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Do you have 4 ovaries? Like, two per uterus? Or do they share ovaries?

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Do you ever plan to tell your loved ones? It's a great accomplishment even if it's a bit controversial.

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Is it more difficult to coach someone over electronic devices rather than in person?

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Hi Rebecca!

First of all, I want to commend you on making the most out of a difficult situation. You turned it around and laughed with the rest of the world when everyone was trying to bring you down.

I just wanted to ask, did you have any doubts when making the video? Like, did you ever think to yourself "these lyrics literally make no sense whatsoever."?

I know you were (are) really young, so I know in that situation I would have felt uncomfortable questioning the "experts" even if I did have my reservations.

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I guess that would make sense. Its interesting because I'm not so sure I could learn something without having face to face communication. For example, I could never get into an online class because I can't solely communicate with a professor through email. Kudos.