. Not my proudest confession. Lol.

rykki648 karma

You've been having sex since 13 but didn't know you had two vaginas until 19?!

kanzcity1060 karma

Ive also been having papsmears since 13 and the doctors didnt see it. The hole is super small. I only found it when i started to experience my body for myself. I noticed it and had a panic attack. Didnt even tell my bf. He never noticed. Obviously told hi. Eventually and he was shocked but comforting. And shortly after was interested in playing with it.

grasslife453 karma

Yeah she said they've been together since they were 12.

kanzcity723 karma

Its been a trip. Lol. Its weird growing up with your bf.

legenducky427 karma

Ayyyyy, solidarity sister!

I also have uterus didelphys! However, I only have one vajeet (two cervixes and uteruses, though). I had to have a renal ultrasound after I delivered because of the common one kidney thing (I have 2).

Do you have to have a c-section? My little man was breech the whole time. They gave the option of a version, but I went for the scheduled section at 38 weeks instead. Have you always known of it, or was it something that was found when you had your first ultrasound? I imagine it might explain some things, finding out you only have one kidney--or does it noticeably affect you all that much?

Best of luck to you!! Happy to hear you've made it almost full term!

kanzcity144 karma

Hi! I do have to have a c section because my baby is breeched and will continue to be so! Im terrified but excited to get it over with! I have known about two uterus since i was 13 but was told it was bicornate. Later with an ultrasound they discovered it was two separate uteris. It took many years to figure out i had two vaginas. The second hole is super small. Like finger sized lol. As for the one kidney. I would have never known if they hadn't told me. I just try to take care of it in fear of kidney failure at older age. You're so lucky to only have one vagina! Im jealous! Do you have any advise for a planned c section?

freckledcat416 karma

Have you ever considered getting a hysterectomy for the side that has trouble with endometriosis?

kanzcity579 karma

Its not that simple. With my anatomy its not like they can just take one out. But i may consider if it were possible. Ive asked my doctors about this before. They kinda laughed and basically said hell no.

harleyquinn1234331 karma

When you have a period, do you always get it on both sides or do they ever take turns? Also I assume that tampons are out of the question, especially on the small side?

kanzcity631 karma

I used to try tampons before i knew there were two holes and obviously always bled in my underwear even with the tampon. I use pads now. Its easier. And i menstrate in both at the same times because of hormones. I have thought about trying double tamponing but seems like it wouldnt be worth the uncomfortbility. So swimming is out of the question for me while on my period. Lol.

Werkstadt855 karma

about trying double tamponing but seems like it wouldnt be worth the uncomfortbility.

I'm just visualizing loading up a double barrel shotgun

kanzcity423 karma

Lmao. Thats great.

cfryant299 karma

What's the connection to the kidneys, if any?

kanzcity550 karma

When the fetus is developing, all babies have two uterus. But they fuse into one. During this fusion the kidneys develope at the same time. Im not sure why there is only one kidney but has somethi g to do with fetal development.

kikeljerk190 karma

Congrats! Boy or a girl?

kanzcity257 karma


subcomandantematteo184 karma

How did you live your adolescence?

And how do you deal with it all with friends and family?

kanzcity318 karma

Everyone just thought i had painful periods. My mom and close friends and bf were the only ones who knew the extend of what was "wrong" with me. My adolesence was hormonal and i also had a lot of daddy issues. The painful periods just sucked. I would stay home from school.

m4rceline177 karma

If your left uterus was as healthy as your right uterus, would you have been able to donate one of your uteruses? Not too long ago the first baby was born from a uterine transplant.

kanzcity239 karma

Because of my anatomy of the whole downstairs mix up i wouldnt be able to. They cannot remove it due to the many risks and complications it may cause. I dont reslly unterstand that whole bit of it to be honest.

DarkPoppies91 karma

If you were to use an iud would you need two?

I have PCOS and the pain of horrible cramps you wrote about is all too familiar.

Mirena after my pregnancies was the most wonderful thing ever. No cramps, no period... Amazing!

kanzcity56 karma

I will look into mirena for sure!

SoaDMTGguy49 karma

Do they split immediately after the vulva, or is there a... foyer so to speak?

kanzcity37 karma

They split about half of an inch in. Great question.

Korliskita30 karma

Missouri or Kansas?

kanzcity47 karma


Xenocontendi27 karma

How bad is menstruation?

kanzcity46 karma

Hell. Its a powerful pain for sure.

Saramis9 karma

How has your doctor suggested this will impact a vaginal birth (if that’s your plan)? Will there possibly be internal damage that’s different from people with only one vagina?

Also, unrelated to the pregnancy... what is your menstruation experience? Same schedule I assume since it’s triggered by the hormones in your body. Is it unusually painful? Do you only have two ovaries still? Okay I’ll stop with additional questions now...

kanzcity22 karma

I am scheduled for a c section. If i had a vaginal birth however it would most likely rip my septum that creates the two vagina anomaly and i would just have a regular vagina with teo cervix and two uterus. But since the uterus the baby is in is half sized, there isnt enough room for the baby to flip around. So the baby is stuck in breech position and will remain so. I still have two ovaries but they are mishapen. And get abnormally large cysts that rupture and hurt. But you guessed right on the menstration. I have my at periods the same time. And usually last 9 days ish. Sometimes they last 3 days. Theyre very irregular. And very painful. I have endometresosis in my left uterus due to the fact the hole is so small and causes back up....endometriosis is painful for women with normal a uterus and sucks even more when you have menstral cramps in two uterus along with endometriosis pain. I have always had terrible cramps because of uterus didelphys and endometresosis and used to stay home from school it was so bad in high school.

eohorp7 karma

Can you get prego in both?

kanzcity18 karma

Only if i do so in the same few days. After pregnant your body stops ovulating.

HurtFeeling3 karma

Were you aware of the very famous old reddit post about the fellow with two penises?

Where is /u/doubledickdude when we need him?

This could be the internet finally coming to fruition!

kanzcity5 karma

He a fake! Lol. Unfortunate.

Ashestoaishes2 karma

Do they impact your hormonal imbalance in anyway? Do you do anything to control it?

kanzcity3 karma

I feel very hormonal and always have. I do beleive it affects my hormones. I just deal with it.

inclination646092 karma

Can you get separately pregnant through each? Like say you're 5 months along with your current, could you get preggo in the second one and have 2 trimesters going at different stages. And if so, would it evenly distribute nutrients to both at that point, or would the first one suck up a majority and malnourish the 2nd?

kanzcity4 karma

Not possible because hormones. You stop ovulation when pregnant.


have you ever met double dick dude?

kanzcity1 karma

We would have a lot to talk about. I havent tho lol

[deleted]-2 karma


kanzcity1 karma

Lol. Tell me more