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Oh that’s so funny & convenient haha What about siblings or cousins?? Do they know? Friends? If they do know, what do they think??

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Those are my exact feelings with it! I have a lot of Mormon friends, but I think it’s sad when they say their only role in life is to be a wife when I know they can be so much more. A memory I think I’ll always remember is my friends relationship with her parents. That was something I really liked & wanted for myself. It was so unreal seeing parents being able to be friends with their kids while also being their parent. People tend to fail & be too much of a friend to their parents, but with my Mormon friends they did very well at doing both.

I went to a church dance because my friend invited me & everyone was very welcoming. Really awk when a boy I danced with asked my denomination lol

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How did this affect your relationship with your parents? I never really see good endings when children tell their parents they’re leaving their religion.

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Up top he said he has a wife & doesn’t do anything with the Stars because of professionalism :) His family doesn’t know because they’re conservative Asians & don’t speak English well anyways. They think he works with computers or whatever. 2 & 5 are up top too!

I don’t think he’s answered 3 or 6 (age) yet (?)

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You can’t the way you described, but you can if it’s near the same time. Search stories on it. There’s a lot of cases where women find out they have another hole.