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Do you have 4 ovaries? Like, two per uterus? Or do they share ovaries?

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Do you ever plan to tell your loved ones? It's a great accomplishment even if it's a bit controversial.

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Thank you so much for this perspective. I’m a carrier and so is my son’s father. I knew I would abort if my son had CF and have gotten a lot of backlash over that decision. Luckily he is healthy (also a carrier), but I didn’t find out until I was 19 weeks pregnant. He was almost completely viable at that point and an abortion would involve killing the fetus in utero and pushing the corpse out vaginally. Just the thought of having to go through that was so traumatizing for me as a mom. I already knew he was male and had already bought his first outfit.

My point is that many women probably wouldn’t be able to go through with it that late in the game and earlier detection is key to being able to abort earlier on to prevent more CF babies from being brought into this world. My oldest brother died at 12 days because my mom was 17 and didn’t have access to genetic testing and is also pro life so she probably wouldn’t have aborted anyway.

Regardless, I hope you’re as well as can be and able to live the life you want despite your circumstances.


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Has there ever been a time in your life where you felt things were hopeless and things turned around? I’m 27 and I feel like no matter what we try to do, the rich and powerful white men will always find a way.

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Is it more difficult to coach someone over electronic devices rather than in person?