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Obviously not the case considering how he’s made it clear she was doing what she thinks was right for them, but he still thinks his parent’s are stupid for their ideas. The fact that she let him express himself & was even there to support his invitation speaks volumes on her as a parent, regardless of her horrible ideology.

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Oh that’s so funny & convenient haha What about siblings or cousins?? Do they know? Friends? If they do know, what do they think??

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Those are my exact feelings with it! I have a lot of Mormon friends, but I think it’s sad when they say their only role in life is to be a wife when I know they can be so much more. A memory I think I’ll always remember is my friends relationship with her parents. That was something I really liked & wanted for myself. It was so unreal seeing parents being able to be friends with their kids while also being their parent. People tend to fail & be too much of a friend to their parents, but with my Mormon friends they did very well at doing both.

I went to a church dance because my friend invited me & everyone was very welcoming. Really awk when a boy I danced with asked my denomination lol

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How did this affect your relationship with your parents? I never really see good endings when children tell their parents they’re leaving their religion.

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You can’t the way you described, but you can if it’s near the same time. Search stories on it. There’s a lot of cases where women find out they have another hole.